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Lead Web Developer, Forum Admin
    1. Macthepimp
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      How do I report someone off of my phone I play Minecraft on Xbox and when someone cheats I go on my phone to report them but In the report section there’s no way for me to put a video all I can do is type
      1. Thenorn
        Jul 2, 2020 at 11:37 AM
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        Upload it to Youtube or any other common video uploading service, and then paste the link into your report.
    2. Kzyla
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      silly wandy
    3. 20LeeBrian1
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      I saw you, and how are you today?
    4. GottaGoFasta
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      Hi Wanderer, I don't usually give many people compliments but you deserve this one. This website is so amazingly well done, every time that I use this website I am bamboozled by the amount of work and thought that you must have put into coding all of this. My mind wanders just thinking about how much effort you put into this. This website works so flawlessly, I remember trying to make my own website but it looked like something out of 2008 even though I know it seemed like it took me many painstaking hours and forever to make. As far as I know you are the only developer of this website so I know that you must really put your heart and soul into making this. This website is so functional AND beautiful, I truly do think that it is of very professional quality and could compete with multi-billion dollar business' websites. You obviously are a very underrated website developer and if I had a business I would hire you immediately. Any company would be lucky to have you, Mineplex better treat you right. Much respect to you as a developer Wanderer, what you do is utter sorcery to me. Thank you so much for your contribution to Mineplex, without this website Mineplex would not look nearly as dapper as it does now. Not to mention that this website is the lifeblood of Mineplex because of the Mineplex shop that comes through here. This website is very user friendly and amazingly easy to navigate, if all websites could be this easy to navigate the internet would be a much more efficient and better place. I could not help myself but to compliment you on your work on this website after my couple years of using it. Thanks so much again for your work Wanderer, please never stop coding so majestically.
      1. Wanderer
        Jun 21, 2020
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        Thanks man :')
    5. xWand
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    6. xWand
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    7. WowJfighter
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      Hi Wandererrrrrr
    8. Lecutefox
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      Why is bedrock housing broken
    9. Pyu_08
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      How many fish sandwiches you ate​
    10. SpamL
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      Do you have the bot role on the discord because of your pvp skills?
      1. Gridlocke
        Jun 10, 2020
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        hey NOT COOL.
    11. ScarletBlood37
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      wanderer, i have a daughter and i am not joking. i was told to write this without context​
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      2. ScarletBlood37
        Jun 9, 2020
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        no LOL
      3. CrackleHarvest36
        Jun 9, 2020
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      4. Pyu_08
        Jun 9, 2020
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        LOL ok
    12. Avml
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      ok so IM SO CONFUSED I appealed my mute, It got accepted and now its denied
    13. WowJfighter
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      Oooh nice pfp
    14. Iscariot
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      How did I get here?

      I must've...
      1. Paiynz
        Jun 2, 2020
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    15. Antoine D'Coolette
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      I like your new pfp. Who made it?
      1. CrazyOfTim
        Jun 4, 2020
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        I think he made it himself. I could be wrong though
    16. chhase
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      if only your new pfp didn't make you any less of a rat
    17. ChiefChippy
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      if(a===b) console.log("o/) ;var a, b;
    18. nerfguns3
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      wait i want an animated banner :0
      1. xWand
        May 25, 2020
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        You have to have a paid role to acquire the ability to do so (mineplex.com/jobs)
    19. ScarletBlood37
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      omg its a new pfp
      ps the pfp in the fm slack is like the best pfp ever you should use that eee
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