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Why is there a number beside my name?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Rydurr, Oct 18, 2021.

  1. I have noticed that when I play Halloween havoc, there is always a number beside my name on the score board. (not the ultimate percentage.) It is normally either "Rydurr 67 : %__" or "Rydurr 57 : %___" . The weird part is that I am the only one on my team that has it.

    Does anyone know what it is or why it is there?
    Posted Oct 18, 2021
  2. it's a bug that's been there for awhile

    supposed to be a color code but it's glitched so dw about it
    Posted Oct 19, 2021
  3. oh
    O saw thata couple times and just wondered why isn't wasn't showing up in the usernames, but it makes more sense with the §-number
    Posted Oct 19, 2021
  4. Im going to say thats a glitch or something like that sort, It'll most likely get patched in the future
    Posted Oct 19, 2021
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