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What's your favorite and least favorite part of the server?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Hznter, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. Hey everyone!

    I was doing some thinking and I was wondering what the community favorite and least favorite part of the server is? There are so many different types of players on the server ranging from people who grind games trying to get leaderboard, people who try to make friends and meet new people, people who are just trying to relax and have a good time, etc. I'm also wondering what things we can improve on when it comes to the server and wonder what things we're doing well when it comes to it. I am excited to see your response!
    Posted Jan 22, 2021
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  2. I love the gladiators in the lobby, micro battles, survival games but one thing I dislike is cheaters. With the growing amount of clients to hack with, it's really hard to keep up with the anticheat. Due to this, there's a lot of hackers that don't get punished, it's usually extremely blatant hackers or a mod bans them. It's really bad.
    Posted Jan 22, 2021
  3. HI!

    Thanks for asking this. My favorite thing is just that there are so many cool, unique games to play. Like speed builders, SSM, dragon escape, and DMT. My least favorite thing is probably lag. Even with 14 ping I still get lag spikes way too often. Which is really irritating especially when you're trying to double jump over the void in ssm
    Posted Jan 23, 2021
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  4. Hey!

    I've been apart of the community for roughly 6-7 years now. I've experienced tons of highs and lows and came across so many unique people! My favorite part of the server would have to be the diversity in our players. There are so many people who play so many different games it's insane! There are players who grind Nano, Speed Builders, Cake wars, and even DOM. The diversity is so incredible and it really just shows how unique Mineplex is on its own. While I do not have a least favorite part about the server, every server can improve to be its best. While this isn't something to "improve" on, it's more of a suggestion/advice from me. I would want the server to continue to listen to the community regardless. That is something that will impact the server positively from here on out as the only way to improve is to hear from the mineplex community as a whole!
    Posted Jan 23, 2021
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  5. My favourite part: the community! I haven't found such a close-knit server like Mineplex in terms of its players. It's really unique compared to other big servers, and I will always appreciate it.

    My least favourite is probably how the developers or QA do not talk to us in regards to ideas, at least not openly enough. There are those tiny exceptions in Discord but it's not enough.

    I also wish Mineplex posted their Developer updates on the forums like they used to, those were always a blast to read as it indicated progress and development, and now it's very quiet, odd updates being posted in the Discord update channels.
    Posted Jan 24, 2021
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  6. My favorite part about Mineplex is the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world through the small game communities. I've definitely made quite a nice friend group in SSM and cw over the year, and it's a lot of fun having them around. No doubt, best part about the server.

    My least favorite part about the server on the other hand, I can't choose lol. I've made plenty of threads about the punishment system and how it can be improved, which is one of my major concerns. But the responses I've received from those discussions have helped me realize that some staff members, especially higher staff, are extremely stubborn and refuse to be more open-minded. I'm actually glad you made this thread, because I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Suggestions through forums are often denied immediately, without room for more discussion with other players since many of these suggestions are closed or deleted (at least from the last time I checked). I have personally approached higher staff members such as the Rules Committee and forums management and most of the ideas I've given and other players have given have been denied, simply because staff members refuse to believe that change is necessary and the issues we are experiencing are very severe on the server. It feels almost impossible to hold a conversation with a staff member on forums or the server without an extreme amount of miscommunication and plain stubbornness. The only situations where I've been able to best suggest something has always been via discord calls (most of the time). I've noticed that the way staff replies on forums feels very automated or robotic. I wish staff could be more open-minded but also talk to me like a human with opinions, instead of replying the same way every time in hopes of preserving their voluntary position on the server.
    Posted Jan 27, 2021
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  7. the community
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
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  8. My favorite part of mineplex is how friendly people are no matter who they are even if they're strangers and I love dragons its so unique to other games you all work together
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
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  9. My favourite and least favourite parts of the server.

    My favourite part of Mineplex has to be Karate Pig. I'm aware this is an obvious choice, yet I sense some confusion in the ranks. Now, I ask you: when have you ever seen a Minecraft pig stood menacingly upon a pillar consisting of 3 Minecraft y-axis variant oak wood logs?
    Furthermore, the name "Karate Pig" has such a sensational kick to it - pun intended - nailing home the concept that this mob, although not hostile by nature, has the means, and the conviction, to both defend itself and enforce justice on even the most dastardly of delinquents.
    If you're not convinced now, consider me discombobulated, but I will supplement my case with one final point. A cherry on top, if you will. Karate Pig belongs in the Roofed Forest biome on the Mineplex server. Tell me that's not incredible. I'll wait.

    I will progress to the next stage of my response. My least favourite part of Mineplex. The Co-Operative Puzzle House. I am fully convinced that this odd structure exists to prey upon my negative emotions. It's mere existence taunts me, riles me up, makes me ponder on what could have been.
    You see, the Co-Operative Puzzle House is a devious misnomer. Where are the puzzles? Where is the co-operativity? I only see House. Why not call it House? The only puzzle to me is its continued existence.
    Last time I attempted to confront my demons by entering The House, I began to experience some bizarre hallucinations. A world in which the Co-Operative Puzzle House was a world-renowned hive of intellectual thought and collaboration. Suddenly, I am quickly brought back to my senses. I am standing in a ghost building. I proceeded to dash out of the House with great haste.

    My favourite and least favourite parts of the server.
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
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  10. that is not incredible. thank you for waiting
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
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  11. Cor, blimey. I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
  12. Favorite is the pvp system, least favorite lag and heavily overdue patches, fix games please quit adding stuff
    Posted Jan 28, 2021
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  13. Hey Hznter!

    Great question! Two of the main things that I enjoy on the server are being on the Staff Team and simply playing games. The Staff Team is such a wonderful group of people! As for games, I really enjoy playing Champions, Cake Wars, and Clans. The reason those games are my favorite are mainly because of how fun and unique they are. I also can't forget about the players, the players are what make the server what it is! For things to improve, I believe there could be some changes made to Clans, to bring it back to its old glory. When it comes to what the team is doing well, I can say they are doing well in every category, the updates keep rolling in!
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  14. Hi! For me, my favorite part of the is the community. Almost everyone is very nice and welcoming and it’s always good to see that. As far as my least favorite part of the server, I can’t think of anything honestly. Sure, I have games I dislike but that’s entirely on me for not liking them. Overall, I really love this server and I’m so happy to see other people do too. :)
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  15. Hello,

    Good question! My favourite part about the server is the community and the unique minigames. Unfortunately with every server you get cheaters. Compared to other servers I would say Mineplex's staff team is very welcoming and friendly towards everyone!

    Kind regards,
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  16. Nice question.

    For my favourite thing, I'm not entirely sure. It'd have to be either the community or the forums itself. The community is very diverse and while I've certainly run into people and seen some issues occur between friends, at the core, it's an amazing community with so many people to get to know from all sorts of backgrounds. People can be oddly similar to you but strangely nothing alike to you?? I don't know how to explain that phenomenon, but I'm sure some people here will know what I'm talking about. As for the forums, god it's just so aesthetically pleasing. On all the servers I've been on, the layout and general appearance have never had the quality I've seen on Mineplex. Plus I like this method of communication far more than in-game, since I feel there's more room for actual conversation.

    As for my least favourite, I'm not sure, many are just game preferences and dislikes, like I don't think it's a big secret I don't like clans very much, but to say I hate it and would want it to change is nothing since it's just not my game, but for others, it's something they love and enjoy.

    I suppose it could be being left in the dark about some topics, the community hears less than I do about certain things and yet sometimes I haven't the slightest clue what's going on at all, which can be frustrating. It happens everywhere and I understand why some information can't be divulged, I just wish it didn't have to be that way and it would nice to have more open conversations with QA/Development teams since this is the area that is most important to the community who want to hear about the progress being made behind the scenes beyond the obvious that we see on our discord.

    Every server isn't perfect, no matter how much we want to believe it is, but I enjoy Mineplex regardless of some of the things I do or don't like because at the end of the day it's a block game and the people here are doing their best. I understand work is going on as well and I know they hear what we say, but it'd always be nice to know more.
    Posted Jan 30, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 30, 2021
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  17. I dislike only one thing - those lads in Survival Mode who always ask for free gboxes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating them. Its just that I'm a vet of Mineplex's Survival Mode. I remember the days or pit trapping, dragon spawners & 32k tools. Imagine an Italian seeing someone eat a Hawaiian pizza - this is how I feel. Let me show you some examples of changes that I don't like:
    Trading before: I'll give you a 32k sword that also has a custom name for this wither boss spawn egg,deal?
    No, you can take it for free. I just want to become your friend.
    Trading now: I'll give you this quartz shard for a stack of beacons, deal? Sorry, I only have one trillion stacks of diamonds.
    Bases before: I've just made a secret base full of cool stuff and it also has a working space rocket.
    Bases now: I've made a diamond house & someone is currently taking it apart because I forgot to claim it.
    Fooling people before: I have free diamonds and I'm totally not gonna kill you with my clever trap.
    Fooling people now: Give me this gbox & I'll give you my totally cool armor, deal? Yes, here is my gbox. Thanks, looooooser! Wait noooo!
    Posted Jan 30, 2021
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  18. My favorite component of the server is the community! I love saying hi to the same people on a daily basis on Lobby-1 and seeing them in some games. Meeting new people is also an amazing part of the community and it never fails to excite me! As for my favorite part of the server, which I would assume mostly pertains to games, cakewars and nano games would be my favorite and speed & master builders would be my least favorite. I tend to dislike building or parkour related games for some reason but I do play them occasionally to change things up!
    Posted Jan 30, 2021
  19. Interesting thread. Not necessarily a new question but a good way to get updated on what MP's strengths and weaknesses are.

    Draw My Thing and all the fun I've had there would definitely be up top. I've also enjoyed the social aspect of the forums over the years, especially on the old Enjin host. I can't really say what the least favorite part for me is, it's probably just the way the Java server is almost in a miserable state compared to when it was in its prime. The high concentration of high level players and grinders in certain games, but also in places like Lobby-1 or the discord usually decreases my interest in spending time there.
    Posted Jan 30, 2021
  20. From my very little experience on Java, I would have to say my favourite part is either CW or Nano Games, and my least favourite part is the level 100 closet cheaters in every other game.
    Posted Jan 30, 2021
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