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What is wrong with mineplex

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Wolveszq, May 15, 2022.

  1. Now that pvp severs are taking over mineplex is moving to pvp. The worst part is that nothing is happening to Mineplex. Little bug fixes that’s it. They need to use there money for more staff. They have money I know they do. Everybody has ranks. They need more devs. Add some fun non pvp games. Mineplex can be the king of Bedrock. They need to listen to the players. I see this server being amazing. They need to have monthly updates. Custom server and stats will make the content side better. They need to update bedrock server. For us bedrock players we can’t look at our stats. Please and more games and work on getting more devs please.
    Posted May 15, 2022
  2. They would never pay staff money, which is a good idea imo. They need more devs yeah.
    Posted May 15, 2022
  3. Highly doubt anything will happen. It is up to the owners in whether they want to invest into Mineplex Bedrock or not, and as well all know, they definitely do not. The owners are useless and don't do anything for us, which means we're powerless. There's nothing we can actually do to fix it, the people who can refuse to, so essentially we're screwed in the long run, but maybe gyro can come in clutch. It will take a lot longer by himself but I believe he can do anything that he puts his mind to in terms of new content and updates, although it may take a long time
    Posted May 16, 2022
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