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Survey What was your trainee application process like?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Klobby, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. For all of the staff members and people in general who have applied for trainee before: What was your trainee application process like? How many times have you applied before being accepted? How long did the process on your final application last? What was the most stressful point during the whole process for you? Were you expecting to be accepted or denied once you got accepted? Do you think you would be able to do it again? If you got denied before, for what reason was it?

    (You can also include some other details related to your trainee journey if you feel like to, And you also don't need to answer every single question)

    Here's my experience if anyone's interested: I had applied so far 4 times for trainee since 2019. 3 of my first apps have been denied for lack of detail not even after 48 hours since I've submitted them, my fourth one has been denied in the observation stage after almost 4 weeks since being submitted. The most stressful point for me was the main application stage itself.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 13, 2019
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  2. What's poppin!

    So I can tell you that my whole journey to Trainee was a bit rough haha. I first started applying back in 2016 when I wanted to apply for staff because I wanted the tag and bragging rights. I applied a total of 9 times and none of them were even considered for a possible interview. I eventually joined a community to help my chances become a trainee but it just ended badly. I took a break to reevaluate myself so I came back in May 2019 and I started working on my new application. My first one made it to the interview but was denied not even 24 hours due to Poor Interview. I was pretty down about it but I wasn't going to let that stop me. So I reapplied on July 17 and it took a total of 6 days until I was notified about my interview. I was interviewed by Arjun and anuenue and from there it took a total of 3 weeks until my acceptance on August 10, 2019. I was expecting to be accepted last week but I wasn't so I thought to myself I'm probably going to be denied but I wasn't so now I'm a Trainee lol. The most stressed I was probably the waiting period after the interview as I could be denied at any time any day. I hope you enjoyed my biography!
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  3. Heya!
    My trainee application process was not that easy, here’s the answers to all your questions:

    1. My trainee application process was really tough. I spent hours perfecting my application and adding more useful information to it.

    2. For java, I applied around 5 times and never got accepted. For bedrock I applied twice.

    3. The process of my final application was fairly speedy. I received a response within a few days and by the next day I had my interview.

    4. The most stressful part was definitely my interview, I was worried about the person I would be interviewed by, how would he be and what sort of questions would I be asked?

    5. I was expecting to be accepted since I was confident in the sort of answers I gave in my interview.

    6. I did feel I could do it again, I made a vow to myself to never give up hope!

    7. I was denied before for typing in Shqdyy instead of ShqdyyMC (ShqdyyMC is my bedrock tag)

    Some extra details:

    I made lots of new friends, namely @CloudGamer360, @Pritt, @Toki, @FlamingKnight08, @Hypelexity and @xailiabro.

    I received an early promotion to mod after 5 weeks of being a trainee.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  4. Hello!
    I had a really good experience with my trainee application, i feel the questions asked and the process is really well thought out, the recruitment team do an amazing job at making sure people are ready to step into the trainee position.
    I only applied once, i wasn't sure what to expect but i knew i loved helping others and though i didn't need a title to do that, i thought having a staff community to open up opportunities to help further is something i'd like to be apart of.
    There really wasn't any stressful moments of the process, as long as you be yourself, apply for the right reasons and don't give up, i think you'll do well.
    I would happily do it again.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  5. All I remember during my interview was that @FireStar was amazing and that I got kicked by Gwen during it.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  6. Holaaa!

    So my trainee applications went very well I’d say even though I got denied once. My first application I wrote around April 20th of this year and writing my application took 3 days. I got invited to a interview and was later denied at the end of May around the 30th. I later took some time to gather my thoughts and focus on myself. I later applied in Mid July and got accepted August third. This time around I wrote my application in five days because of the major writers block I had. The most stressful part of my process was the observation because things were so hectic in my household with traveling and moving around with family I didn’t think I would have enough time to play. I was confident in my ability to get accepted because of how much I tried and wanted it. I feel like I would be able to do it again. Anywaysss I made it as a trainee and that was my process!

    Hope you enjoyed!
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  7. Thread Moved to Surveys

    This is an interesting questions, as almost everyone has a different process or route that they take when crafting an application for the Trainee rank. I would be more than happy to answer your questions.

    1. My process was not as emotional as I had thought it would be. I applied right when I turned 14, so on my birthday, and received a reply for interview around a week later. I was extremely stoked and I studied the rules and such to prepare for my interview.
    2. I tried applying before I met the age requirement, but once I was 14, it took me one try.
    3. Total, my final application took around 2-3 weeks. My original application received a response for interview around 1 week after I submitted the application. I then had my interview almost immediately after with Squirrelflight05 if anyone remembers her. She was an amazing interviewer and made everything extremely easy for me. Anyways, at the end of the week, I was hoping they would release results. However, my batch was the first batch to be announced on Saturday’s, so we had to wait an extra week before finding if we passed.
    4. For my application, the most stressful part was the interview. I’m not the best with interviews, and I consistently doubt myself. I’m just glad that I had a fantastic interviewer that really knew how to calm me down.
    5. I had done a lot of work as a community member to help me stand out, so I was hoping I would be accepted. However, I honestly wasn’t sure. I hadn’t received a reply all week and it was nearing the end of the week, so I was either going to be denied or accepted; I had prepared myself for both outcomes.
    6. I definitely think that I could do it again.
    7. I was only ever denied for lack of detail as an underage applicant. The requirements were fairly thorough and I just didn’t make the cut.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 13, 2019
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  8. Helloo.

    My application history for the most part is pretty dated, haha, but I figured I’d respond anyways. My first application was for helper, when that was still a thing. I was 13, though, and not event remotely mature enough for the responsibility. I just thought it’d be cool and wrote a sentence for each question. So we won’t count that, I just find it funny looking back on. Flash forward to may of 2016, after still being around Mineplex actively, I decided to apply again. I had matured, and genuinely just wanted to help out as a staff member. And I went to the interview stage of that application - and that’s such a great feeling when you see that. You get a message from your interviewer and set up the time that works best for you. My interviewer back then was PrincessLivi (pretty sure that’s what it was). The interview process can definitely be daunting. Writing is a lot easier than talking, in my opinion. But I really believe the mineplex recruiters have always been really well picked in that when it comes to interviews, they really know how to put you at ease. My interviewer was really genuinely sweet, and ultimately made me feel less stressed. But that didn’t stop me from being denied for poor interview, oops.

    Being rejected always feels rough. Especially when it’s for poor interview - you’ve gotten so far. But just taking the denial reasons literally and applying that to your next application, making that area better, you’ll have a great chance at making it. So I worked on my communication by talking to more people in calls, etc. And I applied again in November of 2016 and went to interview. The application to interview process took like three weeks for me. I applied late November and my interview was just after Christmas. This was probably due to holiday time restrictions though, I’m not sure. And then after that it took another whole month for me to be accepted in late January. The entire span of my application was about two months, haha. I was just waiting for a TAP in January after it’d been over a week to hear my name! And eventually we got there.

    Enjoy this wall of text story time, hope it was moderately entertaining!

    Edit: my interviewer the second time was Raech. And similarly, she was great. Really kind, and asked if I wanted to play some games beforehand to let the interview ease into a more comfortable, conversational experience. My best advice for doing well in the interview stage is grow comfortable in calls with friends, and practice answering your trainee app questions aloud (making you comfortable answering questions regarding yourself and mineplex).
    Posted Aug 13, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 13, 2019
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  9. My first application was mediocre at best so it clearly didn't get accepted. I tried again, proofread, and did like a paragraph or more for each question. I also studied the heck out of the rules. My computer wasn't working like 15 minutes before the interview, and my phone got dropped into a pool, I did it on my phone that was drenched with water, barley functioning on 3%, and plugged it in any way because I was so determined. I ended up making it and it has been really enjoyable! I know basically every bedrock mod and trainee and they are so nice and kind! I would really recommend. Especially bedrock! It may be small but it's very mighty!
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  10. I’m pretty sure I first applied back in 2015? It was back when I was 11/12, so I wasn’t very educated on the server. I remember my first applications being mediocre and not up to the standards you would need for the trainee application. Regardless, I still tried and started to improve on myself. When I was 12/13, I started to get much better at writing applications and such. I was really aiming to bypass the age limit, and that unfortunately never happened. But I did meet a ton of cool people while trying to do so, and even joined a few community groups (Like Community Aid).

    After what was said above, I waited a little over a year before I decided to apply again. I had turned 14 a few months ago and still wanted to become a staff member. I think I spent about a week on my application and decided to submit. I think my thoughts were “it’s as good as it’s going to get, I might as well just submit it before I change my mind” :-: It was about a week later before I got a message inviting me to an interview. I was extremely surprised, I really never thought I’d get that message! The person who interviewed me was HuskieALS, and it was nerve racking but overall it went pretty well! I was accepted about 2-3 days after that interview and had a decent trial. I joined the Reports Patrol team as well! I ended up resigning a little over halfway through my trial, but I still don’t regret that decision!

    After resigning, I played off and on for about the next 4-5 months before I decided to apply again. I got denied a couple of times for not being ready. I ultimately decided to wait a while and work on myself before applying again. I applied this summer, in July. I ended up being accepted once again and am now coming up on my MoT!

    It was definitely a bit rocky at the beginning, but it ended up being worth it! c:
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  11. Heya!

    So my application process was definitely an interesting journey to say the least. Most people on the staff team can’t really relate to how I applied lol, which is why I don’t advise people applying how I did which will be explained soon.

    1. Ok so flashback to when I was an ignorant 13 year old kid back when Mineplex used enjin for its main website lol. I applied HEAPS of times but was never accepted as I was underage. Sooner or later I accepted the fact that I wasn’t gonna even have a chance until I grew up a bit more and exercised some patience. Fast forward to about a month ago, I created a new account on the new website and entertained the thought of applying again. The following week was used to draft out a application that would get denied for lack of time on the new forums. I was a bit discouraged but accepted it cause it was a valid reason, but I didn’t know if I wanted to apply again. One night however I got this surge of motivation and literally wrote out my application directly into the application template on the website in about 30 minutes (which I DO NOT advise doing, you should take time to really draft a solid application instead of shotgunning it like I did). This application would somehow go on to be accepted but I’ll explain the rest of the process in a second. I’m not sure what the total amount of submitted applications I had when I was underage is, but I applied twice after meeting the age requirement and the second application was the one to be accepted.

    2. About a week after I submitted my application I was invited to an interview and was interviewed by FireStar herself, who funnily enough was the person who rejected pretty much all my applications back when I was underage (don’t tell her about that xD). The interview took about and hour and a half and went pretty well, I missed a couple questions I knew the answers to but for some reason, probably cause of nerves, didn’t answer correctly. After about another week of waiting I was accepted on Saturday the 3rd of August 2019.

    3. After being accepted I was assigned a mentor and MA, who are Look_Dan and Idut, and I rolled right into the Trainee life. I got to personally introduce myself and meet my mentor and MA about two days after I was accepted over a discord voice chat and have since been enjoying the position. I’ve been a Trainee for almost 2 weeks now and it’s been such a fun experience.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  12. Alright, so my experience as a staff member was pretty unique and weird like everyone else's. I started back on the Enjin website. I just took a look back at my first application(which I don't remember at all), and it was one sentence for each question when I was like 12. It took around 10+ applications(Around maybe 12 or 13?) to be accepted for Helper(as it was called back then). Back then the denial and application messages kept changing. There were the 5 character trait improvement denial message, also the Mineplex email to get personalized feedback. I remember being underage and all the Helper requirements being shifted every week or so.

    Once I finally made it to the interview stage(13 years old!) I did a text interview back then because I don't believe I had a microphone back then, if I did have one, I think I was either too shy to use it or it was broken. Same thing when I was promoted to mod, I didn't talk at all, and just listened to Byron(Admin) talk, and I would answer him in Teamspeak chat whenever I had something to add/say. What made my staff journey unique was this one moment during my promotion call to Mod, where Bryon said that throughout my whole 2 month Helper trial, I only had 3-4 Staff Reports, the lowest I believe of any staff member but he decided that I was good enough to go straight into a Moderator. I don't know if there was a Helper bootcamp back then, but I have faint memories there was, as some people mentioned it back then.

    I got off the staff team due to Inactivity and real life issues and other busy things in life. Played on and off for a year or so, took frequent breaks due to burnout and back again on Mineplex. Perfect timing too with the recent Minecraft resurge. Pretty nostalgic playing all these games again and it's surprising to see just how much the staff application process has changed.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  13. Heyoo!

    1) My first application was when I was like 9 ish, so about 3 years ago, of course I got denied for being underage and I didn't put a lot of detail in to that app. I kept applying until about October of 2018, then I took a break and I started to apply again after I resigned from Builder, because a friend told me I should apply and I really agreed with her, it looked really fun. I applied around April 26th 2019, and that application was denied 8 days later, then finally, on June 7th 2019, I submitted my application that got me accepted.

    2) So, it took about a little over a month and half for me to finally get accepted from submitting my app that got me accepted, it's different for underage, and especially probably had to make sure I was fit for the job since I'm twelve, so about 3 weeks after submitting my application, I was invited to an interview, and about 3 weeks later, I was accepted as a Trainee on July 20th 2019. I was so happy and excited to start working!

    3) The most stressful part was the interview stage, I was calm and nervous at the same time. I knew I got a few questions wrong and right after answering them incorrectly, I always think of the right answer, I feared I would've gotten rejected for a poor interview since I answered some questions incorrectly, my interview lasted around 30 minutes and my interviewer was really really nice so shout out to him. Islendingurinn

    4) I felt as if I would've gotten rejected because of my interview, because of some questions I got wrong, but at the same time I felt like I would get accepted because I was being so helpful in-game. Though the feeling that I would get rejected came back about two weeks before I got accepted, but I was accepted anyway!

    5) I probably would do it again, but I don't want to as I am happy where I am at right now.

    6) I was denied before for being underage, but that didn't stop me as I was accepted underage. Never give up! :P

    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  14. Heyo!

    So my Trainee application story is a bit short and not very exciting, at least compared to others, but oh well. I joined Mineplex around April 2015 and bought Legend on the July 75% off sale (because back then, you needed ranks to apply). However, I was a very, very immature 13-year-old and could never see myself handling the responsibility of being a staff member. Around a year later, I took a long break from Minecraft.

    Fast forward to around June 2019. I just return to Mineplex after finishing GCSEs. I applied for Trainee around early July 2019 and I was invited to an interview after 10 long days of waiting. Unfortunately, real-life events that I had not foreseen meant that I wouldn't have the time, so I decided to cancel my interview. Still, getting to the interview phase on my first try was pretty cool, and I hope to reapply for Trainee sometime in the future.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  15. Hey there!

    Being one of the newest additions to the Mineplex Staff Team, I have learned that the process of actually becoming a staff member is more stressful than being a staff member. It only took me two applications to be accepted. My first application took me 20 minutes to make. I put next to no effort in it. It reflected poorly on me and I was almost instantly denied. I took this as a challenge and immediately started working on my new application. With motivation from my friends, I kept working on the app until the day came that I could reapply. I sent in hours upon hours of work, hoping to get the response I was looking for. Fortunately, I was invited to a interview. This is when things become rocky. Due to confliction in schedules, I couldn't have my interview the day after I was accepted. This was unlucky for me as I was leaving for vacation the day after that. After speaking with my interviewer, we had agreed that it would be best if we waited until after I returned. So that is exactly what we did. Fast forward one week, I now had to face something that was completely new to me; being interviewed. I was nervous, as I'm sure most applicants are. My interview went somewhat smoothly. Fast forward another 6 long and anxious days, I was accepted onto the Mineplex Staff Team.

    It may not seem like much, but it can be a very tiring process. I have just started my trail and let me tell ya, it isn't what I am used to doing on a day-to-day basis, but I love it. I wish you the best of luck with your future applications! Remember, confidence is key!

    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  16. Hey!

    All right, so I've got quite the story on my journey to becoming a staff member. So, I submitted my first application back when I was 12. It was very sloppy and took me about an hour from start to finish. At this point, my intentions were wrong, and I was in no way what-so-ever mature enough to be a staff member at Mineplex.

    Moving along a bit to when I was 13, I submitted another application. If my memory serves me, I did put a good amount of time and effort into this application. At this point, I did have good intentions, I just still wasn't mature enough. I couldn't control myself and had a hard time losing in a game. As you would expect, I was declined this time as well. This trend continued for another few months, I'd write an application, wait a month, try again, get denied, and so on. Each one of these applications, I'd put just a little more effort in but still to no avail. After about 6-7 applications, I took a little break from Minecraft as a whole.

    When I came back, I wrote my most recent application. Once again, I put lots of effort into my application, this time with slightly better grammar and a larger vocabulary. After about a week, I was invited to an interview. Upon hearing this news, I was ecstatic, for the first time they saw potential in me and my application. A few days later, I had my interview. It was quite a nerve-wracking experience, but the interviewer was nice and made sure I was comfortable at all stages in the process. After the conclusion of my interview, it came the time to wait. The Saturday following my interview, I stalked the forums at 4:30 pm EST in hopes of seeing my name as one of the newly accepted trainee's. After the thread with the new trainee's was posted, and I didn't see my name, I began to panic as I thought I was going to get declined. But, my application remained pending for another week, and I was very happy to learn I was accepted on August 10th as a new Trainee here at Mineplex! From start to finish (July 17th - August 10th) it took about 3 weeks. The process was fairly smooth, not to say it wasn't a little stressful at times, however.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  17. WOOOOOOOOOOO okay okay.

    My first application was back when the Enjin site was still a thing (12 years old). I was very intrigued by joining the staff team and trying it out for myself to experience something different and to try something new. Like most, I got denied for being underage. I also believe I got denied for not enough detail. I took a look back at it on the old site, and it had basically no detail. FireStar was glad to talk to me about the application process and cleared up a couple of questions I had in mind (thanks). Fast forward to the present time, being the 15 years old me, I applied again for my 2nd time to see what would happen. This time, I got denied for not enough detail, which made a clear pathway for my 3rd application. I have pre-written it already, but I don't think the time is right for me to become Trainee (which is why I made a thread on how I can straighten up my time management abilities). For my 3rd application, I'm glad I put enough detail and proofreading in this one. I'm hoping if I apply again I won't get denied but who knows ;p
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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