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Would you support removing CTF in exchange for adding TDM

Discussion in 'Champions' started by swisher, Mar 28, 2021.


Should CTF be removed so TDM can be added

  1. Yes

  2. Yes, I don't play champions but if a shorter game was added i would play it.

  3. No

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  1. A recent thread suggested removing CTF and adding TDM again. You can read the thread here: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/tdm.193846/#post-674679

    The community seems to be split on whether removing CTF and adding TDM is a good idea. In my opinion, I think it's a great idea. Right now CTF almost never starts unless it's set up in the CTF1 Community. I also think many people tend to not like Champions because the games can be long and tedious. Bringing back a shorter game mode in champions would not only entice veterans to come back and play Champions, but it would bring in new players to the community.
    Posted Mar 28, 2021
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  2. CTF never runs, I say keep it in MPS, and remove it from supported games. That way, those who still wish to play the game may do so, and seeing as the matches that actually run are setup anyway, I think that it would be easy to setup in an MPS. TDM may bring some new players to the champions community, and even if it didn't, I think theres a much higher chance of a TDM game running than a CTF one.

    Posted Mar 28, 2021
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  3. i would 100% play TDM, i only played a few games of java and its mosty CTF and its ok but TDM would be better
    Posted Mar 28, 2021
  4. -1

    Currently, the CTF competitive scene is actually more active than the DOM scene. The neglect of Champions can be seen across both DOM and CTF, except CTF is hit harder because it requires more players and is hidden behind the category in the hub compass. If Champions were updated, perhaps the community would be a lot more active and no games would have to be removed.

    I would also like to see TDM return in the future, but for me to enjoy it, it would have to be reworked to focus on a kill-based objective rather than a short game where you die once and move on.
    Posted Mar 28, 2021
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  5. New players aren't going to join the champions community until the game is updated and balanced regardless of what gamemodes are put forth. The reason CTF is so much harder to start (but they do start every once in a while) is because Mineplex secretly decided to change the starting playerbase from 10 to 12 back during the Halloween Update (with a few years before that, the start would be 8). You can't say CTF is worse off than DOM because of that and also the fact that it is basically completely hidden from hub, with the amount of players playing it not even showing up.

    this month alone over 50 games have been played... you can't say it never runs if you aren't sure of it
    Posted Mar 28, 2021
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  6. Wow, I had no idea. What time do the games usually start?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 28, 2021
  7. We need to get rid of games on java because there are too many games and not enough players
    Posted Mar 29, 2021
  8. TDM died back when Mineplex still drew players, and most agree that it was a pretty unbalanced game that would probably need reworking. Definitely open to ideas about revamping TDM on the off chance Mineplex gives us dev time and makes a miraculous recovery, but we're not going to remove a game that's been more successful simply because people who didn't play TDM back when it was around claim that they liked it and would play it if it came back.
    Posted Mar 29, 2021
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  9. I disagree. Like I said in the previous thread and like @Fall mentioned I think an update is required to Champions/TDM specifically before we bring it back. Also as mentioned here, CTF is popular within the Champions community. When I used to play CTF a lot (2-4 months ago) there was usually a game running about 50% of the day. I agree it doesn't start on its own but many dedicated Champions players who played TDM would now most likely play CTF/DOM. I think that's one of the main reasons "Bring back TDM" has been so quiet recently up until that last thread, simply because there isn't a strong community behind bringing back the game, especially compared to other "revival" communities such as the CS one. -1 from me.
    Posted Mar 29, 2021
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  10. Just play dom lol
    Posted Mar 30, 2021
  11. I love TDM and like DOM more than CTF but I do not think that we should remove CTF, necessarily. I think that we need to work to make Champions more accessible, through a tutorial or something else, and give players a place to experiment, kinda like the training area on Overwatch, where you can try out classes and customize them and figure out what works well for you.

    If we are to keep only 2 Champions minigames "live" I would rather than we implement a rotation for the NPCs; the servers (CTF-1, DOM-1, TDM-1, etc) would still all be available and dynamically expand based on active lobbies but the two games "highlighted" and queue-able through Butch (NPC/Compass) each day would be different. I think this is a compromise between getting rid of games and bringing games back that allows people to have the gamemodes that they love while still having players sort of siphoned into games so they actually start.
    Posted Mar 30, 2021
  12. You guys need better Marketing und upgrade the game, or else it will only be kept alive by a handfull of the CTF1 coms untils they run out of steam.
    Posted Mar 31, 2021
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  13. Lots of people complain about "pub stomping" in DOM and CTF lobbies. You often see parties of 5 very experienced players just banding together and wining every single game they play. I imagine that this would be significantly more of an issue in TDM than it currently is in DOM or CTF. From what I can remember back when TDM was around, you only needed a few 'good' players on a team to just roll the other guys and end the match in well under a minute. The new player experience for Champions is admittedly not great as of right now and in my opinion TDM wouldn't help in that department unless it got some serious tweaks to game balance.

    That said, I do miss the gamemode. It was fun to play every once in a while, though even back then its flaws were quite apparent at times.
    Posted Apr 5, 2021
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  14. remove parties of reduce the limit of them in dom smh i dont wanna be steam rolled by isabaat, wowok and nazgul every time unless im with them >:D
    Posted Apr 6, 2021
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  15. I agree
    Posted Apr 6, 2021
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  16. I don't see the threat??? wowOk big Noob
    Posted Apr 6, 2021
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  17. I personally DO NOT WANT this. TDM wouldn't last long. The games are very repetitive and the current balancing would be a disaster so to speak. CTF can bring in new players easier due to the more objective style concept as in capturing the flag instead of killing the other team. These are just my thoughts :)
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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  18. In my opinion, one of the problems with TDM from back in the day was certain classes/combinations of skills being "broken" (ridiculously OP) - there was this especially annoying tactic of being a knight on the Windmill map, perching yourself on a Windmill, and knocking people off the cliff with the shield smash axe skill (maxed out). Hold Position + Cleave was also a broken combination; people would pretend to be AFK at their spawn, the enemy team would come to kill them (after disposing of everyone else), and fall to this trap. Other such things included the "Bloodlust Brute", certain Void-using Mages and Marked for Death-using Assassins. I suppose in other words, people would sweat the game with these things which are known to guarantee kills, but this would've resulted in the game being unplayable/not enjoyable for others.
    Pursuing TDM again from a developer's standpoint may therefore require opening a pandora's box of balancing/tweaking to make it playable for everyone. Perhaps this is do-able, but it seems like quite a lot of grunt work.
    I played TDM before, and while I enjoyed it, I would be concerned about the possibility of people sweating, which can be especially annoying in an environment where you only have one life.
    However, replacing CTF with it wouldn't be much of a loss imo, there are other games where a "CTF" variant could be implemented; like the Bridges, so there'd still be this genre/type of game in existence.
    I guess I'm indifferent - I don't doubt the existence of a player-base for both games either, but a fair compromise would be to trial it for a week or something and see if it gains traction?
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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  19. Trial it!
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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  20. I’m a little confused where everyone is getting the idea that it was ridiculously unbalanced. I have like 16k tdm games and sure some abilities were annoying, i don’t think any were like so strong it made the game unfun. Maybe things were changed after i quit but like the most op things i can remember (old vital spores, old colo, no damage cap on long shot) have all been changed. I remember hold position just being considered cringe but not like op since u can literally just run and wait and shield smash being more of a cheese ability but not like op
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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