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Not Planned Will solos ever be a permanent addition to Bedrock edition?

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by TenCashew804211, Mar 30, 2021.

  1. I have read a few forums asking for it, but no real concrete answers have been given, I would like to know whether or not it is ever planned to add solos as its own permanent option.
    Posted Mar 30, 2021
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  2. i have only played a few and lost every single game. but i give a +1

    because people loved it
    Posted Mar 30, 2021
  3. Hello!

    At the moment, Cake Wars Solo mode has been denied. The precise details are not publicly known, but it will most likely not be implemented in the very near future. However, this is subject to change at any time, and eventually they may decide to add it. Many members of the community such as yourself enjoyed the gamemode and have requested its addition, and it would most likely increase the popularity of the server, as it had more players at its peak than some other permanent games do.

    I definitely think that CW Solos should be a permanent gamemode some time in the future, though. I really enjoyed it!
    Posted Mar 30, 2021
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  4. we will never see the days... -_-
    Posted Mar 31, 2021
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  5. Solos has been denied for both platforms. This is a direct quote from rosmeme, the QA manager:

    "i cannot give you a full explanation on why we cant just replace nor am i obligated to give you an explanation period, but i respect deans decision in denying it as a full game for the time being. I definitely understand that duos wouldnt be as popular and hypothetically solo could replace duos, but theres still a lot more to the whole situation. as of right now, cw solo as a perm game has been denied, but we can always come back to this discussion at a much later date when the answer may be different."

    No concrete details have been brought forward regarding why, but if I were to think about it I'd say the low player count on Java and the high amount of bugs and unpolished things on Bedrock. Many games are in the midst of getting their own updates, for example Skyblock, and with the small dev team it's not a good idea to add solos right now. It takes a good bit of development time which could be used instead on fixing what's already broken.

    Players also did vote on some poll asking if they would prefer new content or QoL updates, and they said QoL.

    As the quote above me says, it hasn't been denied forever. Just for the time being
    Posted Mar 31, 2021
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  6. Hello!
    Sadly, this cannot be implemented as a Solo version of Cakewars has been denied previously. Personally, I worry that a Solos version could divide the playerbase into too many categories for a single gamemode. Overall, this is an interesting idea however I will be marking this thread as Not Planned. Thank you for the idea! :)
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
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