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What happened to mineplex?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Pumpedpixel, Jan 27, 2021.


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  1. this makes it how we can complain about absolutely nothing. If someone is saying that there is something wrong on mineplex, then it gets locked or taken down EVERY TIME because "does not start a conversation" or something stupid like that. Im not trying to start a conversation Im trying to make an announcement and theyre just locking it. I'm mad and I really want to complain about something but I feel like I really can't because it will most likely get locked/deleted, and if it doesn't, then I'm still going to have people that get way too offended over what I said. This is why I have to make posts like this instead of just coming out and saying "HEY YOUR GAME IS BROKEN YOU BETTER FIX IT" because then people are going to act like I'm bad at the game or a mod is going to come delete what I wrote. But i guess if someone says Im bad at the game then that's not minplexs fault BUT they still shouldn't be allowed to say that. What I dont understand is that people are allowed to insult someones skills at a game, but if you say one bad thing about mineplex then a mod gets triggered
    Posted Feb 6, 2021
  2. Hola!\ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/

    I do agree with your points made above about the server slowing losing a good player count, as well as the issues that occur, most of the players have left Minecraft overall. some people grow older and grow out of video games and want to focus upon what lies beyond a block game. Degrees, Studying etc. Hacking isn't as much as a big problem as it was in my opinion. I believe that the work the server has done on Gwen over the past year or so has really made an impact on hackers. The Lag issue, the Lag issues aren't always server based and can be based from your own internet, so always make sure you 100% know that the issues are from the server and not your connection itself.

    Have an amazing day!
    *°:⋆ₓₒ Kehs ₓₒ⋆:°*
    Posted Feb 6, 2021
  3. If you're trying to make an announcement, then what does it matter if your post is locked? You just said you're not looking for conversation, so why would you need replies?

    And if you make a random thread stating x game is bad then no wonder it's getting locked - how exactly is your thread working to make the game better? Accepting the fact a game is bad does nothing for it. If you're just announcing hatred for a game with 0 ideas at all then don't be surprised it's getting locked - players can agree with you (and while it's locked they still can by liking it), but it's not their responsibility to come up with ideas for you, seeing as you're the OP.
    Posted Feb 6, 2021
  4. if they lock it then there is a lower chance that people will read it. People will probably be less likely to click on it if they notice they cant reply. OR I also said that it can get deleted. If that happens then no one will be able to read it, ever again

    I didnt write something starting with the game is bad and I don't remember saying I did, what I remember saying is
    and that is 2 completely different things. Obviously I wouldn't actually put that as the title, but I over reacted to get my point across. But broken doesn't always mean the game is bad. I think that a lot of things about the game is good BUT there are some game breaking things in there and I think they need to start fixing it because we have been waiting for over 3 years. BUT I didn't actually write something saying that a game was bad. I saw other people do it and it got locked even though they had a very logical and reasonable explanation for why there was a problem. And you think that I'm not putting any of my own ideas into fixing the game. I don't know why you think this because I didn't say anything about this. Actually, if i want to complain about something then I have no problem typing in like 6 paragraphs explaining why the game is broken and how it should be fixed. I know I didn't say that last time but i also didn't say that I wasn't going to put any of my own ideas so idk why you just assumed that.

    saying that a game is broken isn't hating on it. So I'm not allowed to say anything wrong with a game because it's being hateful? yeah this is exactly why people have such problems with their posts getting locked/deleted. I think that mods think the post is being hateful when it isn't. I think I read somewhere that you used to be a mod, and you're assuming hate in something I didn't even post, so I think that about sums up the problem. But anyways, I have seen good posts explaining something, but it just gets locked or deleted JUST BECAUSE "tHiS dOeSnT beLOnG heRe" even though its completely related to the game. And it's stupid because this makes us think that we're not allowed to complain about something that's really irritating. Complaining about this stuff probably helps mineplex because I'm saying that their game is broken so they can fix it. If they would actually listen to people and fix broke stuff then more people would like mineplex instead of complaining about it so much.
    Posted Feb 6, 2021
  5. Posts aren't deleted that often, if they are deleted it's because they completely and blatantly didn't follow the guidelines and website rules, or are extremely hateful towards a certain person/thing with no constructive criticism or otherwise, or the topic of the thread is inappropriate or not suitable for the forums (like some discussions in relation to safety of the internet, but the gentle, sensitive topic - hopefully you get what I'm talking about).

    I wasn't talking about your thread, I was talking about threads in general. There are a lot of hateful threads out there calling out a game/kit/feature to be completely broken and therefore come to the conclusion that the game is bad. If you're talking about SSM, I completely agree the community has been waiting way too long for a promised update and is very disappointed, myself included. But a lot (not all) of these threads are really aggressive for no sensible reason other than the OP being frustrated and there's no reason to keep it on the forums. Especially if there are replies to the thread but instead of the poster taking into account everything that was said, they would rather keep being mad and hateful. I'm not surprised if those threads are deleted.

    I don't agree with some of the reasons FMs have locked threads before for what you just said but I don't think this is a huge persisting issue that is affecting everybody. Chances are, if a thread is locked it's for a valid reason (which the FM will state in their post), and players are always given the chance to message the Forum Moderator asking for details. If it has been locked for a reason you don't deem valid there is nothing in the rules disallowing creating another thread on the topic (as long as you adhere more to what the FM that locked your thread stated).

    Once again, not speaking about your thread specifically (I realise I came off that way - not my intention) but in general. Players are encouraged to speak their mind about the network including the servers' games but it's in the way they say it. For example;
    Post A: SSM IS SUCH A BROKEN STUPID GAME NO UPDATES FOR 3 YEARS the STAFF DO NOTHING FOR THE SERVER X IS BROKEN Y IS BROKEN Z MAKES NO SENSE. no hate but THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED why is no one doing anything??????????? Ive made rthis thread 3x already and it has been locked each time. why are the mods trying to silence us? the entire staff team is corrupt no wonder mineplex is losing its playerbase[...]

    Post B: Why were we promised an SSM update three years ago if we weren't going to get it? There is so much wrong with the game and it has insane potential but it seems to me like us, the SSM community, is being completely ignored by the staff team despite whatever efforts we take to involve ourselves and help the game's development. Guardian is EXTREMELY overpowered and needs balancing asap, the target laser shouldn't do damage if broken, that's one fix[...]

    Which of these threads do you think will get locked? I tried to make sure both have relatively the same points. But you can see the difference in wording, and that is what leads to threads getting locked. The rules are written out pretty clearly.
    Yes I was a Moderator and really active forum user back on Enjin but not an FMA unfortunately, I wish I could comment more on this issue but I don't know too much. I don't see how this "sums up the problem" - I do agree with you in a sense, just not with everything you are saying. And the only reason it appears I assumed is because I was speaking generally about the majority of threads like this that get locked - it's because they have elements of hate or generalization or criticism but without the constructive part.
    Threads that don't belong to a certain part of the forums are moved, never locked. But if you're speaking about "not belonging in the forums" then I suppose that makes sense in some cases but definitely not all. For an example, if there was a thread calling a game broken and instead of speaking about any mechanics the OP makes a list of every bug in that game, it doesn't belong in the forums, it belongs in the bug report section. If the post is about a game but it's more of a rant that anything constructive that promotes discussion than it could be locked for being better suited as a wall post or just not promoting discussion.
    I understand your frustration and I feel the same way sometimes, that your voice is not heard at all unless you have a certain status in the server however you have to remember that the staff members and development team are all people and don't wish silence upon the entire playerbase. once again, it's about the way you (not you but players in general) complain - intense caps lock aggression will get you nowhere, calling a game broken and putting the blame on everybody will get you nowhere, etcetcetc. Once again, the staff are people, so criticising something like that isn't going to make them want to continue keeping the thread open or discuss anything with you.
    That is true^^^ However a lot of ideas are listened to. For example, here is a document made by @Evgeen that lists out all of the updates on Mineplex for year 2020. Many updates here were pushed out after listening to the community's ideas, say for the Bridges, Survival Games, or Cake Wars updates. Then there are other small updates for Immortal and whatnot.

    Honestly, when it comes to SSM, I feel like the current super small dev team isn't sure how exactly to take on the project. I mean, I'd say that is the most complex game on Mineplex to date - with the insane amount of kits, different knockback system and other mechanics. But at the same time, it has been in the works for so long and the community seriously deserves it. It was promised just to be ignored from what it seems because it has been years. I was a staff member 3+ years ago when people were hyped for a big SSM update. Now I've returned and it's still not here. We can only hope, honestly, that it will come out at some point. AlexTheCoder, one of Java's main devs has hinted at an update coming out next week that is meant to be big. Someone also asked him for his score from 1-10 at how well he thinks the update will be received, and Alex said 8-10. Maybe this is SSM. or Clans season 7. Regardless, whichever one it is it seems to be something the community has been begging for forever so let's believe it's one of them
    Posted Feb 6, 2021
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  6. I'm going to try to keep this short. I understand a lot of what you're saying, but I still see a lot of it differently but I dont think theres any point of getting into that.

    In your other reply you said the words "you, your, and you're" a lot, so it seemed like you were talking about me. There's nothing wrong with that but if you're talking about threads in general, it would probably be better to use words like "they/their/they're" If I knew you weren't talking about me, then I wouldnt have been so critical and my other post would have been a lot shorter. So I apologize.

    Another thing I want to talk about it the solution thing you mentioned. Yes I know it's important to have your own solutions for a problem you find, but sometimes a player will know that something is broken, but they won't know any good solutions of how to fix it.

    Another thing is that yes, I agree that if someone is being toxic then their thread should get removed, but what I'm saying is that I know that threads have been locked even though it didn't seem toxic and it seemed like something that people would be able to reply to. Like they weren't in caps with 13 exclamation marks and they weren't throwing insults, they were just saying something broken. Obviously, a thread should be locked if it's just someone being toxic, but I think that if someone wants to complain about a game, then they should be able to and other people should also be able to reply to them. Obviously, it would turn into a problem if they complain about the same thing every time, but once in a while I feel like players just really want to go off about a problem and get it over with. Sometimes I think it's a good thing if players let their frustration show through. It makes it easier to relate to their issue and I don't think it should be regarded as toxic or complaining too much. So I still don't think it should be locked in that case unless they are clearly being hateful or making too many of the same type of thread.

    One final thing that I want to say doesn't really have anything to do with mods or threads being locked, so you can ignore it if you want. but this is a problem with the community. I can't tell you how many times I read someone having a problem and they have perfectly good explanations and why it should be fixed. But then you have a sweat that probably spends way too much time on the game acting like it is only player skill issue and nothing more. So I think that's another thing that adds to frustration but honestly can't think of a way to do anything about it. But that is another reason why players might feel like posting about a problem is pointless. Again, not blaming the server for this one

    Sorry if maybe I seemed too critical or whiny earlier. I don't want to make excuses but I was frustrated, but I don't mean to completely bash the mod team or the rules or anything. I just want to get a point across
    Posted Feb 6, 2021
  7. My problem is the extreme lack of players in games. Mixed arcade usually has around 300 players at peak hours but specific games usually have 0 players or are just dead.
    Posted Feb 14, 2021
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  8. i got banned for 40 days for "bunny hopping and speeding around the map" and because it was a senior mod they needed no evidence, and denied my appeal since i had no evidence that i wasn't cheating. i never play on my titan rank account now because im scared it will happen again and maybe this time permanently, i am sick of servers enforcing guilty until proven innocent rules
    Posted Feb 15, 2021
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  9. Not all are defending, mainly just explaining how systems work. There are definitely plenty of things wrong in Mineplex - I'd never blindly defend the server knowing it's doing wrong. But some people tend to blow things heavily out of proportion, so I just try to explain them. Once again though, that's not to say that I agree with every rule, system, or whatever, but do understand the reasoning behind some of them, which I try my best to explain to others.

    As I'm now a staff member again, I can do a bit more to help anybody with things they complain about whether that's dozens of hackers in their games or other questions. As a part of CCO I can also respond to people's ideas properly by knowing what has been previously denied + why as well as what has been approved. I can't change the server completely or how it works but I can do the rest (+ suggest changes to things if necessary).
    Posted Mar 7, 2021
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  10. Sorry if I sound like that to you, but I don't try to argue. I make sure to try to understand what the issue is (in the above long post I said that I'm not happy about the lack of SSM update and it's ridiculous it was announced 3+ years ago only to not happen) and try to give solutions
    Posted Mar 7, 2021
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  11. I see, unfortunately mineplex does that a lot i always see some mod saying "don't worry we have a big update planned in the next few months!" and we never get that update.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 7, 2021
  12. Gyro is next level my dude
    Posted Mar 7, 2021
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  13. indeed
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 8, 2021
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  14. Ok, so there are a lot of your points I agree with, but I'm going to mainly focus on the updates part. In my opnion I feel some more attention should be put on bedrock MIneplex. I see to many responses to post saying something along the lines of "Anyone who is serious about the game eventually moves to Java", I've played this game for as long as I remember, I've played dedicated faction servers, community based survival servers, map build teams, and I've been very dedicated to Mineplex for a long time. I think I'm serious about the game, while I understand a lot of dedicated players come for Java I feel there are just as many on Bedrock. So I see no reason for the Bedrock Staff Team to be smaller than Java's when Bedrock has a much larger player-base. I've talked with a few Bedrock Mods before and I respect them for the work they put in, I respect them for trying to bring more attention to the game. But I still feel it's not enough yet, I feel like Bedrock should get just as much, if not more, updates than Java. There are some pretty simple solutions to this problem for example, make a Mineplex Bedrock build team. This may seem like a daunting task, but it really shouldn't be that bad. I know so many dedicated players that are on Bedrock that the only reason they've never applied is because of the owning Java edition requirment. Another example, advertising becoming a bedrock mod as an option. You'll never increase the staff team if you don't show people that it's an option, it's as simple as making one post, the outcome could suprise you. In general, I feel that Mineplex Bedrock needs some attention. From quality of life changes to game changers. But either way, thanks Mineplex for the years of entertainment and hopefully it will entertain generations of kids who've played Minecraft a million times and just want something different for years to come.
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
  15. https://www.mineplex.com/threads/the-state-of-bedrock.191465/
    I feel @Jet Starglaze sums up my opinions pretty well here, but like I said above just give bedrock some mroe attention. There are some pretty easy fixes that just haven't been fixed in an insane amount of time. But like I said above, I respect the mods and devs for what they've accomplished so far I just think they could be doing more.
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
  16. lol yea Bedrock is fun I like beating up touch players Java is boring
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
  17. They don't really add what the people want, they add what they want.
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
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  18. yeah this has happened many times matter of fact I went to reply to one of the other threads where I was quoted and couldn’t because it had been locked as in non constructive or innapropriate and the funniest part was the post I was going to reply to was a mod saying they don’t lock or delete threads without reason or because they are talking about changes etc but then after I read to the bottom I saw it was locked and couldn’t respond which was pretty funny tbh but still sad any of us who post here regularly about topics pertaining to changes made or being made and giving our opinions feedback and criticism have seen their posts been removed without any reasoning given just deleted or threads locked despite having no toxicity or any reason that the conversation could be construed as innapropriate there’s definitely a pattern
    Posted Mar 9, 2021
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  19. I get muted for saying a fake ssn in chat ik it was my fault and why I was muted but I messaged the person who denied my mute appeal with every single detail about how I got it and what I did to get to the page. I even provided multiple screenshots and they still said the mute is "sufficient"
    Posted Mar 9, 2021
  20. I agree with everything you say here. Im not really that informed about the controversys so im not gonna comment on that. You inspired me to write my thread "The State of Bedrock". But yeah i agree that these issue are bringing down the server.
    Posted Mar 9, 2021
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