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What staff rank would you be?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Yato - Inactive, Aug 13, 2019.


Staff Rank

  1. Leader

    6 vote(s)
  2. Admin

    6 vote(s)
  3. Sr. Mod

    16 vote(s)
  4. Mod

    6 vote(s)
  5. Buildlead

    3 vote(s)
  6. Builder

    4 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Question in title ^
    I would be a builder, I enjoy building.

    If you choose multiple please say why.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  2. Hey!
    Personally I would want to be a Sr Mod, My goal is to hopefully get on the recruitment assistance sub team and then hopefully progress from there and reach Recruitment which is a Sr Mod team. I always looked up to Sr Mod's because they "lead" their respected sub teams and I really want to be a leader and help the server in as many ways possible. :D
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  3. Personally I would like to be a Sr.Mod one day, the reason is because I would like to join the Quality Assurance team or the Forum Ninja team one day. Both of these teams are interesting and I would like to try out one of them eventually haha
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  4. I'm a trainee, and it's personally a really big accomplishment for me if I get promoted, so I have my eyes to the sky! I would be an Admin because I enjoy moderating servers, and I love having responsibilities, so I would like to be an Admin someday! :D

    But, I would also like to be a Sr. Mod so I can join the Quality Assurance subteam, and maybe even Recruitment! :D

    But I'll cross the bridge when I get there. :)
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  5. Tbh, I would try out being Mod to see if I can handle it, and people like me being in my position, if so I would most likely pick Sr Mod, or, the very low case scenario, I would pick admin. The reason I say that is because being an Admin or a Leader, IMO, can be a lot for some people, or just plainly not ready for what it entails. In the end, Sr Mod and be a part of the Event staff, but I would also love to have a certain quota per month that I would have to reach to keep that rank.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  6. what about the president rank? :D
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 13, 2019
  7. i really got into building this year and made quite a lot of very good friends from the build team that inspired me to try something that i thought id never do in a million years, but here we are i guess lol. ive made few maps that are already live on the network which boosted my confidence to apply.

    since you also like building, id encourage you to apply at https://xen.mineplex.com/BuildTeamApplication, so far i had a lot of fun writing and building on a trial server, and the experience so far is unforgettable (kinda cheesy but eh)
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  8. I’d love to be a Sr Mod - and no not for the fancy tag, but to be working on a team that I’d genuinely really enjoy. Joining community management would be really cool to me, and is something I’d like to work towards here in the future. But I’d better get at least trainee first ((:
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  9. Hey buddy!

    I personally would want to be a Senior Moderator and join either the Staff Management team or the Recruitment team. Obviously before this, I’d have to be accepted as a Trainee, and then pass my trial and be a moderator for a significant amount of time before I’m ready.

    Before joining one of these Sr.Mod teams, I’d have to join one of the Mod teams like Mentoring Assistance to learn more about the job, and have more practise. Good thread idea, it’s interesting to read the replies!
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  10. One word, well two, hell yes.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  11. In all honesty, I would personally say SR. MOD or Dev (should add that option by the way). SR.MOD mainly because I would want to be on the Quality Assurance Team if I had the time and commitment. With this team, I can help Developers with certain minigames and bring balance to them. That, or the developer rank because I enjoy coding mainly in languages such as Java and C#, and contributing to making new minigames as well as bug fixes that will benefit the community is very cool in my opinion.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  12. [​IMG]

    This is an even better example.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  13. I would be a mod. I say this because even though you have to commit time to the server, it isn't as much as the other roles. Your still helping and everything, but Sr.mod comes with a higher up subteam and I don't think I'd be up to that, especially at my age. I think just being a mod would be perfectly fine as the other ranks are really time consuming.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  14. I want to be a sr. mod. This is because I want to be in a community where I can help and have fun with fellow staff
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  15. This may sound a bit odd but I would choose Leader as it has all the perms and all of the power of the staff while also being able to have fun in private servers and not have to worry about meeting quotas and stuff. Just going around playing games, punishing whoever needs it and having OP MPS servers in my free time.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  16. I'd probably want to be build lead if I really could focus my time into building again. It's something I've always been good at - plus I'd feel kinda important for once.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  17. Hey!
    My dream staff rank would be Senior Moderator. I would love to join the Forum Ninja team and allow people a second chance here on the Mineplex network, much like what I was granted. I would also like Moderator. If I were to rejoin the staff team, I would most likely stay Moderator for awhile before applying for a Senior Moderator team. Anyways, interesting question, I look forward to reading other responses!
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  18. Hello.
    This might sound kind of stupid, as not many other people chose this option, but for now I would be Mod. Always been my dream rank. Yes, I would totally help the server in any shape or form if I can handle it. If I would want to join one of two Senior Moderator teams, or if I can, maybe even both!.I would like to join the Forums Team. I joined the forums a few weeks ago, but been playing for years longer. I had to get used to the forums. When I got used to the forums, I loved exploring, so I would love to explore the forums and actually moderate them.
    The other one, which is the other Senior Moderator team I would join, is Events Squad. I love hosting Events, and being apart of the events. I also really like seeing players happy with the event. This is me, but I might change it later.
    Oh also, I wouldn't be a Admin or Leader right now, because for me it is too much work for me to handle right now.
    But yeah. For now, I would rather be Moderator, because it would make me comfortable. Not like Trainee, constantly online for my trial, and helping out as much as I can. Learning all about the server in the process, also. And I wouldn't be Senior Moderator at this time, as it would make me a little more stressed out. I would have to get on, Moderate the server, do my specific sub team, and depending on what I would join, could take hours. I would obviously not be Admin or Leader right now, because it would make me stressed out so much.

    One more thing, just because I said I wanna join the Forums Team and the Events Squad, could possibly change if I ever become a Moderator. c:

    Thanks for reading!
    Posted Aug 13, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 14, 2019
  19. Heyo!

    I think I would be great as a Sr. Mod for Mineplex. I would love to work for the Quality Assurance team. I feel like I would be a great fit in the staff team, not just with my experience with rules and the punishment system, but also just being overall friends with the staff team!

    Posted Aug 13, 2019
  20. Heyoo!

    Mod: I want to become a Mod because I want to be able to join one of my dream sub-teams called RA (Recruitment Assistance) I also want to expand my limits and positively help the server while providing the best customer service out there. I want to get to know the community more in-depth, and I feel as I can do that when I'm Mod as I won't have to worry about Trainee things. I also want to join EA (Event Assistance) to help plan Events and give players the best Event experience possible. I love going to Events and I was so sad when the Event server broke, so I want to work my way up to become part of the Events Squad. (Can't wait until the Event server is back up.)

    Builder: I've already been Builder before, but I would probably do it all over again, it was such a fun experience getting to know the build team, and it was so cool being able to build for Mineplex, I was fascinated that people were going to be able to play on my maps! I think I pushed out a good 7 or 8 maps before I resigned in April. I have such a passion for building that I may want to become a Builder again in the future, who knows what the future holds.

    Great survey! Loved reading people's answers! :)

    Posted Aug 14, 2019

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