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Why I think that Taser Hunter sucks, and why Leaper Hunter is still the best hunter kit.

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by TatorCheese, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. I played with Taser Hunter for about 3 hours. And here's why I think it's bad. Also, keep in mind I have 500+ hider wins and 100+ hunter wins, I'm not some guy who just signed up and flocked to the forum to complain.

    Taser Hunter is bad because it's too situational. Sure, if you find a stationary block's hitbox with F3 + B, easy kill, you just stun them and swing your sword. However, if we look at the actual current state of BH right now, there's always a shocking hider chicken waiting there for you. If you engage with a chicken in a fight, you have NO CHANCE unless you bow spam like a normal person. When the taser is fired, it's extremely slow moving (and considering the chicken is decent and is strafing) it's not even going to hit it. You can't run away, you can't fight back, the only thing you can do is die and try again, or bow spam them to death. If the taser does hit though, the stun duration is well balanced. It's kind of like leaper, except you have to hit the taser. A big problem with the ability is also that it doesn't travel far, maybe 15 blocks. Good things about the taser though include the fact that it's an easy kill if the taser does land. The hider becomes blind. They literally can't see you. You can just bow spam them. You also can put in like zero effort into using this kit and yet you'll get a pretty high reward. (as in kills) However, the good parts of the taser just don't outweigh the lackluster speed and range of the taser, making the ability not very good.

    Buffs I'd like to see: Taser Hunter's taser ability is not useful enough. Personally I'd like to see a speed buff in the projectile and also make it have infinite/higher range. Maybe it could home in, but only if it got like in a 2 block radius of a hider.

    Nerfs I'd like to see: N/A

    Cons: Bad armor, still have to bow spam to win against shocking hiders (although that's expected), the taser does not travel far, projectile speed is slow

    Pros: An easy kill if the taser does land, one of the more balanced kits (cough cough leaper and tnt), almost no technical skill required for high reward

    As for Leaper Hunter, that's a whole entire story.

    Leaper Hunter is the best kit in the game because it gives you one thing: mobility and immunity to fall damage. Got a shocking hider on you? You can fall back with leap and start bow spamming them. Need to catch up to someone? Leap closes 7-9 blocks of distance if done right. Just got shot off a roof and don't want to die to fall damage? Leap in to the ground at the last moment and you take no fall damage. If you have fast reaction time, you can also just leap back up to the roof again while airborne! Unlike every other kit, which they can't run away, Leaper Hunters can just fall back and start bow spamming. Leaper is just so versatile; it's good in every trait that is important in BH. It has ability to catch up to hiders, the ability to run away from Shocking Hiders, a set of armor that's good (the best one in the game atm) with a great offense, and can even negate fall damage completely. I think Leaper Hunter should be nerfed hard so that kits like TNT and Taser are an actual option. (Radar is just not an option because of F3 + B with very few exceptions like if a block's hitbox is not visible. Don't use it.)

    Buffs I'd like to see: N/A

    Nerfs I'd like to see: Decreased armor (maybe a mix of iron and chain/gold), slightly longer leap cooldown (currently it's 8.5 or 8 seconds idk, but it should be 10 instead), slightly weaker leap (I think OITQ's Jumper kit has a weaker leap than BH's Leaper Hunter, which is what I would like it to be changed to [I could be wrong about the weaker leap in OITQ btw but you get the point])

    Cons: You can't see blocks without hitboxes.

    Pros: You can negate fall damage, fall back when you're low on health, catch up to running hiders, the best set of armor in the game atm, and have a great weapon with the most broken ability in the game.

    Welp, there's the end of my rant. Feel free to agree (or disagree with me) because BH really needs a change in meta. It's stayed Leaper Hunter and Shocking Hider for too long. And I want to make other kits actually viable to use unlike how the other ones are just total garb and are more useless than a white colored pencil in real life.
    Posted Jul 1, 2019
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  2. Personally i think Radar Hunter is best in game to pair with the leaper Hunters, so you can fully combo those blocks!
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
  3. I recently got the Taser Hunter kit and not gonna lie I really do not like it. It's just a kit with no perks basically, All you get is Stone Sword, bow and Chain and Gold Armor. The Right-click sword ability does literally nothing. It said it gives slowness and blindness but it really doesn't do anything. If I am try Harding I would turn on Minecraft Hitboxes and then go radar hunter. If I am not try Hardingw then ill stay as Leaper Hunter.
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
  4. I agree completely that taser hunter is underpowered and deserving of a buff.

    However, I disagree with Leaper Hunter being overpowered. It does exactly what it's meant to: be able to catch running hiders. Being able to avoid fall damage is really not OP at all from the hunter side of things, as that's extremely situational and it's very rare that a hunter is high enough up that the fall damage would kill them anyways. As for being able to leap away from shocking hinders, that's true I guess, but then you've just given the shocker some time/distance to run away.

    imo radar is the only OP kit in block hunt right now and something should be done to slightly nerf the kit. It's pretty much impossible to actually hide on a lot of small or enclosed maps due to the hot/cold block pretty much directly selling you out. Personally, I would like them to go back to the compass and instead of ticking it just points you in the direction of the closest hider (with a cool down). I think that would make radar more balanced instead of forcing all the hiders to go shocker chicken on the smaller maps.
    Posted Jul 12, 2019

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