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What's the WORST Meal / food you've ever eaten?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Cepheus, Dec 12, 2021.

  1. I took part in the $20 Sam's Club Challenge for a video and we could've picked whatever we wanted as long as it was $20 or more and literally every single item was either gross or beyond gross. Their churros were probably the best thing I tried.. Chicken Nuggets had a frozen aftertaste, pizza was cold/soggy.. Forgot what else I tried but I felt pretty bad afterwards needless to say.
    Posted Jan 14, 2022
  2. While living in Italy, I ate Casu martzu, a traditional Sardinian cheese with live maggots in it.
    Posted Jan 14, 2022
  3. I'm not a picky eater by any stretch but one experience that comes to mind was when I was in Munich, Germany with school. I'm fairly positive we were having a traditional German dinner and the "star" of the meal was this giant lardy ball, I think it might have been a suet of some kind or Griebenschmalz? Anyways it wasn't a hit amongst me and my friends so we all ordered pizzas when we got back to the hotel without our teachers knowing xD

    Bruh I think I lost weight from the vomit that almost came out reading that xD
    Posted Jan 15, 2022
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  4. I will personally say that the meal that I did not enjoy the most was when I ate boiled octopus. I don't know why, but the flavor just wasn't my favorite and I felt sick the next morning after I ate it. It was a cool experience though, but I probably won't eat something like that again.
    Posted Jan 15, 2022

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