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Which Is Better? Nano Or Mixed?

Discussion in 'Surveys' started by _CrazyDemon_, Nov 10, 2018.


Which is better Mixed Arcade or Nano Games?

This poll will close on Nov 10, 2019 at 2:09 AM.
  1. Nano Games

    56 vote(s)
  2. Mixed Arcade

    35 vote(s)
  3. Both. (Try not to use this one)

    12 vote(s)
  1. Mixed has better games, but also unfortunately has game voting. Would be nice to see that removed. Ideally we would get dedicated Arcade lobbies back, but failing that no voting would be good.
    Posted Nov 26, 2018
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  2. I personally love nano because it just keeps going and you can jump into any game instantly instead of waiting a long time, having to choose a game, having to choose a map and everything is random (well, technically random-ish). I'm also not a fan of half the mixed arcade games and I only dislike about 1/4 of nano's games, so I enjoy it a lot more.
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
  3. I prefer Nano over Mixed Arcade only because there's barely any waiting time. Usually when I hop into a lobby of Mixed Arcade I would have to wait in the Game Lobby for awhile just for it to fill up. With Nano, there is just a quick and fast rotation of really fun and simple games that can easily be enjoyed by a group of friends. Most of the Nano Games are actually really fun and also competitive when there are about 24 players in the lobby. Nano also gives a lot of EXP and Shards so that's pretty much another thing that I love about it rather than Mixed Arcade which doesn't give as much EXP and most Arcade games take up to 5+ minutes when most Nano Games take up to 3 minutes. But to be honest I like the two and I enjoy playing both Nano Games and Mixed Arcade.
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
  4. Personally the speed of the games is quite a thrill to experience, once a game ends, the next begins. It's entertaining for a much longer time then Mixed Arcade, of course, since there is essentially no wait unless you die in a game. It's also a wonderful way to get more gems and shards in a short period of time which is really convenient if you don't have too much time to play.
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
  5. Thank You Everyone!!!!!
    Thank you to everyone that has voted on the poll!!! I really appreciate everyone’s reply’s! Here are the results for this week!

    NANO GAMES 26 vote(s)

    MIXED ARCADE 15 vote(s)

    BOTH. 8 vote(s)

    Really appreciate everyone’s reply’s thanks everyone!
    --- Post updated ---
    Ok hold it there now even mods and trainees!?!?!?! I didnt think this would happen xD I really am thankful to everyone that has voted!! Make sure to get your votes in this week! As we may delete it in a few weeks so make sure to get your votes in thanks guys I appreciate your support!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 13, 2018
  6. I would go for Nano Games because I get to see all the new cool games I want to play and their very quick so faster you get XP. It's also fun to challenge friends too. It's very fun if you have friends to play with you. You can have so much fun while getting xp!
    Posted Dec 15, 2018
  7. I like them pretty much the same. I absolutely love Mixed Arcade and I try to play it as much as I can, and I see Nano Games as Mixed Arcade but one that goes on forever. I've been playing a lot of Nano Games lately, so if I had to pick I'd probably go for Nano Games.

    But I do like how Mixed Arcade's been around for a while and playing it brings me back to the days where I would just tryhard Mixed Arcade for hours on end.

    Both of these have their own pros and cons, just like every other game. I'm interested in seeing how other people vote!
    Posted Dec 15, 2018
  8. Though NANO is fairly quick, gives great rewards, and have very fun games; Mixed arcade would be the go-to in this situation. When I first joined MP the first place I would go to were the arcade games. Runner, DE, Sneaky assassin, etc. These games are a classic and I just love them a lot. I do play more NANO now than Mixed arcade, but I still love it deep in my heart.
    Posted Dec 15, 2018
  9. I play Nano much more than Arcade. I just like it more. It could be that I barely play Mixed, so I'll give it some more tries and see if my view on this changes.
    Posted Dec 18, 2018

  10. This question is quite difficult to answer, I honestly prefer to play Mixed Arcade over NANO due to some of the games that Mixed has that NANO doesn't. If I am feeling tired or just wanting to relax, I would play NANO so I don't need to worry about voting or pauses between games.

    But overall I prefer to play Mixed Arcade.

    - Wifi​
    Posted Dec 30, 2018
  11. OMG, Thanks Everyone For Voting I SOOOOO Appreciate It So Much Here Are The Results For This Week!

    NANO GAMES. 36 vote(s)

    MIXED ARCADE. 23 vote(s)

    BOTH. 10 vote(s)

    Thanks For All The Votes, Everyone!!!! :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 3, 2019
  12. I personally do not find much fun in Nano Games Not sure why due to everyone saying it is good. I just prefer to play Mixed Arcade as I am better and have more joy in those games.
    Posted Jan 3, 2019
  13. For me nano games are by far superior because if there is a game which you don't really enjoy then you don't have to be bored for too long because the games are nano. Unlike nano games, mixed arcade games take longer. However, to enjoy either of them you need to enjoy a wide range of games from parlour to building and to PvP.
    Posted Jan 3, 2019
  14. OH MY GOSH!
    Lol! I thought this thread would get no replies and I would have to take it down! Nevermind.... thanks to everyone! Just giving you a heads up the poll will close tomorrow at 3PM make sure to get your votes in thanks everyon3! -_CrazyDemon_
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 11, 2019
  15. I love Nano Games and it's so fast paced and you can really grab some fast shards, XP, and gems. When I was doing the 100 Nano Game Achievement, it was kind of getting repetitive but it was fun because I was playing with friends. But I love Mixed Arcade too because one of my favorite games are on there. (Dragons) Even though I don't play it much as I would like to, I think that both games are very good choices.

    -Cheetos <3
    Posted Jan 19, 2019
  16. I personally love mixed arcade, but since the new update, it's only the same games that are being played. So even though I prefer mixed arcade, I would say Nano is better at the moment.
    Posted Jan 19, 2019
  17. It's a shame that killed mixed arcade. (:

    Personally I like mixed arcade more, but unfortunately it's not "mixed arcade" anymore and instead is dt, pb, de, tf or mb. My favourite games from mixed arcade are runner, bomb lobbers and super spleef so it's a shame to see them never start! Nice thread, interesting to see what people think.
    Posted Jan 19, 2019
  18. Which is better, NANO or non existent game mode
    Posted Jan 19, 2019
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  19. I'm in between. If I was grinding for experience I would play NANO, but if I was just having fun and with some friends, I'd choose Mixed Arcade. It's all depends on what I'm feeling that day and who I'm playing with.
    Posted Jan 22, 2019
  20. I find Nano game more interesting because when I played Mixed arcade, I would just have to keep playing waiting for Bawk Bawk Battle. I guess my only reason for playing it was Bawk Bawk Battle.
    Even though Nano games cause more lag for my computer, easy get shards, easy to play, and very fun.
    It gets the star from me
    Posted Jan 22, 2019

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