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Why it Failed- UHC

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Crash, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Crash


    UHC (short for 'Ultra Hardcore') is a gamemode that ran rampant among a variety of different servers, and was quite possibly the most trending gamemode during ~2015-2016. While it isnt as wildly popular as it once was, it is still played fairly consistently on a number of different servers.

    Yet for Mineplex, UHC is now one of the several games that have been 'deprecated', likely to never return. Why?

    For those who arent older players, for the longest time UHC on Mineplex was limited. A couple times an hour, a chat message would appear in all the lobbies saying that a UHC match was starting, and players would drop what they were doing to frantically flock to UHC portals. The limited nature of being able to play UHC made the idea and prestige of a UHC match even more appealing.

    Eventually this was adjusted and UHC became a normal game that could be played at any point in time. While this initially generated even more Hype, it also meant that the 'limited time' factor of its popularity was taken away, and so players felt less pressed to play the game. This reduced the quantity of players interested in playing UHC, but meant those who wanted to do so could whenever.

    UHC is generally considered a 'competitive' Mineman game. Because it revolves around largely vanilla mechanics with high stakes and PvP focus, it's primary playerbase is more competitive PvPers. Mineplex on the other hand is typically not viewed as a PvP-centric server. This meant potential interest from PvPers wasnt as high as other servers.

    UHC was also void of kits or Mineplex-specific mechanics, and without other arcadian mechanics, some of the Mineplex playerbase was alienated from the game due to this as well.

    This dichotomy of the games style led to issues with sustained interest, and getting new players into Mineplex version without Hype generated by other factors.

    UHC was notoriously laggy. Putting 100 players on a server, in a world that is simultaneously being generated, led to a lot of connection issues and lag. Players struggled with disconnects, volatile lag, and other issues that made playing UHC less enjoyable overall.

    If UHC were to have a large map, or a number of large maps, with variance in ore spawns, or had the number of players required to start been decreased, it may have been possible to reduce the lag of the game and make it overall more enjoyable for players.

    Split Playerbase
    Ever since discussion of a team mode in Survival Games, there has been a lot of debate over adding additional gamemodes to existing games. One reason against is that splitting the playerbase between multiple gamemodes can make it harder for players to start games, reduce the quality of playing experience, and consequently players can end up leaving.

    UHC would become the prime example of this.

    UHC would end up being split into 4 different gamemodes. Solo, solo 'speed' mode (with clean cut and other modifications to make the game play out faster), team, and team speed mode. Initially this generated a huge amount of hype because prior to this, UHC had remained relatively untouched other than some smaller changes and an adjustment to the border.

    Unfortunately, this hype would not last. With the limited nature of UHC long gone, and the playerbase so split, once the hype around the game being updated started to die down and some players moved to other minigames, the consequences of splitting UHC so much began to show. Because UHC was split not only on a basis of team vs. solo, but also on how the game would play out, the players who would consistently play the game were spread thin, and as outlined above, the problems of finding games soon became clear.

    Again- Had UHC not been split into as many different categories, had UHC been more limited, or had its consistent playerbase been large enough, this would not have been a deathblow to the game. Without these or other possible adjustments, the UHC playerbase slowly declined, and eventually slid well below the amount to justify keeping the game around.
    Posted Nov 5, 2018
  2. zoly


    I'd like to compliment you on how detailed and interesting this post is. This is the type of stuff that doesn't take too long to read, but had loads of information in it. You did a good job of organizing and explaining each section, which is what makes each paragraph draw you in more and more.

    Personally I'm a big fan of informative historical readings, so this instantly caught my attention. You wrote as unbiased as possible which is what differentiates this thread from many others. Again I really enjoyed this post and I hope to see more posts like this covering other Mineplex related history, have a good day!
    Posted Nov 5, 2018
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  3. z609


    I very much liked this post. It was informative and brought to the table seemingly unbiased feedback to the Mineplex team, which could very well be used in the future should UHC be brought back. Thank you for your contribution!
    Posted Nov 5, 2018
  4. Ender Rivka

    Ender Rivka

    So basically the UHC community got more and more split up, and then it died. I only started playing Mineplex actively in 2017, and I don't think I really experienced it much. Then it was in mixed arcade a few months ago, I thought it was really fun! Since it wasn't as split up (there was only one gamemode, and even without announcements, it was still like a limited time offer) there were a decent number of people playing. What are your ideas to make UHC work out again? You've listed problems, but not much about what Mineplex should do about it.
    Posted Nov 5, 2018
  5. JordansOP


    This was interesting to read, it could additionally help the newer players learn about past events, thank you for taking the time to write this.
    Posted Nov 5, 2018
  6. Crash


    I sort of lightly covered this at the end, but I think if it was merged back, or given additional updates changing its style to be more appealing to a larger percentage of the mineplex playerbase, it could have been a healthier game.

    However considering the # of players required to fill UHC lobbies and the average playercount prior to its removal, it may have (even with adjustments) been too late for the game to be profitable.
    --- Post updated ---
    I've also made a similar post to this on Skyfall that you can find here:
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 6, 2018
  7. Wiz_Techno


    True, less of something makes it more valuable. But I don't think that's the best option when it comes to games in general.

    It reminds me of Castle Assault to be honest, just didn't fit Mineplex's game style.

    It's not like the lag was not unpreventable. Mineplex just didn't spend the resources on the hardware necessary to handle all the tasks.

    Agreed, splitting up the player base almost never works.

    Good post!
    --- Post updated ---
    I can't figure out what I did wrong with quoting lol
    --- Post updated ---
    Something's glitched it won't let me edit out the double tag that it duplicated.
    Posted Nov 6, 2018
  8. Archonix


    Yes, this is so true! It's so unfortunate that these results were overlooked and I believe that you are right in the reasons for the downfall of the gamemode. Although I do like when Mineplex tries new things, it creates an environment that just isn't Mineplex. I feel like this is what lost players as well.
    Posted Nov 6, 2018
  9. Crash


    Limiting access to a game in general isnt the best idea, but at the time it made sense thematically, and UHC was viewed like an event or brawl game would be.

    Splitting the playerbase CAN work, but the playerbase has to be large enough and the interest in the new modes large enough for it to not have harmful effects. Splitting SG into team and solo modes was a good move, splitting SSM into team / solo was a good move, splitting UHC- a game that requires a lot more players to start a game and didnt have quite as large of a consistent playerbase into 4 different games was a bad move.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 7, 2018
  10. Bunni


    The events team was hosting UHC events for a while, but it's currently broken. However if we did somehow manage to bring them back, you or anyone who really enjoyed UHC will definitely be welcome to join!
    As for your post, it's interesting to think about it in that way. I remember when it was hard to join them and you had to join when the announcements were posted, but I never really joined because I figured I'd be bad at it. That's why I was excited for the speed-UHC version, even though it didn't get too many people.
    Posted Nov 8, 2018
  11. Vocaloiid


    Indeed he does make excellent threads on these types of topics. Not too divert much from the subject here, but I'd also recommend this thread he created (https://www.mineplex.com/threads/why-it-failed-skyfall.2867/) that goes over the different aspects of Skyfall and it's eventual downfall.

    Again, amazing thread Crash. I wasn't much of a UHC player for that specific reason: the alienation of the non pvp playerbase. It did seem very odd that a game like UHC was plopped into an arcade heavy server, and I think it was the start of Mineplex's steer to more PvP games while also retaining the "arcade-like" aspect.
    Posted Nov 8, 2018
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  12. Crash


    I dont think its PvP itself, but how close that PvP is to fully vanilla mechanics. Without the 'mineplex touch', you could go on a dozen other servers and get the exact same thing. Champions is a very PvP centric game, but its also been on of the most popular games. SG is a PvP focused game, but still has enough unique stuff to MP that you have a reason to play it over another server. SSM, Bridges, HoG, etc. are all like this.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 8, 2018
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