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Why I'm getting bored of Mineplex forums

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by Ender Rivka, Mar 25, 2020.


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  1. I've been getting bored of the Mineplex forums lately. Here are some issues that need to be addressed.

    #1 Repetitive Threads
    There are barely any fresh threads these days. Sure, there are constantly new threads being posted, but most of them are already proposed ideas or minor twists on already proposed ideas, it's not interesting to reply on threads that you've seen before countless times. Even if it is a new idea, the person who made the thread didn't describe it well and their descriptions are very vague so I don't really know what to say about it.

    The reason this is happening is that LT never adds community made ideas to Mineplex. There are a lot of these duh, of course, kind of ideas and people post them, nothing gets done about it, and people who didn't notice the threads before them will rediscover the idea and propose it again. I don't want to reply to the same thread over and over again. It's not fun.

    #2 Post boosting
    Similar to repetitive threads, posts are also becoming very repetitive. 90% of the replies I see have the same idea but are just rephrased a little bit. It's boring to read through all of these before you can find an actually interesting post to read. Even the format of these messages is very similar.


    <why it's a bad idea>

    <complement about idea>. <why it's a bad idea again>.


    As you can see, the <why it's a bad idea> is used twice, which can be very annoying because the people already said their reasoning but need to restate it again for whatever reason.

    People do this because they want to get a high post count and look professional so they can get Trainee. Please stop. I'm not going to write a rant this time, I've already written multiple.

    Anyway, these things are issues because people get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again. I'm not going to completely leave, but that's why I haven't really replied to anything lately. I'm sure others will feel the same way soon.
    Posted Mar 25, 2020
  2. Heyo!

    I agree with this thread
    Hope I helped


    Yeah I totally agree with you it is so annoying. I just try and ignore it because it isn’t something I can’t control ):

    [FONT=Open Sans, Arial, sans-serif]-snip-[/FONT]
    Posted Mar 25, 2020,
    Last edited by a Moderator Apr 11, 2020
  3. I am going to somewhat agree to this. I can get annoyed of people posting threads of similar. ideas/topics that have already been addressed, but that has happened for a while, especially during the "Enjin era". While I agree with this though, I don't think this makes the forums boring since there are many more things to talk about. For example, ideas aren't usually the same thing, and giving feedback is interesting for the community. The same issue happened in enjin, but with a larger player base, it didn't really matter since a majority of the forums ended up being new ideas. It is just how the forums work. A new user will sign in and probably say the same idea that many others have talked about, especially if it is like updating SSM or champions. I am not really mad that this happens currently because there have been many issues that have been a problem on Mineplex for a while now, so there is nothing to do about that. Other than that, I think the Forums is still interesting when people make good questions in the off topic section or interesting questions in the server/forum discussion.

    Post boosting is a complicated topic at its core, and I feel like post boosting doesn't necessarily give you an advantage over others, and rather it . While I say this, it does get annoying when someone might say a detailed response, but then the guy below you might say a 2 sentenced response with the same idea. This has been a common issue for a long time, but people can easily get falsely punished for this. Enjin used to have this is as a rule, but I don't think they have it anymore. I understand it might be annoying to see the same responses as you showed, but at the end of the day it doesn't really make a difference. However, there is nothing much to do, unless you were able to convince the Rules Committee to add back Post boosting as a rule in the forums. It's a complicated topic because most of the time people don't know that they are doing it, and also post boosting should really only apply to simple questions like "How do I party with my friends", where 3 people would get the exact same response. Either way though, the Forum moderators and ninjas do a great job at locking threads immediately after a thread is resolved, so post boosting has been less of a problem comparing to when it was a major issue in Enjin.

    While I have these issues with the forums, I still like to roam around and give feedback on wonderful ideas, server issues, and off topic questions. Unless the forums will have a low player base, I would still like to answer questions and give feedback/suggestions on the Mineplex forums. This was a nice question to answer about though.
    Posted Mar 25, 2020
  4. Pretty much how I feel, though honestly I haven't seen that much post boosting in the last few months. Seems to me like 90% of what shows up is off-topic or repeat ideas. And tbh I don't really see what MP can do about that. The only real solution I can think of is for players like us who are tired of it to step up and start throwing out more unique ideas.
    Posted Mar 25, 2020
  5. I recognize most of you all back from the ye old days of enjin long ago and while I don't disagree with the overall point of this thread, I can't help but also remind everyone of those lovely rose tinted glasses of the past.

    Enjin had some of the same problems still now present on the forums. There was unoriginal, vapid commentary about concepts that kept getting discussed long after a point of sanity. Many of the ideas from the time period of Enjin have since carried forward in ever so slightly small changing manners. Post boosting was a problem, albeit nowhere as noticeable to the degree you will occasionally find here. These problems didn't so much go away with Xenforo but have been amplified by it instead. I disagree with what now shows in the new posts tab (mainly the fluff content, which yes I post in and yes, seeing it on the side makes me feel a great pain but that's not my point) and the lack of hot threads, while sometimes annoying, in my opinion helped draw focus to important content that people felt had purpose.

    With that being said, I think the quality has gone down in some capacity. Perhaps this is related to me not spending nearly as much time as I did on the forums back in 2016-2018, but lot of the staple bits of conversation have since dispersed. This is probably elevated by the lack of older voices in the community (not by age, rather by time spent on Mineplex during the years). A lot of the new people don't have the same opinions compared to the common member back on the old site. I frequented this section quite a lot and I can tell you from personal experience it has since changed when I left the forums team.

    These things are generally not fixable by the staff or owners of this server. They are community driven discussions that have found themselves in a loop. We can always have hope for the future, but until then, this is an individual effort to express your honest opinion regarding the happenings on the server and it's forum.

    (edit: for those who might not know, my name is glitcch and i was a mineplex staff member from 2016-2018 and was a forum mod and ninja)
    Posted Apr 6, 2020,
    Last edited Apr 6, 2020
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  6. I can completely understand where you're coming from. The Xen forums look cleaner in my opinion and appeal to the younger audience a bit more, and they pull in more people with account linking etc. This brings in a lot of people that weren't originally interested in the forums but came for the rewards, and stuck around to post. I'm not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing, because forum activity is amazing and keeps the website thriving, but in a way it also decreases the post quality and quality of discussion in general (for ideas, etc.), with younger, newer players to Mineplex. A lot of the older players have left Mineplex as a whole, and the rest tend to stay on discord.
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
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  7. Heyo!

    I 100% get your point.
    I guess I sometimes do get annoyed when people keep making new threads about ideas that have already been suggested, especially ones that have already been declined (some examples: Murder mystery, Solo Cake Wars), because when they get the idea they don’t bother to look at threads to see if there idea has already suggested.
    Post boosting is also a very annoying and is become more serious due to the fact that more people are post boosting.
    it gets very annoying when you make a thread or your reading replies to a thread and you see one guy that makes this very detailed response and then the guy below him that just rephrases the reply from the person above them. I also agree that it is extremely annoying when someone replies to your thread or a thread that you are viewing with a 2 sentence response that says like “hi this is a great idea. I’ll give this a +1” or when someone says “hi this is a bad idea. I’ll give this a -1”, and then don’t even get punished for it.
    Though despite the fact that more people are starting making repetitive threads and post boosting I wouldn’t really say I am getting bored of ten forums because there are still some great questions and surveys in off topic and some people sometimes still make new fresh threads that have not been suggested yet.
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
  8. Hate this so much. And they get super defensive when you call them out on it
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
  9. I’m going to add on to this thread with the order of events that MP faces with user ideas in 2020.

    (in this scenario, the user has been on the forums for a year and logs in a few times every week)

    1) user posts a great thread idea
    -engaging thread title
    -perhaps user is a familiar face
    -time of day user is posting

    2) thread is now in the new posts section
    -off topic discussion flood quickly
    -clickbait is still very alive
    -YT, builds, art, etc. also flood
    -you can’t curate your new posts
    -there is, of course, less posts than years ago

    3) people comment on your idea
    -but does it gain traction
    -if it gets views, that doesn’t matter
    -volunteer staff can only do so much

    [pause here: Dev interaction on forums is *mostly* low but we also have an incredibly small development team considering the network size... 2K is still a lot more than a ton of servers on listings. But, Dev hiring is difficult. MP can’t find people who don’t just apply — it’s like waiting years for a GWEN Dev and then it lasting 1.5 months. It’s really a struggle especially with decreased popularity, games/content, interaction from owners obviously, and funding for those jobs.)

    I’m writing this on mobile, it’s broken up a lot but here are things that have happened with MP as examples:

    -investing time/resources into massive ideas that didn’t land (Gem Hunters, Heroes of GWEN) making games that prompted hackers (Type Wars, Draw My Thing for ages, Block Hunt for ages) and having too many games/not enough devs because not enough resources... which is incredibly difficult as a company. MP is a Minecraft server, yeah, but it operates as a company.

    I was here in 2013, staff in 2014, like @glitcch have stayed for portions and of course MP was a leading network. They did things people never thought of, that were innovative, and like their primary competition: there was so much passion from some many different perspectives. Mineplex HAD an identity and users felt connected to playing ON Mineplex or being ON the forums.

    Other issues? Quality Poster didn’t work because it felt to some people that posting a lot and being “helpful” rewarded them with an incentive: a forum tag. It was awful quickly and grew rampant, it was not predicted to go so poorly. It reminds me now in 2020 of there being way too many staff tags, special tags, sub team awards, rank-related content... and I get you want to recognize people but it gets toxic when I see Senior Moderators jealous of their Admin following another team member and NOT them. It gets toxic when people blatant in their profile bio they want Admin and it’s *totally* not against them BUT here is every single position I’ve ever had & let me remind you everywhere possible. It’s okay to be proud, a brag is okay with friends or in private when the situation seems suited, but even for volunteer staff it’s a bad look for a company (let alone LT+ who operate several upon several sections of the company which feels like a lack of income, hence so much forward stepping with Marketplace content & recently the Immortal “rebrand”.)

    There’s not a ton I can say even though there are plenty of things. These things will not be addressed, and @Ender Rivka I am sorry for this block of text but genuinely thank you for at least making 1) an engaging thread, 2) something that provokes conversation with substance and 3) will hopefully fall into the right person who can give insight.

    Unfortunately for users with ideas, it starts at the top.
    Posted Apr 7, 2020,
    Last edited Apr 7, 2020
  10. I just got reactive on here but I did also notice the similarity in a lot of the replies. Even if somebody already answered the question somebody else would reply just to say somebody else answered it. All love tho, I'm sure with all the new players joining there will be more forum accounts (like myself).
    Posted Apr 7, 2020
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  11. I must say I agree with you, but...

    then again, it can be hard to reply something completely different without making it seem like it was rephrased from someone else. I guess you could say people like to reply with their point of view on the topic and not all times is different from the others!

    - 6_figures (Jorden)
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  12. ah, yes. Things have gotten a bit...dry. As in, not juicy. Sadly this isn’t something anyone can really “fix”. I like to go to Forum games and check out those, and look at really old threads to see what I missed out on! Another fun thing to check out is the Mineplex Discord where you can chat with many players on just about everything.

    Hopefully more interesting posts come soon since a large majority of people have a lot more time on their hands!

    Stay safe in these unprecedented times!

    Ruffybear <3
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  13. Ah yes, Mineplex's Discord server. The server where you'll be banned for something as ridiculous as "I'll suffocate you", and perm banned for something like "I will end you."
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  14. yes, this can happen! not really sure why you’d post this, but, yeah, there are some strict restrictions but they’re there to make sure everyone feels safe on the discord!
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  15. This is not true at all. I don't know where you got this interpretation from, but this isn't true. We could merely be talking about minecraft (related to mineplex) and we would get punished for saying I'll suffocate you with deploy platforms. I'll end you. I'll end you in CW. This is discord. They don't come out of the screen and attack you.
    Posted Apr 10, 2020
  16. Hey!

    I'm not going to disagree with you entirely as your points are fair and quite easy to follow, but there are elements of your post I'd like to discourse. There are threads these days that are repetitive, and so we don't get anything out of replying to them. However, you say that you don't want to respond to the same thread over and over again, but I don't think you realise that nobody is forcing you. Like anybody else, I pick and choose the threads I post and remain satisfied with my forums activity. If you gave your two cents on an original idea that was later implemented, and a player reiterates the same concept some time later, you should not feel obligated to reply as you have already done so elsewhere.

    The Ideas Team is a subteam dedicated to critiquing the ideas you find in the Ideas Hub everyday and I can assure you that you are not expected to post the same reply three different times. Yes, threads on the forums are repetitive, but at the end of the day it still stands that you make your own decisions. If you head over to the "Off Topic" subforum you will find countless threads about your activity during quarantine and how you're coping during COVID-19. I have replied to one or two as I don't need to do so again, but I don't feel like I should. There is a tint of exaggeration in your implications - your options are not so limited that you force yourself to respond to threads you're unwilling to.

    I share your viewpoint with your concerns regarding post boosting. It's healthy to set goals for yourself, and in fact, I encourage it, but this doesn't mean you should post boost. There is a potential misconception in this thread I'd like to discuss though. As you know, I started this post with a greeting, and this should not be associated with post boosting. Users tend to look at the "Hey" at the top of the post and the sign-off at the bottom and disregard anything in between as they automatically assume they are post boosting. Yes, this is most commonly seen in the posts of players who post boost, but is this representative of everybody who introduces their post? I'm very concerned for the forums if quality posts aren't being recognised just because you want to be friendly.

    If the majority of players have disagreed with something on a thread and you choose to do so, it doesn't always qualify as post boosting. There are many opinions out there on the matter, but for me, if the person adds at least one original point to their post that can alter your perspective then there shouldn't be a problem with it. As you say, though, if they only repeat what others have said then it is quite pointless. All they have to do is give it a thumbs-up. Forum users' dislike of post boosting often stems from the fear that their useful posts will not be appreciated if somebody else comes along and re-words it in a better way. This can happen and it is unfair. I always steer clear of doing this, but I can't guarantee others do. It does take everything out of me to look at the recent threads and see the same person's name beside each one, with three minutes in between each reply.

    In conclusion you have brought up points that should be considered by those with the ability to bring about change, despite some inaccuracy and stereotypical views in your post here and there. If you created this thread to bring it to attention and seek improvements, my advice would be to add suggestions to overcome them. I wouldn't mind seeing post boosting brought back as a rule, but that might just be me. Either way, it's worth considering you took the time to broach this topic and it did get me thinking. I'm not sure if this thread will serve its purpose but it will make some people more aware. For now this is all we can ask for; with this and improved communication between community and staff as of late, we might just be surprised. Not to say anything will happen, but thank you for making it a possibility at the very least.
    Posted Apr 10, 2020
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  17. I do agree with these points here. I usually see the same kinda format when I see replies on threads but I don't mind it that much. Threads have also definitely gone down in creativity also (compared to months or a year ago) but the threads that are been pushed out now are still threads of good quality, and some of them are even really helpful (e.g. how to do this or how to get that).
    Posted Apr 10, 2020
  18. I like how more then half of the posts here on this thread are the same thing
    Posted Apr 10, 2020
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  19. That's why the like button exists. They can choose whether they post boost or post something constructive, maybe explaining why they agree and stuff like that. Or they can simply post boost, saying "Yeah! I totally agree with you! Keep up the great advice!".
    Posted Apr 10, 2020
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  20. That is stating a death wish, which is punishable on the forums, in-game and on the Mineplex Discord. Not sure why you stated this.
    Posted Apr 10, 2020

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