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Why people use those kits?

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by CubicalMayhem, Jan 29, 2020.


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  1. Hello guys, after 43 days of offline I decided to post something.
    SO, why people use creeper, wolf, blaze, and ender man?

    At first I want to say that those kits probably "SSM META".
    It means that kits have minor andvantage between other kits.
    Creeper:Aww man... This one has good hitbox and huge damage potential.
    Sulphur bomb works as a perfect damage ability which won't give opponents time for heal.
    Overall small cooldown.
    Explode:Great damage, don't let you die in void.
    Lightning shield is the best passive in SSM.
    Small cooldown and shaking effect makes opponent confused.
    Smash:Hope you will not get into radius...

    Blaze:Hope your PC woun't crash...
    Fire effect and small fire burst cooldown do their work.
    Firefly:Best moving ability in game, big damage, shake effect, and low cooldown.
    Smash:Hope your PC is able to take it...

    Wolf:A small hitbox devil...
    Wolf's dash ability has long range and knockback ability.
    Cub ability makes big troubles for opponent,long stun and wolf's passive make so big dps, that golem can die from one perfect cub.
    Super:Small cooldown and buffs...

    Enderman:Whatch out! Block toss spam!
    It has so small block toss cooldown, it makes him great kit.
    What about teleportation, it is great due for short cooldown.
    Passive makes non sense due for long time.
    Smash:Great damage but easy to dodge...
    Posted Jan 29, 2020
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  2. Those kits are okay but there are better ones
    Posted Jan 29, 2020
  3. For the most part I agree with this. In my opinion, wolf, creeper, and blaze are some of the most annoying things to fight. As for enderman, I have mixed feelings about enderman. I think that enderman takes more skill than the other three things you mentioned here but it still isn't as busted as wolf, or even creeper. It does have great damage for melee and block toss though. I think that the cooldown for block toss should be increased slightly; same with sulfur bomb.

    As for blaze, using blaze against blaze is a good way for me to beat blaze. You can also turn your particles to minimal so that the blaze's smash doesn't kill your computer.

    Also the captions you put made me laugh :p
    Posted Jan 29, 2020
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  4. Hey!

    Personally I disagree with this because being an active SSM player myself. I believe that a lot of other kits are just as fun / playable and I've seen many people use other kits. Although the kits listed above are good kits, this doesn't make the other ones unplayable. I think every kit has its pros and cons which is how it's supposed to be.
    Posted Jan 29, 2020
  5. Blaze is simply annoying. Creeper sulfur kb is strong and i think the kit is more complex than people believe. It is high tier Wolf is just spider for beginners. Enderman is generally high tier and I believe might be better than spider.
    Posted Jan 29, 2020
  6. creeper, wolf, blaze, and ender man

    So out of these, I probably see, in order from most to least, Blaze - Wolf - Creeper - Enderman.

    Each have big issues fighting them with huge advantages too so let's see what each one is one at a time.
    I am NOT going over the the smash abilities.

    Creeper - (I'm a Creeper main but I'll try to be completely unbiased.) Creeper is a really good kit, but it still takes some skill to play, after about 6-7 years of playing it my sulphur bomb shot is insanely good, it isn't just something that you land every time right away though, it's easy to avoid overall with most kits that have an average hitbox. It also has a pretty low base attack damage, it's usually the kb that causes trouble. Explode, while it is a good attack move it's really bad if the other player just pvps instead of running away because being still you take a ton of damage, and is also just really bad for recovering with as any ability stops it. I agree lightning shield is op, stops abilities from starting combo's and does too much kb.

    Creeper opinion - I think most people play it because it can just be an easy kit that people play to get used to for the game, but it's an easy kit to kill, just need something that has any range or a high attack power with kb.

    Blaze -
    This kit is mainly just annoying to fight, inferno is not a good ability at all unless you're a kit with no armor, but the biggest issue people have is trying to deal with the firefly. It does some kb, damage, and a shocking effect as well as travels, I want to say 26 blocks? It is a GREAT recovery, but has a huge downside. The small amount where you can cancel the attack can easily take a stock, it takes almost no damage to cancel it. But if they do miss it I'd say just jump and most won't move fast enough to go up after you.

    Blaze opinion - Firefly is the only big threat, be close by a blaze for when they do it, and most abilities can cancel out the firefly startup if they jump off so you can always do that too. Blaze's don't have the best of armor either so pretty easy to kill, just apply a lot of pressure against blazes. I think most play it because they can run easily and won't need to pvp much.

    Wolf - A lot of people say wolf is op, and it's only because of the cub tackle + wolf strike damage and attack, as long as ravage with a cub tackled opponent. Outside of this however, it's an easy kit to take down if you can just get a few attacks, a lot of wolves main strategy is just to slowly wear your health down bit by bit, but most the time you'll do more damage to them, just have to make sure you hit them back.

    Wolf opinion - Avoid cub tackle's, if you do you'll have a huge lead, Wolf is the easier version of Spider and it shows, it's also a worse version of Spider. just make sure you don't let the wolf get a high combo so the ravage doesn't destroy you. Most players are really good with wolf because they can pvp, so that's probably why you see it so much.

    Enderman - I've never had that many problems with Enderman, nor do I see them often at all. The biggest and only problem I've ever had with them is the block toss, it is a great ability and anyone who can aim it good will most likely be able to run good as well. Blink is a great ability to run and quickly trick your opponent. Also tied for highest base attack damage at 7, only matched with Iron Golem, so I say that's a lot but still able to be beat. I don't have that much to say about Enderman, because I can't remember the last time I fought an extremely good Enderman like these other kits.

    Enderman opinion - If you can get past the block toss and can pvp it, or use abilities to do a lot of damage, you'll win basically. The block toss is the biggest defense it has so just get pass that and you're all good.
    Posted Jan 29, 2020
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