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What is your favorite country?

Discussion in 'Surveys' started by cupojoedgfndiditlydobgdf, Mar 20, 2019.


What is your favorite country

  1. France

  2. Spain

    0 vote(s)
  3. America

  4. China

  5. Italy

  6. India

  7. Other

  8. Mexico

  9. United Kingdom

  10. Turkey

    0 vote(s)
  1. Though I live in America (and love Italy though I haven't been there yet), I'd say I have had this connection to the UK for some reason (though I haven't been there yet either), and I think I would love it there. Germany would also be nice.
    Posted Mar 21, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 7, 2019
  2. I live in the UK right now!
    And I LOVE It here.
    However, probably Spain is my favourite. Weather/Climate wise.
    Posted Mar 21, 2019
  3. I'm pretty down with Switzerland since we have a lot of variety in what you can do (beach, mountains etc...)
    Posted Mar 21, 2019
  4. Always loved my country, the good ole US of A. Love what we stand for (we, the people, not "we" as in the government), love the variety in cultures, love the land and history. I don't think there's a better country on Earth than the United States.
    Posted Mar 21, 2019
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  5. I’d probably have to say Venezuela, although it may have to do with the fact that I was born there. Before the crisis started happening with the government and the economy, it was such a beautiful place. The people were welcoming, the places and sights were amazing, and it really upsets me to see the place I used to consider home has turned into such a severe danger zone. Although things are tough right now, I believe that the people will prevail and Venezuela will restore the prosperity it once held.
    Posted Mar 21, 2019,
    Last edited Mar 21, 2019
  6. Mine is Canada, hockey is life, I love cold weather, and the people are amazing!
    Posted Mar 21, 2019
  7. My favorite three countries that I recently visited would be Canada, Italy, and France. Canada is one of my first favorite country that I want to visit because one of my cousins live there. I first saw my cousin when I was 6 years old. Although, I visited Canada twice and I am looking forward to visiting this country again.

    When I visited Italy twice, the weather looks beautiful. Although, I disliked the cold front which I have to wear my jacket all the times. I took tons of pictures there, and it is a great place to visit. Italy is also my second favorite country that I want to visit.

    I also like France too because I got a chance to see the Eiffel Tower. I went to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower before and the view looks gorgeous! I took most of the pictures in Paris!
    Posted Mar 21, 2019
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  8. Vietnam <3 <3
    Posted Mar 21, 2019
  9. Then how come I can’t delete anything
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 21, 2019
  10. Clarify?
    Posted Mar 21, 2019
  11. Republic of Texas
    Posted Mar 21, 2019
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  12. America, which is where I live, is ok, though I don't really like it as much. I enjoyed my time in Ireland much better when I went there a few years ago, so I'd consider that my favorite country.
    Posted Mar 23, 2019
  13. Feels bad for Spain and turkey haha! Have no votes
    Posted Mar 23, 2019
  14. I guess rarely anyone talking here is Spanish, or Turkish.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 25, 2019
  15. My favorite country is USA because that's where I live and I haven't been to any other country except for Canada, but that was when I was like 8 so I don't remember it. I do know that I had a great time there, so I'll say that. I would be interested in going to Germany because that's where my grandma is from and my dad has told me lots of stories about when he lived there so now I'm kinda jealous of him. I'd also be interested in going to Cancun in Mexico with my mom because that place looks nice and it's her dream vacation
    Posted Apr 7, 2019
  16. I like where I live right now, but I’d like to visit Australia at some point. My brother has lived there for over a year and from what I hear it’s pretty nice there
    Posted Apr 8, 2019
  17. I’m the only one who voted for India
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 1, 2019
  18. I simply have to say France, the architecture is just beautiful. The same goes for Greece!
    Posted May 1, 2019
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  19. I live in the USA, but I always enjoyed visiting the Bahamas when my family are on cruise ships during vacation. I enjoy the summer environment, beaches, and etc.
    At one point, we did a 5k there, the highlight of my time when I visited there last year.
    Posted May 1, 2019
  20. Hello hello!
    So I'm a pretty proud canadian, living in Canada. I think Canada is awesome and all but there are some countries that are just so amazing, I'd consider them to be my favourate countries. For example, I think Switzerland is a super cool country for a number of reasons.
    1, The views. Having only been there once, one visit was all I needed to see all the breathtaking views of the land. The mountains and vallys exceed what views we can get here in North America.
    2, The diversity. Switzerland, being in europe has borders with a number of countries, so there will always be a number of different culture there.
    4, The Swiss culture. There are a vast amount of Swiss culture in Switzerland (which should make sense) and their culture is pretty amazing. One of my favourate things to think of are their cheese, chocolate and Alphorns.

    So those are 4 quick reasons that I think Switzerland is my favourate country, too bad it's not on the poll... or Canada for that matter, but there is "Other" so we're good :P I like some of the comments others are leaving, and I look forward to the more to come!
    Good luck, have fun
    - uhDanny/firefox54
    Posted May 1, 2019
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