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Why am I Banned

Discussion in 'Help' started by Krask069, Mar 9, 2021.

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  1. Hello Mineplex,
    I don't understand why am I banned. When I try to rejoin I can see that I am banned from Scaffold but i am not using any of this because why when I play Gladiators for fun. Anyway because i can place blocks fast it doesn't mean I use Scaffold. I use Butterfly click for placing blocks if it's important. I hope I can play soon.
    My account's nick is Krask069
    see you on the server
    Posted Mar 9, 2021
  2. Posted Mar 9, 2021
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  3. Hey!

    As mentioned above, I would suggest submitting an appeal if you feel that your punishment was unjust.

    Appeal link: https://www.mineplex.com/appeals/

    I am going to go ahead and lock this thread as your concern has been addressed, but feel free to message me on the forums if you need any additional help! Good luck if you decide to appeal!
    Posted Mar 9, 2021
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