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What makes you smile the most?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fallen™, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. Hey!

    This is a great thread... thanks for posting it! It really gives me time to express what makes me happy and gives me purpose.

    I’ll start off by saying my family. I can’t thank them enough for supporting me and always being there for me. In turn, I try to do the same for them. I know my great brother @xGetRektedx is always there to make me smile. I also give credit to my father for being there whenever I needed him. I’d also like to thank the rest of my family such as cousins and such for just being there! Well.. I had to add this.. but even though my mother is no longer here, I’d like to thank her for being a great person and for inspiring me everyday. I miss you a lot! Overall, my family is definitely top on the list of things that make me happy.

    Secondly, I have my amazing friends to make me smile and to cheer me up when I’m down. You guys always know how to lighten the mood and help me out when I’m struggling or feeling sad. You never fail to make me happy and I’m grateful for that! I hope I’ve been a great friend to all of you! Okay, of course I have to give a shoutout to all of my incredible friends! @ScarletBlood37- For being a great friend since the beginning. You’re really a good person and you deserve Trainee more than anyone. I know you’ll continue to do great things. You’ve always been so kind and understanding and I appreciate it. Thanks for being a great friend. @WinteryOsprey38- I remember when I first met you... We met in a Cake Wars game and we both had full diamond xD. I looked up to you a lot when I saw your name on the leaderboard. But then I looked up to you even more when you became a Mod and I really got to know you. Thanks for being my friend. @DanTrains222- I’ve always kind of looked up to the players on the lb. And to the level 100s xD. Although most of them were smug and annoying and I appreciate that you never really were. We became friends a while back and I’m glad we did; you’re a good person and I really see potential in you. Thanks for being a good friend. @Strafer303- We’ve come a long way. We played together a lot back before I was shadow muted and such and you’ve always been a kind person and fun to play with. Keep doing good things and thanks for being my friend. @Unknitsunnn- You’re really a nice person. I don’t doubt you having a good and successful life. You are very supportive and you should be proud of yourself for being a great friend. Thanks for being my friend. @NothinButNetYT- You’ve always been pretty nice and understanding. I think you’re a good person with a lot of potential. It’s nice to know you’ll be coming back with this mention, as I know you’ve taken a break. You also never fail to make a good joke and keep the humor. Thanks for being a good friend. @tamman2005- Ever since we’ve met you’ve been kind and supportive of me, and that I appreciate. You’ve also suffered from a shadow mute as well and I sympathize that. Glad it’s fixed for you. And glad I got to know you; thanks for being my friend. @°3°- I’m glad we met. You’ve proven to be a good friend time and time again and I’m glad for that. You never fail to lighten the mood or make me smile. And thank you for being supportive of me and for constantly trying to help me out. Thanks for being a good friend. @saltyfishhy- I’m really glad we’ve met as well. You’re truly a great person with a large potential. You are caring and responsible, as well as understanding. I know I can trust you and feel free to talk to you whenever I need to. Thanks for being my friend. @KerbalBoy- I’m grateful for your support as well and I’m thankful to have met you. You’re a good person and you are haven’t failed being a good friend. You know how to make a good joke as well and how to make me smile. @WowCaleb- Thank you for being supportive and helpful towards me. You have been a good friend ever since I’ve gotten to know you and I’m glad I met you. Thanks for being so kind and sympathetic to me in regards to my shadow mute. Thanks for being there. @Klobby- Thanks for being there for me when I needed you. You made me smile when I was feeling down and I can’t thank you enough for that. I also think you have a great potential and I can’t wait to see what you achieve. Thanks for being there. @Thenorn- I’ve really grown to know you more and I’m glad for that. You’re a really good person and I think you really helped me out. Ever since we talked I feel a bit better and I’ve grown away from my sadness. You have so much potential. Thanks for being my friend. @BasicT- I know we don’t really know each other, but I’d still like to acknowledge the fact that you took the time to say what you did to me in my Discord Server. It really helped me get over my sadness a bit and I’m grateful for that. I can see that you’re a good person and I’d like to know you better. Thanks for being there. @Sunny / Slash- Since we met you’ve been really caring and nice towards me. You helped me get over some sadness and I appreciate what you’ve done for me. Thanks for being my friend. @zHalo- I’m glad we met as well. You are a really nice and caring person and I can’t thank you enough for being there for me. Your constant generosity is admirable and I thank you for being supportive. Thanks for being my friend. @FluteVegetables- You have been a great friend to me as well. You’re very caring and supportive and just a great friend overall. I think you’re a good person and you’re seriously hilarious sometimes xD. Thanks for being my friend.

    Wow! It took awhile to type all of that! But it was worth it to make sure you all know how much you’ve supported me. I want you to know that I’m grateful for all of you. If I missed you, just know that I still care about you immensely. All of you mean a lot to me, as you’ve done a lot for me. I could say so much more about all of you, but I would be here for years! Thanks again <3

    Posted Jan 21, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 21, 2020
  2. and you say your depressed xD fr though, your the best <3 even though we haven't known each other for the longest time its been really great being your friend. your considerate and just a really nice person. you are a great friend dude, the best. you are the first friend I made since joining the forums, and its been fun playing with you and like spamming you at times (lets be real though, thats constant, always and forever). your a super nice person and I cant wait to get to know you better!
    Posted Jan 21, 2020
  3. I really want to use this thread as a means to express my feelings for one of my greatest friends ever, @Klobby. I know it's generic to ramble on about something considering what everyone else has used this thread for, however time and time again he has proven to me that he is one of the best people I have ever met in my entire life. We talk very often, and always daily. In fact, in the two short months I've known him we've collectively sent over 14,000 messages on discord. That's easily the most I've ever talked to someone in my entire life and I've had little friendships resemble something so powerful.

    Every single day, we share the small problems we face in life and support each other through them. When I'm feeling down and sad, he gives me some of the best words of encouragement I've ever heard. In all seriousness, he has the power alone to make my mood do an absolute 180 and his cheerful, inspiring words fill me with such utter joy.

    Filip, I seriously appreciate you man. You are truly an amazing person and your ability to care so deeply for someone while also experiencing your own set of issues in life is inspiring. You have true potential buddy, and I know that you will live on to accomplish amazing things for this world.

    Posted Jan 21, 2020
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  4. Can we all agree that Klobby is seriously an amazing person? :3
    Posted Jan 21, 2020
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  5. Personally, today more than ever, I needed this. Thank you guys for all the responses. While I can’t respond to them today, I’ll get to them tomorrow. For now, I’ve got my “sad boi hours” playlist, and a bunch of lovely answers to read through while I contemplate some other stuff in life. Thank you!!!

    MERGED POSTS (not a moderator, me)

    Knowing Klobby, this isn’t a surprise. I haven’t met someone with more sincere good will and general happiness. He’s truly a good guy. I may not have 14,000 messages with him, but I can see that.

    Thank you for sharing your story on here, yours in particular stood out to me of the one or two I’ve read so far. I don’t think you could’ve picked a better friend.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 21, 2020
  6. Thanks LT, it makes me happy to know that I'm one of your friends.
    Posted Jan 21, 2020
  7. Alright, so what makes me smile the most...? There's a lot that makes me smile but one in particular that I'd like to share here :D

    My friends on Mineplex! I'm stealing LT's idea and giving some shoutouts xD
    You guys have never failed to put a smile on my face even if I'm feeling particularly down that day, and I could list so many things about each of you but I'm just going to give some short descriptions here haha

    @Thenorn - tysm for being my amazing partner in crime, and someone that I can always turn to for whatever I need, whether it be a poker game (3 pairs LOL), a deep philosophical discussion, or just a few games of DMT (best game ever!!) I've loved talking to you since day 1 and can't wait for what the future brings

    @LT Tombstone 77 - you've been my bestie ever since (still can't get the year right) January 2018...?? Anyways, it's been a while since we first met. You're always willing to listen to whatever rants I have and I'm so grateful to have you as a friend :D

    @xGetRektedx - ty for being such an amazing friend, we've been through a ton of ups and downs in our friendship but glad that we're still friends after all this time c:

    @KerbalBoy - even though you spam me and used to tease me all the time (at least you don't now :p), you're an awesome person to hang out with :)

    Didn't add many people onto this list because I didn't want this post filling the entire page xD I'm so grateful for everyone who has been with me along this journey and stage of my life, can't wait for what's next <33
    Posted Jan 21, 2020
  8. Definitely speed, I've always been extremely into cars, and there's nothing like the sound of a roaring engine, combined with the acceleration of fast cars, and or just listening to the sounds of super cars like Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, and Mclarens, however It's not limited to just those specific brands. Moral of the story is I LOVE CARS
    Posted Jan 21, 2020
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  9. Hmm, I'm actually one of those people who don't laugh or grin that much, although I'll definitely crack a smile if someone makes a good joke or if I'm spending quality time with someone I feel comfortable around. That has been made easier for me ever since returning to Mineplex and getting to know several amazing people who really brighten my days - that includes everyone from my closest friends to strangers that make moderating the game so much more fun.

    Overall, what makes me smile the most? To be honest, I'm kind of an instant gratification guy - even when I'm at my worst, I will easily forget those feelings if I watch a funny YouTube video, a cartoon from my childhood or talk to someone I'm close to. That's why I get "addicted" or attached to certain things, or people.
    Posted Jan 22, 2020
  10. Feeling the rush of adrenaline at 2AM on a freezing winter night during a boss fight that took hours to get there
    Posted Jan 22, 2020
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  11. Not gonna lie, I've felt this too. When day is just so long and you want it to end.
    Haha. That's also my favorite, but yeah. Nature is complex and beautiful in its simplicity yet order and structure and endless complexity.
    Sounds like you love them, and that's good enough for me (:
    You have a horse!!! That's so cool! As for Chemistry, my Exam is today, so I know how you feel.
    Very wholesome. Random Acts of Kindness as they're called are really just little heartmelters. It makes me smile too to see that despite everything bad that's going around in the world, there are still those who wish to do good.

    As for the thread's originality, I try my hardest not to ask questions that I know have been asked before. Really happy you appreciate that. (I sounded sarcastic there but I wasn't, I don't have time to edit it the bus to school is he-

    Best Regards,
    - Fallen
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 22, 2020
  12. My newts are what makes me smile. You might waste hours or even days until your pet will do something unusual, newts are different, they like posing. Here are some examples: staying on hind limbs, staying on the end of the tail, do the splits so that the limbs barely touched the kelp like plant that is the only thing giving it a support, drag another newt using only the front limbs and of course YAWNING. They are also REALLY good at escaping and sometimes it looks like they are the masters of parkour.
    Posted Jan 22, 2020
  13. This one is definitely odd, but what makes me smile is seeing other people smile, or just being happy in general. As several people already mentioned, the world that we live in today isn’t definitely the kindest one out there. I have been through a lot of rough moments in my life that I don’t wish anyone else to experience, so seeing others be happy and live peaceful lives gives me that indescribable feeling of happiness as well. Other thing that also makes me smile are, obviously, my friends. I didn’t always used to have the friends that I have today and I’m really grateful for each and every single one of them <3 (you know who you are c:)
    Posted Jan 22, 2020
  14. Seeing somebody else happy or laugh because of something I did definitely makes me feel happy and brings a smile to my face.
    Posted Jan 22, 2020

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