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Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by Butterfl1, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. So I’m decent at wolf, but I would like some input from greater wolf players. Cub Tackle is one of those great abilities, however I need advice on properly using it. Every time I try cub tackle and rushing the opponent, they can somehow prevent me from getting close to them. Are there any strategies that you wolf people use to deal insane combos with cub tackle? e.g when to strafe, when to use the cub tackle, etc.
    Posted Apr 30, 2020
  2. I main Wolf and Blaze from my experiences using Wolf I'd say the best way to prevent someone when you Cub Tackle them, and they manage to keep hitting you is. A Wolf can travel fast speed when double jump, so I suggest using Wolf Strike then deal 300% knockback on them with Wolf Strike then while they're in the air, I usually land another Cub Tackle on them and start comboing them out since they tend to get confused after that. Other than that, I either rush in when I Cub Tackle. If I were getting chased, I'd run like 1-2 double jumps, then turn around and try to hit a Cub Tackle. If I missed, I would end up to keep running at full speed until I recharge. If I keep missing again, I will double jump towards them turn around and Cub Tackle that usually never ends up bad for me but, back to where you were asking how players still manage to hit you when you Cub Tackle them. The best thing I would do is if I Cub Tackled someone and they keep hitting me back, I'd try to double jump towards mid-air then go behind them and start attacking them, and if your Cub Tackle is recharged back I'd throw in another Cub Tackle and start comboing them while they can't move.
    Posted Apr 30, 2020
  3. bruh just left click them
    Posted Apr 30, 2020
  4. Run, cubtackle, wolfstrike + attack. High iq combo
    Posted May 1, 2020
  5. Cub tackle and let ravage do everything else
    Posted May 1, 2020
  6. Cub tackle followed by wolf strike is a godly hit
    Posted May 3, 2020
  7. Don't get better at wolf.


    Posted May 6, 2020
    Echo ^-^, Mitchy and _SquishE like this.
  8. cub tackle, wolf strike, spam. Double jump torwards them while u spam. around them, yeah.
    Posted May 11, 2020

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