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Survey What Sub-Teams would you be on?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Knazamn | Skittles1052, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Hello!

    Since I can't make a survey about this, I am gonna just say go to the following link I give you to show the subteams of Mineplex.


    You can have a max of 7 sub-teams.
    You can have any subteam (except Staff of the Month, Mod of the Month, Map Master, or Stream Team, since it merged with CCC.)

    These are the subteams I would want:
    Content Creator Council - I would love doing applications content creators make, and watching them in-game. I also have my eyes on Social Media.
    Mentoring Assistance - I like working with Trainees and Mods, seeing them grow and have their staff journey be great. I am starting to also look at Staff Management.
    Reports Patrol - I want to catch those rule breakers, and giving punishments.
    Newsletter Program - I want to edit future newsletters that come out.
    Ideas Team - I would really like looking at Ideas Team, working with LT and Developers about ideas that could possibly help the server, etc.

    Those are the sub-teams I would join. What would you join? I would love to hear your answers!
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
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  2. If I were a mod, probably FM, RP, and maybe IT.

    Edit: GI and RC too
    Posted Nov 10, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 25, 2019
  3. Heyo!

    I definitely do have a few dream team sub teams I would like to be on, excluding the ones I am already on.
    First would be CCC, since being a content creator myself I would definitely love to be able to help players make their dreams a reality and also being able to moderate the CC we have as well just sounds very interesting.
    My second ideal one would be RA, as I think being able to help players join the staff team and give them feedback is something that sounds very intriguing. MA I wouldn't mind either, but I prioritize it over RA if I had the chance.
    Third, I would want to join TT as a scout since I would love to contribute to the team, especially because I'm not bilingual or speaking another language besides English.
    Fourth, I think FM would also be interesting since I definitely love using the forums, and I enjoy being able to help out users on any platform.
    Fifth following close behind would be RP since it wouldn't be too much different from what I already do, and I would like to be able to contribute even more to the forums by being able to process the reports.
    Sixth, EA sounds very fun as well. I am definitely interested in helping host the events, building them, Karaoke Hosting, and even hosting events of my own. While there is more duties that tag along with these, these are just some of the ones that interest me about EA.
    Last, I think GI is definitely an interesting team, and since I already enjoy discussing games and alterations, I don't believe it would be too far out of my league.
    I don't have any interests as far as Sr. Mod teams go, but I'm just trying to explore all of my options right now before I get serious about anything.

    I do have a few more interests, but most likely not all at the same time. I'm glad to see players are interested in contributing to the server as well! I think my favorite team so far would be MTT, but that is mainly due to me being on the team a while ago as well. On that note, have a nice day!
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  4. Hey!

    Interesting concept that you have here! While seven sub teams can feel like a lot, it is hard to limit all of those amazing options down to just a few. However, if I was forced to get rid of all of my current ones pick and choose new ones, here is what I would pick:

    1) Quality Assurance Testing - I love testing upcoming updates and being able to improve the server in the background. What I've done so far on the team has been amazing, and I am super excited to be on it. Whenever apps open up next, I highly suggest that all of you apply!

    2) Ideas Team - Similar to above, I love being able to better the server, but here, by processing and giving feedback on ideas. The team that I currently work with is amazing and supportive in every way possible, and there is never any chance that I would not pick this team.

    3) Event Assistance - Events are hands down one of my most favorite things to do on the server. Seeing the interaction between the team and the community is amazing, and I love watching people be happy by either playing OP Bridges or dominating the entire staff team in a game of Staff vs Community Turf Wars.

    4) Forums Moderator - I know! At this point, everyone is thinking that I am just putting all of the teams that I am currently on. While you are not wrong, it's because all of the teams that I am on I love differently. The forums are so much fun to be on, and I get to interact with the community in ways that I cannot in-game.

    5) Recruitment Assistance - While Recruitment is not the team that I would want to shoot for in the future, the work that they do m me and if I could help out with looking for potential staff members, I would totally take that shot.

    6) Newsletter Program - The Newsletter is something that many members of the community look forward to seeing each month. Being able to create parts of it, have interviews with members of the community, recap important events, etc, is something that is amazing. Thankfully, I have actually recently been accepted onto this team, and I am super excited to see what we do next!

    7) Map Testing Team - I think that this would be a really fun team to join. Being able to go over all of the maps that have been sent in sounds like something that is super fun, and the team is full of amazing people, many of whom I get to work with on other teams that I am on.

    Wow, that was hard! Picking only 7 teams out of the 20 teams is super hard!

    I like your taste in teams ;)
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  5. So far, I only have one sub-team I want to become for my next goal on the staff team. I already achieved a few sub-teams, Forum Moderator, Reports Patrol/Reports Patrol Assistance, Streams (before merged to Content Creator Council), Event Assistance, and Ideas team. My next main goal will be Mentor Assistance (MA)! I've been trying to get MA for a year, and I'm still going for it no matter what. I have an inspiration from someone who was a Staff Management before, and I want to become just like them.

    You can tell that I'm going for Mentor Assistance because my next goal for my Senior Moderator team will be Staff Management!
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  6. Yo!
    For my second time on the staff team, I hope to join the following teams:
    [Won't be stating my current teams because I've already joined them]

    • Social Media ~ With my work for the Marketplace team, Its really really opened me up to marketing and I have prior experience in that field so Social Media is something that really interests me.
    • Media Team ~ Kind of the same answer as-above since it works closely with both Marketplace & Social Media to produce content.
    • Reports Patrol ~ A fantastic team to be apart of, I joined as a Trainee and stayed til the day I resigned from the staff team a few months ago.
    • Content Creator Council ~ Another team I joined when I first joined the staff team and enjoyed it deeply.
    • Recruitment Assistance ~ With my love for applications, I think this would be a neat team to join.. and overall just to help players achieve their goals of joining the staff team.
    • Rules Committee ~ I've always wanted to give a positive change towards the community and I feel a great way of doing that is by helping with the rules and figuring out what is best for our players.
    Hopefully this post ages well, but dreams are nice to have anyways.
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
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  7. Social Media - If this was a Sr.Mod team during my time as staff, I would've 100% applied
    Media Team - My emotional connection to graphic design & illustration has lead me to pursue a career in art. it's something I find overwhelming joy, commitment and love in <3
    Marketplace - I never got into 3D modeling or skin design, but that would be pretty fun to attempt; especially after interviewing @TeaSpiller in the last newsletter ^-^
    Posted Nov 10, 2019
  8. Hey! I have only 2 future subteams I would like to join but that's good enough for me! The 2 subteams I would join would be;

    Reports Patrol: Mostly because I haven't done too many forum reports in general in all of my staffing experiences, and I would rather get back into doing them as I always enjoyed them when I did do them for smaller networks.

    Forum Moderator: Like RP, I never really got a chance to moderate any forum etc. I love the forums as a platform in the network and it's my most favorite place to spend some of my free time being able to interact with the community! So, I feel I would enjoy Forum Moderation a lot, and, Forum Ninja is my dream Sr.Mod team so, that'll be helpful haha
    Posted Nov 11, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 11, 2019
  9. Hey!

    I would only like to be on three sub teams.

    1. Mentor Assistance - I would really love to one day join the staff management team, as I think it would be a great learning experience for me to help assist mentor new trainees and mods. The team really interests me and just seems like a team you'd learn a lot from.

    2. Recruitment Assistance - I would love to interview and help shape the future of the staff team. The recruitment team seems most like a family to me, it seems like the most supportive environment, so I would definitely love to join the team one day.

    3. Reports Patrol -
    Would love to help with staff workloads and accept/deny reports for the community. Would be great to join.

    Thank you for this post! I really enjoyed responding and reading the responses.
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
  10. Hey there! I love this thread! There are so many different sub teams and hearing which ones the community likes is pretty cool.

    I personally would like to join the following one day:

    Recruitment Assistance

    I enjoy reading and writing a lot and really like the application and interview process for Mineplex. I want to put that to good use and help inspire the next generation of staff members on Mineplex! I am fascinated by the process and want to know more as well.

    Forum Moderator

    I love the forums and I want to help foster good community discussion. I feel like as I am already pretty active this would be a good sub team for me and a lot of fun.

    Reports Patrol

    One of the things I like a lot about the staff team is a lot of the moderation stuff. I like enforcing the rules and trying to keep the server safe. As I am a person who myself makes many reports it only seems logical to join reports patrol. If I ever get on the staff team, this would be awesome.

    Mentor Assistance

    Like I said above, I want to inspire the next generation of the staff team. On top of recruiter assistance, joining mentor assistance would help me accomplish this goal. I like mentoring people and providing all the advice I can to help someone grow both as a person and as a member of the staff team.

    Should I ever join the staff team, these are the teams I would like to join most.
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
  11. Yes
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
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  12. This thread is awesome and its so cool to see what other people would choose as there preferred teams but here's my teams that I would love to join one day:

    Content Creator Council: I personally love watching different people upload there own content and all the different styles and personalities that come along with it. This personally stand out the most to me.

    Reports Patrol: I particularly have an interest in literature and irl I have also had a similar role as a part of job in reviewing peoples CV's. I understand there would be a lot of hard work that goes into this particular role, as there will be hundreds of applications per week but the thought of looking for the people with the highest potential and rewarding them with a shot at trainee is so exiting for me.

    Mentor Assistance: My final team would 100% be mentor assistance. I love inspiring people and helping them develop their skills in order to become the best version of themselves. As well sharing my own knowledge and past experiences. And as well seeing the success of those you mentor and seeing them develop would just be so rewarding.
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
  13. These are the three I would want to join if I was a staff member. Lol
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
  14. All about the forums
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 11, 2019
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  15. Always love seeing threads centered on positive ambitions and possibilities. To see many aspiring members of staff alongside those who are already part of it and perhaps already in a couple of subteams feels great.

    I will briefly start with the subteams I've already been in - those are Reports Patrol, Translations Team and briefly Ideas Team. I left on negative terms with the latter two which I deeply regret, but it was quite a difficult time for me that I've successfully left behind. I was also interviewed for the former Trainee Mentoring Assistance position (now just MA), for which I got denied just over two years ago now.

    As for Reports Patrol, since I enjoyed being part of it and was one of the most active members of it at the time, I've decided to set joining it as a near future goal for myself. Being a member of it previously had helped me develop an eye for hackers and a routine for enforcement of chat rules, which is one of the crucial tasks of a staff member.

    After that, when/if I become a Moderator, I have three Senior Moderator teams on my shortlist, along with their Mod subteams:

    Forums - I've always felt most comfortable with expressing myself through the semi formal atmosphere of the forums, and it's helped me meet a large portion of people who I've been on good terms with throughout my time on Mineplex. By not just enforcing the forum rules, but also being able to devote a larger amount of time to this platform, I would be very excited about joining this team and having my contributions count.

    Mentoring - In spite of having somewhat poor communication skills, I've found out in multiple occasions that I enjoy helping others succeed, whether it's for a better school mark, preparation for a competition or, in the context of Mineplex, encouraging them to stay motivated in applying for staff after their initial decision. As an empathic individual who nevertheless possesses the ability to think rationally when it comes to advice, I consider joining Staff Management as another serious option.

    Recruitment - The newest addition to the shortlist, it lies greatly outside of my comfort zone and would likely help me improve a lot throughout the various responsibilities it has to offer, nonetheless still enjoyable.
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
  16. Hey! If I could choose any subteams to join, I’d only join three, which would be TT, NL, and FM. I’d love to join any of these :)
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
  17. Hey!

    Honestly there are way too many sub teams I would absolutely love to join. They’re all totally unique and they all play a major role in the operations of Mineplex. I am currently apart of the Event Assitwnxd sub team, but these are the other sub teams I’d like to join in the future:

    Recruitment Assistance: Ever since I learnt about Helpers/Trainees on Mineplex, I was very fascinated about Recruitment and the process of recruiting new Trainees. I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing, and so I’d love to help with applications and interviews. I also want to help community members that have a goal to become a Trainee, it would be such an amazing feeling to watch someone develop and grow, and to eventually see them reach their goal.

    Mentoring Assistance: This is definitely the team I’d want to join the most. I would love recruiting Trainees, but being able to work so close with them and mentor them would have to be more exciting in my opinion. I want to work with new Trainees to teach them things, be there for support, and help shape them into great Moderators. I’d make sure to take great care of my Trainees, and I am hoping to apply for this team when I can!

    Forum Moderator: I absolutely love the forums, and what better way to get more involved with the community and the forums than to apply for this team. The work seems really fun, and I’d love to help out the forums team especially during AU times.

    Reports Patrol: This common team seems like a great place for me to continue to build up my rules knowledge whilst still enjoying myself as I process reports. It’s definitely a team I’d look into joining in the future.

    Rules Committee: I want to positively contribute to the rules by bringing some suggestions, taking on feedback from the community and by also helping manage the rules. RC is indeed hard to join as it is an invite only Mod+ team, but I really do hope at some stage once I’ve built up my rules knowledge even more, that I can join the team and help out Mineplex even more.

    Thanks for this great post, I really liked reading what others had to comment!
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
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  18. I would probably be on ideas team because I had a few threads in the past where I discussed new ideas for games. Some are even in discussion. Also I have a new idea which can help Mineplex with the blank skin problem caused because of 1.13 update. Ideas team also uses Trello and I use Trello a lot.
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
  19. Here's what I would be:
    Forum Moderator
    I love the forums and also really want to warn those pesky post boosters

    Rules Committee
    I don't agree with some of the rules and want to make some changes to them, also sounds like a fun team

    Ideas Team
    I want to help Mineplex get better by accepting community ideas

    Recruitment Assistance
    I think recruitment is cool and reading other people's applications could be interesting as I could learn a lot about people

    Posted Nov 11, 2019
  20. To add on, I’d want to be a QA bedrock Sr. Mod on the sub teams I listed above.
    Posted Nov 14, 2019

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