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when glitching devolves into camping in other sides' spawn

Discussion in 'Turf Wars' started by elder_geek, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Yes, it's known that after numerous discussions with the rules team, that border hopping is deemed non bannable because the game will fling the player back to their own turf.

    Did you discuss this aspect: if you stand in front of a block, even 1x1 block, when you are flung you bounce back to where you stand? Then you can run for another 3-5 seconds to the next block, and so on, until you are in the other team's spawn, even during build time? It happens. Often.

    When you border hop between build and combat time, you can camp out on the other side and get up to 4 kills against the opposing team. They don't see you. They're facing the other side of the turf. Sometimes they see you and get you.

    This provides an unfair advantage to those players who have mastered this tactic, and in a late stage of the game, can eat up 50%+ of turf in mere moments.

    I have had this happen, where we are winning, then a " border hop"/glitch move takes place and we're with 2-4 rows of turf left. And we lose.

    Some players have taught me/explained this tactic:

    stack a 1x2 mini tower (2 blocks high, 1 block wide) - that is all you need to border hop. You can make a big wall on the border such that when you are flung back, the wall or the 1x2 will keep you on their turf.

    At the least, it is mentally disruptive and a form of unfair advantage. For those who honestly earned their turf to have it taken away, and the mods/senior players answer, "Well, it's not bannable, it's a legit tactic" is quite unfair.

    You are not taking into account how they block themselves from being flung back with this "set up a 1x2 or higher" approach."
    Posted Jan 5, 2019
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  2. I do see this happen, usually can kill them before they get into spawn because they are looking down or placing blocks, so not much of an issue.
    There is the side of "map exploiting" exploiting a bug in the map where you can do something your not suppose to be able to do, and that would be to continually be able to walk on other teams turf and be in the spawn.
    Generally not an issue I see, unless only a few rows left and they go in your spawn, so your being shot at from in front and behind
    Posted Jan 6, 2019
  3. My post/this thread exemplifies first world problems in the truest sense. People are starving to death as we play here, so my complaints are without merit in the big picture.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 6, 2019
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