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What's... your dream?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fallen™, Dec 2, 2019.

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  1. Heya!

    This is a really interesting concept for a thread and I’m ready to get right into it.

    What’s my dream?
    My dream is to be happy in life. I want to be financially secure and have a nice quiet life with my family. I want to get married to the love of my life and settle down. I honestly want to be the best mum in the world and have a nice relationship with my kids and also other members of my family. I want to keep my social circle about as big as it is right now; a couple close friends and my mum.

    In terms of a career, I want to work at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii. I’m lucky enough to have (very rich) relatives living quite near the main centre who I’d be able to stay with until I get my own place. This is because I love tsunamis and natural disasters. As odd as it sounds, I’ve just been fascinated with them and how they work ever since I was a toddler. My favourites by far are tsunamis though, and I would like to be able to predict when and where they are going to occur to save people’s lives. When I finish my A-levels in 2 years, I’m going to the Spanish island Mallorca to work as a hotel entertainer for Zafiro Hotels for a couple of years. I’m also lucky enough to have relatives living on the island too, very close to the hotel I want to work at. Once I’m finished there, I’m going to go to the University of Coventry and take a course in ‘Natural Hazards and the Environment’. Then I’m going to head off to work at the PTWC!

    In terms of Mineplex, my main dream is to become a Recruiter. Being a part of Recruitment Assistance has been one of my most favourite experiences on Mineplex so far (and in 1 week I would have been here for 5 years!). I want to prove myself worthy of the promotion, and I want to be the best version of myself possible. I also want to interact with as many community members as possible because it’s genuinely one of my most favourite things to be doing (as long as y’all aren’t being toxic to me </3). If you’ve ever seen me in-game, you’ve probably noticed I’m relatively casual when I speak. I’m not one for good punctuation, and I often type in lowercase with no full stops if I’m in a good mood/don’t have to. I’m aiming to be on the Staff team and in the community for as long as possible. You’re not seeing the last of me for a whooooooole lot longer yet!

    Who do I want to be?
    I want to be me. As cringey as that sounds, I really like the person I am. I love my personality and I love how I look at life. Despite not being religious, I do believe that a higher power is in control of everything that happens to me. I say it’s “the universe” and fate. It makes me happy knowing that when something is meant to happen it will happen and it will happen for a reason. I don’t meet people by choice, I meet them for a reason. I believe everyone I meet teaches me a life lesson, whether that be small or big. I love that outlook, because it gives my life a purpose and something to constantly look forward towards.

    What am I passionate about?
    - Family
    - Friends
    - Interacting casually with people
    - Mineplex
    - My cat
    Posted Dec 4, 2019
  2. Own a Koenigsegg
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
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  3. First, thanks!!! I’m so happy that this thread was so successful, and it’s crazy to think how many people have already responded (more will after this post too, probably).

    I think what you said was really impactful. Dreams do change, and we might not know what we want. I think that life itself is a learning experience, about growing and becoming the best person you can be. Along the way, we kind of figure out what we want to do. For you, you’re having trouble deciding, but even now you have a general idea of the fields you’d be interested in.

    I think that you’ve got a great start, and that like many others all that can help you is time. Time to grow, experience, change, and figure out where you want life to take you.

    As for your goal for Trainee, it’s a good one. Trainee is an experience everyone should have. Being on the team in the past personally taught me a lot about who I am, and really let me improve as a person. I think that it’s something you should do for the right intentions, which I think you’ve got, and wish you luck!

    Trainee is an admirable goal! Mineplex Trainees have a lot of responsibility, and like I told fishy it’s a learning experience that no one should pass up, if you apply for the right reasons... good luck!

    As for flight school, that’s really cool!!! The concept of being in the air and flying is surreal to me, and no matter how many plane rides I get, the physics behind it (science guy here) always make me smile a bit inside.

    Good luck man, and I hope your dream comes true..:

    Being a well rounded person is important. You’ve got a lot of hobbies and interests, and of course at some point there’s going to be a decision to make. Honestly, what makes you truly happy is usually the best choice. First of all, who doesn’t love some good old fashioned hedonism, but more importantly while money is important and personally I want to find a balance between monetary value and my dream, that’s not everyone’s goal. Whether you’d like to earn money, follow your dreams AND earn money, follow em for the sake of it, do what makes you happy.

    Good luck, and sorry if that didn’t make much sense, is 1:27am EST, responses are slowly degrading.

    Finally @neotheater i haven’t forgotten about you, but I believe your dream requires a separate post. I’ll get to it tomorrow, but I really loved reading what you had to share.

    Thanks for sharing everyone, keep it up!!!
    - Fallen
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 5, 2019
  4. Dream Hmm..
    Personally I found as time goes by you find more interesting opportunities and careers in life and it can be a bit hard sometimes to decide? In this world of digital technology I'd probably love to start doing general animation & 3D design! These 2 topics in general has always had my eye and hasn't stopped but who knows honestly when time goes past it may change! But I also have a heavy love for politics.
    As a side note, Fallen your dream is amazing! In the past decade we've seen brilliant advances in space technology with more positions increasing and I personally wish you the best whatever path you choose!
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
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  5. My dream is to become someone who travels across the world a lot, preferably a pilot because I'll get to see all of the amazing places in the world, I mean that would be my second preferable job but I would love to, even for only a little be able to see the amazing wonders of the world! :)

    PS: And I mean my short term dream is in my signature...
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
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  6. What’s my dream..? My dream is to become a animator. I have watched a lot of Black Plasma Studios’s videos and I think it would be really cool to be able to do what they do.
    Here’s the link to their channel if you’re interested in watching their videos!
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
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  7. Sorry, but that's freakin' beautiful. People vary in their goals, but to me this sounds like the "perfect" life. I'm too young (and I recognize this) to have that feeling of wanting to get married and settle down, but from what I can see it's a feeling that you have one day, and it doesn't go away. I mean, if you think of it, one of a person's greatest contribution is in their kids. Through them, you've got immortality. And I think what you're describing is the perfect dream in itself. Meeting the right person, starting a family, living life to the fullest...

    When I started this thread, I wasn't quite sure what the kind of answer I was looking for. But this is it. It's a really unique career goal, and that's what makes it interesting to me. What's even better, is that you seem to know exactly how you're going to go about that, and the path you want to take to reach your goal. You can be interested in anything you want, but if you don't put in the time to research how to get to there, it's all really a moot point. I think you've done a great job at that, and I wish you good luck, honestly.

    Tsunamis are this seemingly unstoppable, powerful force. It's part of nature's beauty. It's powerful, and I think devoting yourself to the study of that, and working to SAVE PEOPLE'S LIVES is a very admirable goal.

    Forgive me if I re-use some words from "another" thread Personally, RA is one of my goals in itself. First, of course, is Trainee. While Recruitment Assistance is something I've only been interested in recently (~1yr), I think I'd be good at it, and it's something I think I might have a passion for. You have the ability to decide the staff of the future- the volunteers that will shape the next generation of Mineplex and how it's perceived by the next generation of community members. It needs to be done perfectly, and it's a hard job to do perfectly, because of how hard it is to get to know a person within the context of an application. That being said, RA and Recruitment do it in a systematic and polished way way, and they do it really well. I think that the structure and the importance of the job makes it an ideal spot for me, and that it's something I'm definitely interested in too. I also love to read, and I hear that you guys do a lot of that...

    Addressing the quote, I haven't seen you in-game much, but I'm willing to bet that's entirely coincidence (different communities, friends, games we play). You talked about being casual as a staff member, and I think that's pretty important. Of course you need to be professional, and give appropriate customer service, but it's also important to be you, and showing personality through acting casual is a great way to do that. Staff are community members as much as the rest of us, and I think you do a great job at representing that. :)

    Well, it did sound cringey, but that's okay because I get what you mean... You mentioned believing in a higher power, and believing in fate. I think you'd like "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coehlo. It's a generally famous book because of the concepts it talks about (like the one you're mentioning). It speaks of Personal Legends as "your life's spiritual purpose. It's a spiritual calling that awakens a deep desire and passion to live with a sense of purpose for something greater than yourself." Definitely applies here.

    I think that purpose is paramount for a person. If there's no "purpose," no "reasoning," what's life? For me, I derive my purpose from happiness. I believe that you are your own free agent (existentialism), and determine your own happiness/sadness, etc. My "purpose" is to enjoy life to the fullest, and find a way to enjoy as much in-the-moment stuff as I can, while also keeping in mind the future, picking and choosing to ultimately lead to a successful life of happiness and enjoyment.

    I think wanting to be you is a very important thing, and I commend you for your outlook on life.

    In general, your post made me really happy, and I'm glad you came here to share. Thank you for that, and I look forward to getting your like... ;)

    As for the other responses, I've read over them and will respond when I can... really love what you guys have shared!!!
    - Fallen
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 5, 2019
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  8. Hey!

    So this is quite a hard one for me, I'm still too young to have a definite career path, my dream career is always changing and I feel it will be a long time before I get heart-set on one specific career. In general though, I'm really interested in anything to do with computers, whether it be hardware or software. I was introduced to computers at a very young age as my dad's job is very tech oriented, ever since I've been fascinated with the possibilities. From time to time I've also considered being a lawyer as I've always been good at voicing my opinions in a clear and concise way, allowing me to convey my client's message in a clear and convincing fashion.

    When it comes to my general ideal future all I can really ask for is to start a family and keep in touch with my friends; even if we don't see each other too often, I'd just like to keep in contact and ideally still make time to meet up here and there. Life is only going to get more and more busy for me moving forward but I'll always try to make time for people, even if it's only once every few weeks.

    Moving on from me, it was really interesting reading everyone's dreams and I'm looking forward to see more people share their dreams. Really awesome and unique thread idea, it actually got me thinking more about my future!
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
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  9. Honestly, yeah. You get older, you get exposed to more- and then all of a sudden you realize... oh my god, there's so much to do- I'm only one person, and you have to make a choice and that's hard. Animation and 3D design are two really impressive jobs, and if I had the knack for it, I'd love to do myself (But I don't... Creativity for me in terms of drawing is very not stonks).

    I was also introduced to tech at a very young age... My Dad is ALSO very tech oriented, as he's a Photographer. Because of him I can use both Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, + Lightroom on a professional level, better than him and he's been doing it for 20 years (but don't let him know that).


    I've been around computers so long, I can type faster than I can read words... I mean, I did a type tester just now and on my first warmup I got 145WPM. But anyways, technology is something that's always fascinated me too- and so has space, which is why I personally am considering aerospace engineering like I mentioned in the OP... It mixes the two frequently and it's something I'd be interested in. You said my dream was amazing, but I think yours is too. Good luck Busjack, and I'll see you around.

    To both dreams, good luck. The world is really, really, really big. And travelling is really, really fun. You'll have to forgive me if I re-use some old words on another post. I consider myself lucky, because my parents make it a point to travel and experience the world. I've been to all continents, with the exception of y'know, Antarctica. Some places include; Cairo, Athens, Rome, Venice, Amalfi, Sydney, New York, Florida, Venezuela, London, Split-Croatia, Japan, Beijing.

    Every cruise- every resort, every flight. My parents make it a point to include us, and to try and give us that. I don't think I was grateful for that until recently. So you ask me where I'd like to visit. And honestly, I'm a person that loves Math, Science, Computers, and Engineering. I've been everywhere I'd like to be, at least, on this planet. I'm a dreamer, and more than that, I'm a nerd. Grew up with Star Trek, (not Star Wars, yuck). Been fascinated by the stars, and space since I was born. Telescope in my room. That's why you see my dream revolves around space-exploration (pun fully intended). Travel has been a big part of that.

    Back to you, travel is something that everyone should experience, because it lets you see different cultures around the world, and expand your horizons. Piloting is ALSO a very good way of doing that, and an admirable goal in itself...

    As for Trainee, well, time will only tell- but anything is possible if you put your heart to it, as cliche and admittedly cringey as that sounds.

    Good luck,
    - Fallen
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 5, 2019
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  10. I know I already responded to this thread, but after reading all of your responses, I just want to say you are a great person, and after reading through all of your responses, I truly believe that you wish us all the best luck, which is something you dont see often. Your a super nice person and I really hope you succeed! Your such a nice person and I really do hope that you have a wonderful life! Stay awsome because your such an amazing person! I hope you can achieve everything you set for yourself, and I really think you will succeed in life, if only because you are that awsome. Thanks for being great!
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
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  11. NOTE: This is the last one I'll be responding to, as I'm going to be locking the thread. I feel like we've gotten some great responses (really, I've loved what you guys have to share), but they are starting to dry up and responses are coming in slower as the bulk of the people who actively reply to these kinds of threads have already done so.

    I think that this thread has been amazing, and I've seriously loved what you guys had to share. That being said, I want to keep it in that "good light" forever and preemptively lock the thread before the answers go a bit downhill. Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed, and I look forward to seeing you on my next thread, later today.

    As I mentioned to Busjack5 (ShootinStars), I was also introduced to technology at a very young age, and it's something I too feel passionate about. We live in a technological age where everything is changing to on-line very quickly, and it's only going to get faster. I think that you have a general idea what you like, and should work from there. Of course you might not know what specifically you want to go into, but if you like technology and software try and go forward from there! Maybe "sus" out a few jobs and shadow them, join your school's local co-op program, and generally try to see if it'd be a good fit for you.

    I'm glad that I helped get you thinking about your future, and I'm glad you came here to share.

    Closing Remarks: Thank you again to every single one of you who took the time to share. It means a lot. Have a great day everyone.

    @jxcb Please lock the thread. <3

    - Fallen
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 6, 2019
  12. Thread locked as per OP's request.
    Posted Dec 6, 2019
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