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Why does Mineplex Bedrock have more players than Java?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by supahCabbage11, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. This has actually mystified me since I visited the site. I always have wondered why the bedrock edition has nearly 10x the number of active players compared to the Java one. What are the differences between the bedrock and java versions of the server? I'm just curious as to what the deal is because to be honest I've never actually played Bedrock edition before.
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
  2. Mineplex is a integrated server on the server list while Java you have to type in the IP which most people with type the IP of a different surver because even tho I like mineplex there is better java servers
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
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  3. Hello! There are a few threads about this, and I think the most commonly accepted answer is that Bedrock has more platforms that can access it. While Java you can only join with a computer, Bedrock is accessible to Xbox, Phones/tablets, Play station, AND computers, so there's a lot more options. Another point that I've seen brought up is Bedrock Mineplex is a featured server on Minecraft, so it's all ready added to the game and easily seen, whereas Java you can only join if you manually type in the IP.
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
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  4. That does make sense, but I remember the Java version having a lot more players before, and also being a lot more popular.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 11, 2021
  5. I think it also had a player crash when Hypixel became popular? Don't quote me on that I'm not 100% sure but Java did used to have more players than they do now, but overtime it kinda died.
    I don't really play Java, so I don't know the specifics.
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
  6. Just hope to god that it doesn’t come to bedrock
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
  7. Heyo!
    I'd like to add on to Arrow's post. There is many platforms that can be accessible on bedrock than java. There are ways to host java onto say a television and use a controller but that does take quite some time to configure. Bedrock has also recently and before gained more and more attention. I enjoy and love both platforms but am staff on Java. Java and Bedrock edition's mechanics are a little bit different too and some people prefer one over the other too.
    Posted Apr 12, 2021
  8. Hey there @supahCabbage11! I have seen a couple other threads which encompass this million dollar question; “Why does Bedrock have more players in comparison to Java / Why is Bedrock so Popular?”

    A really good thread that has a couple responses to this question that’d if recommend reading over is this thread here. To summarize my point made within the other thread and to add on to what others have said above me, I think one of the main attractions to the Bedrock Platform is the convenience of being able to play from a variety of devices. (Whether that be your Xbox, PlayStation, Computer, Phone, Tablet or even your Switch.) - With this variety of device compatibility, I personally think it allows players to have more opportunity to play with friends who might not have the same devices. I also feel that point with the server being featured in Minecraft helps the server grow in players because for newer players they don’t have to type in an IP. (Which may seem fairly complicated for newer players looking for a server) - With the server already being featured by default, it’s something that newer players can explore with ease.

    • Bedrock is a Cross-Play Platform, whereas Java is not
    • Bedrock and Java’s mechanics, as suggested above by Layla, are different. Some players do in fact, prefer one more over the other
    • Bedrock is still under Major Development
    • Bedrock has a Survival and Housing gamemode, whereas Java does not have the unique gamemodes
    Although one platform may have a larger player base, as a Cross-Platform Staff Member with Java being my primary platform, I still enjoy playing and moderating on both platforms equally. :)
    Posted Apr 12, 2021

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