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Why I Quit Mineplex (Bedrock)

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by akeyfortyseven, Sep 25, 2019.

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  1. Intro: I've been playing minecraft for a long time. When it first released on pocket edition (not yet bedrock) so long ago, I was actually against minecraft, and it didn't look like it would appeal to me. A few of my friends kept telling me how awesome minecraft was, so I finally downloaded it on my original ipad mini. I didn't have an xbox 360 nor a pc that my parents would let me download games on at the time so pocket edition was my version. I wasn't the PvP-er that I am today, and I mostly messed around with my friends. I enjoyed minecraft despite my original beliefs. Ironically, I'm the only one out of my friends that played through minecraft during it's "unpopular" stages where it kinda died down.
    When minecraft for playstation 3 released, I got it as a Christmas present from my parents, and I still wasn't into PvP, until 4J Studios added the minigames. I grinded the minigames. I made a new controller setup that gave you the best pvp advantage. I was not on pc comboing people into oblivion, but I was close to it. Honestly, the minigames were one of the best thing added to minecraft.
    Even though I played on ps3, it eventually died down with the growing popularity of the PS4 and Xbox 1. Lobbies took at least 10 minutes before someone else would show up, and most of them were people who bought a caterpillar skin that makes ewoks or yodas look fair. I went back to pocket edition, but the controller would still be stuck in my hand like a hidden organ, waiting to be brought back. By now, pocket edition saw the growth of servers, despite the decrease in popularity of minecraft. I was under the alias "orlee01" and the account "akeyfortyseven" was a mere alt that would come to being 2 years later, and become my main soon after that. Minigames servers like LB were growing, and mineplex was yet to become popular. I liked LB because of their original games, but those games eventually got removed later for more "fun" ones.
    In 2016 a friend recommended a factions server, which is where i started to grow as a touch screen pvp-er. MInecraft for Windows 10 was already released and thus if you could fight a windows 10 player and win, you would gain a lot of influence on the server. I never won a fight, but I put up a good fight, which got me recruited to one of the highest factions on the server.
    I spent a year playing on this server as my main, and living in the wonky school districts of Texas gave me the advantage of getting online while it wasn't busy, allowing me to hunt "loot crates" that generated near spawn every 30 minutes. Later in this year of factions, I would get a rank, and make an alt that has one job: join a faction, get coordinates, get the faction raided. That was of course, the account that most people know and love today, akeyfortyseven (but you can call me "ak" for short). Towards the end of this year, Mineplex and another well known server but is the least played out of the "big 5" bedrock servers was growing, and it pulled out a lot of the player base in the factions server. When I ask people on the server today "does anyone remember the NewGeneration faction" most people would say no, and only the server owner would recognize me as who i was despite using a different account (/ip is now a thing where it will show what aliases have been used on one device).
    However, an unexpected turn happened when "Bedrock" forced you to sign into xbox live to access servers, and because yahoo is so trustworthy i lost my original account. My only account left was ak, and its what i fell on.
    My parents then gave me their old 2010 Macbook pro, which i got minecraft java for it and started to build up PvP skill on keyboard and mouse, but it didn't feel quite right to me, it didnt feel like the version i had been playing for so long.
    I started to play less minecraft because school started to get tougher and my friends that used to play with me no longer played minecraft. It wasn't about a year ago from today that I really got back into minecraft, which was when I bought my steelseries nimbus controller (which is now almost useless bc iOS 13/iPadOS has controller support). It was quite strange that after almost a year of inactivity from minecraft, I still had a desire to play it. My trusty nimbus brought me back to my pvp roots, and I (with a lot of difficulty) could stand against windows 10 players. Despite falling off my table once a week, getting smacked on the same table due to rage quits, the controller survived, and my passion for minecraft returned. I would eventually get a steal of a deal on a used pc which ran windows 10, and now I'm the person that i would hate to fight a few years ago

    Now you might be thinking how this relates to me quitting mineplex, and its just that I have seen so many different "servers", wether it be my friends and I running around a survival world, whether it be the legacy console minigames that i wish would be re-implemented, whether it be a factions server where the most powerful faction would have strong power over the server, and whether it be the original LB that I miss so many years now. Mineplex has its flaws, just like all the aforementioned "servers", but mineplex isn't trying to fix them. The most insulting thing to me was when mineplex released the "raid area 51" minigame that was a complete disaster (gameplay wise) to a lot of people. It was insulting because there are so many problems (not just on bedrock but also on java) that could be fixed but the staff decided that an area 51 minigame that would spike the amount of players playing on mineplex for only about 3 days. When playing with my friends, we were open to let other players join us doing goofy stuff on survival worlds, but we didnt go around advertising it. When I switched to the console, there was little advertising for the last gen consoles, yet the quality of gameplay improved. On the factions server, the players were open to change and new players, but the server owner never advertised new features until extensive testing by the players. In past LB, the goal was to make minigames that would unite the community and make minigames that would last and help build a foundation. Mineplex doesn't seem to be like those servers. When new features are added, they are more "form over function" and seem to be a way to get more players, but the visiting players won't stay because other servers have implemented better ways to stop hackers and make the game more fluid (referring to knockback on bedrock). When people suggest that things be fixed on bedrock, they are mostly turned down because its either "not approved by microsoft" or "it would take too many of [mineplex's] resources". Even porting over java minigames gets declined because death tag is apparently needed in mineplex despite the want for solo cakewars, capture the wool, and UHC/Bedrock Bridges. I understand that mineplex has a very small amount of people working on bedrock, but they're abusing that excuse so as to add features to java (with more staff) and ignoring what people are saying about hackers and glitches. If you go to another server forum, mineplex is often called "memeplex" or "trashplex" and mineplex cannot ignore such comments. Its time that mineplex wakes up and realize that they're going to lose players if they do not start to fix the server.
    Posted Sep 25, 2019
  2. Hello,

    I am sorry that you feel this way about Mineplex. I can assure you that everything that do for the server has good intentions, and we never want to let any players down. However, are you correct in some of the points that you make. We do have limited resources, but this applies for both Java and Bedrock. Additionally, if you ever feel something can be changed for the better, check out the ideas section of the forums to share you new ideas with the community and to get feedback. If you have any further questions or concerns, shoot me a PM.

    Thread Locked - Thread is Centered Around "I Quit"
    Posted Sep 25, 2019
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