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What's your preferred drawing tablet?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Kindnessaj, Aug 6, 2022.

  1. Heeey, this is more for the artist folks out there but what drawing tablet or even monitor do you like, want, or are even currently using? As for me, I like the Wacom Cintq series of drawing tablets, and though I've only bought two drawing tablets, a wacom intuos pro and a cintq 16, I personally like the cintq 16 waaay more. It's just very comfortable to use, has a lot of addons and in my case? Has a lot of room to work with. This is a bit different from the intuos where if you got per se, a small intuos and it's smaller than your pc screen. Also, I've found there's a lot more room for technical error, and the intuos tended to glitch out on me a lot more, unlike the cintq. Now, when it comes to what I'd want at some point, well I'd LOVE to have a cintq 22HD at some point, but oh goodness I wonder if it'd even fit on my small computer desk, so maybe that'll have to hold it until it's possible at some point. But hbu? What do you like, want, or are even currently using?
    Posted Aug 6, 2022,
    Last edited Aug 7, 2022
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  2. I haven't used one, but the various Huion models are some of the best I've seen.
    Posted Aug 6, 2022
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  3. Hi! I have actually only had two drawing tablets and if we were comparing the two, I could easily tell you which one is better. Though I lack experience in testing and trying different drawing tablets, I did purchase one drawing tablet on a budget and it was honestly a really good decision. For how much I payed for it, I would say the quality and the user-friendly interface was worth the $60. I currently use a Gannon drawing tablet and it is 100% way better than using an IPad Pro to create art. There are just a lot more tools that are readily available at the Artists' fingertips and it also comes with accessories. The only downside to the tablet is that you do not have a fancy screen where you can see what is being drawn before you. (You have to study your monitor.) -- You have to hook up the drawing tablet via USB and that connects to the monitor. Needless to say, I am happy with my purchase, but if I pick back up on Digital Art, I would not be opposed to potentially buying a fancier drawing tablet in the future.
    Posted Aug 7, 2022
  4. I have been using a UGEE tablet for the past 6 years, cost like 40 euro and never broke on me once.

    At the moment I draw on my iPad with a paper feel screen protector and apple pen though, but should I go back to drawing on my pc and wish to upgrade my tablet, I would like to get a HUION screen tablet! I've heard they're really good.
    Posted Aug 7, 2022
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  5. Amazingly, I don't use a drawing tablet to draw, all of it is done with mouse lmao.
    Posted Aug 7, 2022
  6. I used to draw with a Wacom Intuos Pro which I used to the free Krita program. I wasn't sure if I would like it at first because it doesnt have a screen, so you're drawing in one place but your eyes are in a different place. It was definitly something I had to adapt too but once I got the hang of it I really fell in love with the tablet.

    Sadly though, when I bought my own computer (instead of using my mom's MacBook air- gross) the tablet stopped working correctly with my Surface pro 7. (Now this could entirely be because I set it up wrong, or because the surface pro is already touch screen, idk) So now I just use the Surface Pro itself. I bought this computer because I VASTLY underestimated the ratio in which I game vs drawing (spoiler alert, I almost never draw when Minecraft is an option) and bought it specifically for art purposes as it comes with a pen and you can draw directly on the screen. Since I was so used to the Wacom it was again an adjustment to be able to draw straight on the screen but I also upgraded my program (I now use Clip Studio Pant) so I like my setup better now.
    Posted Aug 8, 2022
  7. I wish I could draw to do it but when I draw I do it with pencils and paper but also I tryed on my sisters draw tablet but I am not good at it so when on paper or on my pc
    Posted Aug 18, 2022
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  8. I've drawn a few things but I just use a regular sketchbook
    Posted Aug 18, 2022
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  9. I don’t have one. I don’t even sketch/pre render that much for my desk designs, I just hop into CAD straight away and start 3D modeling for my client.
    Posted Aug 18, 2022
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  10. My first drawing tablet was a Wacom Intuos from 2015, and honestly I hated drawing on it so much that I preferred using a mouse haha. I didn't like that there wasn't a screen, so you had to draw on the tablet and look on your computer to see the lines. It was disorienting. Also the pen tip wore down very quickly.

    Now I use an ipad and apple pencil, which I love.
    Posted Aug 21, 2022
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  11. I guess I'm a bit boomerish (which is strange, I need help) so I mostly use paper and pens/pencil...
    but I used to have a HUION or something like that for digital stuff. I must get back into digital art. although I never know what to do
    Posted Aug 22, 2022
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