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Why is there basically no knockback?

Discussion in 'Skywars' started by FormulaSolid462, May 28, 2020.

  1. I've been playing mineplex skywars and when i try to w tap kids of cliffs they take no knock back and I just end up having to hit them a ton when I could be knocking them of cliffs, just wondering why there's no knock back basically.
    Posted May 28, 2020
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  2. I'm not sure, in my personal experience when playing skyward I usually don't have an issue knocking people off.
    Posted May 28, 2020
  3. A lot of it has to do with connection; stuff like download speed, upload speed, and latency (ping) affect it a lot. If someone has better ping, they usually take less knockback because of lag spikes on their end, which seems a bit weird but it happens. Additionally, on bedrock edition, there's also significantly less knockback dealt compared to java edition. Mobile players also tend to take a lot less knockback for some reason, and console and windows 10 players usually take more. Another factor is cps if you're pvping someone. If you have a higher cps, you usually take less knockback because you're getting more hits on the player and if they have higher cps, vice verse. Lastly, it depends on the overall server lag and your connection to the server which can also influence how much knockback you take and other players take.
    Posted May 28, 2020
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  4. Generally speaking mineplex has reduced and more obnoxious kb compared to other servers.
    Posted May 28, 2020
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  5. there are a lot of closeters my good sir
    Posted May 28, 2020
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  6. Dont be under the assumption that everyone closets. I for example, cupboard.
    Posted May 28, 2020
  7. The knockback on Mineplex has been around for a while and know it. It is on pretty much every combat game mode. Hopefully it gets fixed sometime!

    Forgot to mention, I think this is a Bedrock only issue. I’m not too sure whether it is the same on java. I hear it is alright though.
    Posted May 28, 2020
  8. I agree the Knockback is really low compared to other servers, but I kind of like it (if the other person doesn’t closet-hack) it takes more skill to combo people, instead of getting hit x5 in a row and flying across the map like on another server...
    Posted May 28, 2020
  9. I don't know if you're referring to the knockback on Bedrock or Java, but since you seem to have a lot more stats on Bedrock I'll take it you're referring to that platform.

    As others have mentioned above, Mineplex has its own type of knockback which is reduced compared to vanilla Minecraft or other servers. I'm a Java player and haven't played Bedrock in a while, but judging on others' comments above, it seems that both platforms have the same type of reduced knockback.

    If you feel like somebody is taking an extremely low amount of knockback -- less than they should be -- you could investigate. As explained by @Unknitsun , somebody may be experiencing poor connection which could lead to a knockback delay. However, somebody could also be cheating, as hinted by @mab8400 -- if you believe somebody is cheating you could do your best to record the player and report them on the forums while following the reporting guidelines or you could let an online staff member know.
    Posted May 28, 2020
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  10. Bedrock has no kb.
    Posted May 28, 2020
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  11. Mineplex Bedrock knockback is bad
    Posted May 28, 2020
  12. Sorry? I didn’t understand. Mineplex and Knockback don’t go together in a sentence :p
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  13. A lot of this has to do with your connection to the server as well as the other players connection as @Unknitsun said. Yesterday I was testing the knock back between my friends in a game of Cakewars and it showed that the better your ping (ideally under 20) the more kb you dealed. She had a ping of 25 and she did around 1.5+ blocks of kb while I had around 58 ping and dealt 0.5 to her. This can vary as well depending on how fast your wifi is, or your hardware in general. But to be completely honest, the knock back in Mineplex for Bedrock Edition has always been horrible. I’d recommend changing your video settings in the game and change your render distance down to 8 as well as view bobbing, fancy leaves, etc. While this may improve your frames and any possible lag, I’ve found that the more FPS I had in-game, the more KB I randomly had. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t. It all really just depends on how the server feels haha.
    Posted May 29, 2020
  14. Knockback has had some issues mostly because of people connection having large lag spikes on a single players side can greatly influence the knockback and almost counter it. This is something that is known and I believe they are trying to balance it out.

    If you have any questions feel free to pm me
    Posted May 29, 2020

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