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Who is cakemaster7019? Let’s find out!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Cakemaster7019, Aug 3, 2021.


Have you ever asked yourself who cakemaster7019 is?

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  3. That is a question that is to wired for me to answer

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  1. Hello there people. Since I will be turning 15 soon (4th of August) I decided to make an introduction, even tho I clearly stated in the past, that I will only be doing an introduction when I got on the staff team. None the less I felt like I wanted to do it. So find you’re popcorn, and do please enjoy !

    Who is cakemaster7019? That is a question that I think the fewest of you ever thought about. But since you are here, you must be interested. So let’s get started:

    My name is Mikkel, but I am wildly know around the internet, and my community as cake, cakemaster or “shadow”. I live in Denmark around Copenhagen, and I am soon to be 15. I speak fluent Danish, English and a little German.

    Movie’s: I really enjoy waiting movies, and my favourite movie is Revenge of the sith.

    Star Wars: I am a major Star Wars fan, and knows a lot of lore. My area of expertise would be either the galactic civil war or the clone wars. My favourite character is Darth Maul.

    Minecraft: I have been playing Minecraft since Classic stage (I was 3 when I started playing), and have a long history with the game since. I have been practically everywhere you can mention, having been on anarchy, creative and survival servers, across both Java, bedrock, PlayStation and mobile devices. My favourite community is Mineplex.

    D&D: I play a lot of d&d. My favourite class is Champion Fighter.

    Mythology: I am a big fan of the Greek mythology, and know a lot of small details. This is followed by the Northern and Egyptian mythology’s. My favourite god being: I am not to speak of any god as if they are better than the rest.

    Fighting: I am always up for a good fight, and I have gotten myself, and others, into a lot of trouble every now and then. I like to fight with weapons, like the shortsword, the guandao, daggers and throwing knives. My weapon of choice being the guandao.

    Things I hate: Dancing, partying, biology, tea (and anything related), coffee, gravity, lack of respect, death, fear last but not least ketchup.

    Things I fear: Dogs, heights and snakes. Seriously snakes are the worst thing to come into existence.

    If you have any questions about anything I said, don’t be afraid to answer, cause I like to help where I can.
    Hope this taught you a little about me. I wish you a good day, and don’t do anything that I would.
    Cake checking out for now.
    Posted Aug 3, 2021
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  2. That one person who always responds to counting threads but like nothing else

    Great list. I would agree with all of those besides two that I partially disagree with: ketchup and death
    (Ketchup and death sounds like a band from when your parents were in high school or something)

    I am also slightly scared of dogs
    Snakes are fine as long as they aren't close to me
    Heights... I'm fine with them, don't love them but not terrified of them (unless I'm falling, in which case I would be terrified of them)
    Posted Aug 3, 2021
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