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What I've Learned (From Minecraft and Mineplex.)

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by LimitBroke, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Hello to all of you who read this. I'd just like to share my past moments/memories with Minecraft, specifically Mineplex. I will throw some of my opinions out there for everyone to see. This may be a long read so grab a drink and please keep an open head and not kill me. I started playing Mineplex (Multiplayer) on April 22nd, 2014 which is 6 years ago. I've been grinding on Mineplex for 6 whole years. That alone opens my eyes to the pure dedication the past and present me has to this one specific server on one specific game. I believe this server is great! Not what it used to be, however, the fall from grace can be flipped into something amazing. I believe Mineplex and the staff have behind the scenes stuff to create a future for MP again. I'm not 100% certain, but the thought is what counts and keeps me playing constantly and grinding levels, wins, gems, shards, etc. What I've learned through these years is to just trust the process. Sometimes you just have to accept that the server is trying to do its best and keep pushing each day, week, month. It's a reason why I dislike people who say things like, "Oh Mineplex died because of this 1 thing or some other excuse!" or "Haha Hypixel is better, why would you play this server?" I may admit that I've been one of the former people of those 2 statements, but the fact I have been on this long shows that I have a huge passion for this server and wish to see new things be added, content be updated, and overall a good aura of positive and clearness. Throughout the ups and downs of Mineplex, I've learned that we shouldn't be bashing Mineplex from dropping to what it used to be. Instead, we should praise Mineplex for connecting us all through video-games and making new friends, teams, communities, and all of the sorts. I enjoy that the entirety of staff is hardworking always grinding for our behalf to make the server clean and has fun of an environment as possible. No staff is superhuman and will always be there for our rescue and to catch all the rule breakers/hackers, but they're there for a reason. For Us. I appreciate what Mineplex has given us and what they try to do to keep us happy and to create more friends, memories, and more of a future for us the players. I'd like to thank all staff for being positive and keeping the charge for the server we know today, and I'd like to thank all the players as well who keep this server alive and trust that, maybe it'll return to what it truly was back then. Throughout all the hardships and events Mineplex and Minecraft will always have a special place in my heart as something I was a part of! Also, I'd like to know what you learned or experienced with Mineplex together? Did you have fun and make new friends? Any hardships or overcoming you went through with people? (Thank you for reading this and giving feedback if you did. I wanted to make an appreciation post for Mineplex since a lot of people are swinging on the downside thinking it could end on Java.) (Also if this doesn't relate to this thread page, I apologize and you can lock the thread whenever sighted.)
    Posted Jun 2, 2020
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