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Why I haven't applied for staff

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Pulse Owned, Nov 30, 2020.

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  1. As said in my previous forum I discussed that I'd be applying for staff, I had regrets.
    Over the past couple of months I have been doing research and reading and from further
    research I found a video... this video to be honest is not only true but as a long time player
    it's devastating, please take your time to watch this video and consider the points made.

    DISCLAIMER: I respect every staff, owner and anyone involved with Mineplex just after this it makes it harder.

    Posted Nov 30, 2020,
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  2. Hey,
    I wouldn't rely on that video for information regarding the staff team, as a lot of it is based around a situation from June, that was highly misunderstood when this video was made. I am not going to explain a lot of stuff about the video on a public post for a private-ish reason, but please don't get your information from that video.
    Posted Nov 30, 2020

  3. I can vouch that some of the information in the video is completely false. MisterEpic took my story out of proportion, and made it look worse. All I know is from being apart of the video that my segment has some incomplete information. Not saying that some things in the video aren’t true but there’s a lot of errors in it as well if that makes sense, so you shouldn’t let that video influence your journey to be a staff member. You can look at it in two ways if you want to.

    1. Oh this guy is saying this server is corrupt? Maybe I should try and become staff and do my best to change that. Make players experiences better!


    2. Hey this guy is saying the server is corrupt, but you know what I want to see if that is true for myself. I will become a mod and experience it for myself and see if what he was saying is rubbish or not.

    Then of course the third option is to let the video get in your head and block you out from all the good mineplex has done which is how I looked at it in the past. Sure Mineplex has struggled in the past, but you know what we should be looking at what they did great and try to build upon that instead of looking at the bad. Idk that’s just how I feel.
    Posted Dec 1, 2020,
    Last edited by a Moderator Dec 1, 2020
  4. Hello there, I'm currently a Trainee here in the Bedrock platform of Mineplex.

    First of all I would just like to say that I did and have watched this video before applying for staff in the past couple of weeks and I'll tell you my thoughts about this video.

    These kinds of events however or rather these moments did truly happen, there were so many bad things that has happened in the community and I find it really hard to answer. It's really unbelievable that there were such things to happen inside Mineplex to upset its players or members. We truly apologize that those things has happened and we can't really revert back in time to solve all of these.

    As a Trainee myself, I'm currently trying to learn and experience many things such as Moderating. My current goal as if for now is to create a safe environment for all players to have fun and interact with. Mineplex itself might be a bad network for everyone but for me, it's a safe place where I belong.

    Mineplex can have disadvantages at some point but there can be advantages as well. A lot of staff members are working hard to improve Mineplex to be a better community for everyone else. I truly respect all of their efforts and hard work that they put through in the community.

    The video itself only shows the bad side of Mineplex, but if you walk with us more. I believe that you will learn something more that can benefit yourself, maybe that you would think that this community isn't bad after all.

    I truly love Mineplex, not just because of how good the mini-games or the community is. It's because there were so many kind and sweet hearted people in it. When I came in as a Trainee, I tried to review as much staff members as possible and review their backgrounds. Don't call me a stalker because I'm really not, I just want to learn more about the community. They've done some amazing job to support and help out the community, some of them might've done bad things but I know that they can learn something from it and improve to be a better person.

    What I'm trying to say is, the Mineplex community is better than you think. It's really amazing to have you here since all of us wants to help out Mineplex very much. Well some people don't really care about us but that's not what I'm talking about. Everyone in the community are kind people, well some of them are not but mostly they are.

    I truly respect all the staff members in Mineplex including the Owners and Admins for making a decision, there could be a deeper meaning or reason why they did this but I believe it's to make the community a better place for everyone.

    If I were you, instead of looking at that video. Try and take a look for yourself.
    Posted Dec 1, 2020
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  5. Heyo,

    Firstly, I would not let a video such as this affect how you perceive the Staff team, including allowing it to influence whether you chose to apply for the position or not. Ultimately, it's still up to you, and what you believe would be classed as a trustworthy, credible source. I do not see a point in actually going into detail regarding this video or the contents within, but what I will say is you can not believe everything that's online, and just because it's a video with lots of public attention, does not mean that all the contents and information within are accurate or true to this day.

    The Staff team are a group of passionate, loving, and hard-working people who volunteer their time to make the server a better place for you, the players. We love what we do, and that's why we're here; to help out and spread positivity. It's videos like these that try to bring us down and degrade our efforts, and to change the views of players, so it's up to the player on what they believe, but still, we are trying out best to do what is right for the players.

    Enough on the video itself, as for this thread, unfortunately I will be locking it as it lines up with multiple reasons why we lock threads:
    • The thread contains hate on staff/community member/Mineplex written in a way that is not constructive or in a positive manner.
    • Threads that are directly attacking or criticising staff including but not limited to calling staff corrupt.
    • Threads that do not encourage (constructive, healthy) discussion within the community (as determined by the Forum Moderation team).
    If this thread was different and actually promoted positive and constructive discussion (without the video being linked), perhaps it could have remained open. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Please do not recreate a thread like this again unless you are providing constructive criticism or actively starting up/contributing to a positive discussion around the server.

    Thread Locked
    Posted Dec 1, 2020
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