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What game are you the best at?

Discussion in 'Surveys' started by saltyfishhy, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone! I just wanted to do this quick survey to see what types of games people are best at (inside mineplex) and I thought this was a good place to do it.

    For example, I am best at

    1. Cakewars
    2. Survival games
    3. Death Tag
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
  2. I am personally best at
    1)super paintball
    3)bomb lobbers

    Great survey idea! I'm looking forward to see other peoples answers
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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  3. Hey! Good thread idea!

    The games I am best at is:
    1) Dragon Escape
    2) Turf Wars
    3) Speed Builders

    The reason why I think I am good at Dragon Escape is that I have always been good at parkour and I think I can perform well under pressure (how I am under pressure is the dragon is trying to chase you so you have to rush and complete the parkour before it removes the blocks you are standing on). I think I am good at Turf Wars because I, once again, have always been good at shooting with a bow. I don't know what it is but I guess I just have good accuracy and timing and I can sort of read peoples' minds to tell where they are going to go next. I also think I am good at Speed Builders because I have quite a good memory and I can quickly calculate the number of blocks/length something is.

    Looking forward to seeing the replies and what other people are good at!
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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  4. 1. Cakewars
    2. Skyfall
    3. Speed Builders
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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  5. To be honest I'd probably say that I'm the best at SuperSmash Mobs using the Squid kit. I don't know if it's just plainly me or the fact that the squid kit is really OP. I'm not really the best at games like Survival Games, ETC even though I'm decent at PVP.
    - TheProTroller
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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  6. Heyo!

    For me, I'd say I'm quite good at Cake Wars, Nano Games and Sky Wars.

    In chronological order:
    1. Sky Wars
    2. Cake Wars
    3. Nano Games
    I play these games quite a lot as for me they're a lot of fun and give the most XP. Back in 2017 Sky Wars was definitely my favourite as it was a nice quick game that was fun and offers a lot of XP (if you win). Cake Wars is really fun and requires lots of teamwork which makes the game even more enjoyable. And Nano, I like how fast-moving the game is and you don't have to constantly keep re queuing for the game.
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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  7. Super Smash Mobs, mostly because It's like the only game I play lol.

    Ofc I'm nothing compared to those monstrous guys at the top, but I'm ranked 74'th currently.
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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  8. My current best games would be
    1) Super Smash Mobs
    2) Skywars
    3) Gladiators

    I'm also good at survival games and cakewars, pretty much anything PvP related! However, I voted SSM at the top, because that's my most won game with 5.3k wins, skywars is my second with over 3k, and gladiators similar to around 650. I believe I have 1.9k in cakewars, and 503 wins in SG. Bomb lobbers is around 700 wins, Micro battles is around 1000 etc. I can say I'm rather proud of my stats!
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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  9. Hey!

    Personally, I am not good at many games lol. Maybe it's my hand-eye coordination, or lack of epic gaming knowledge. However, when I decided to play games I feel I am the best at Survival Games, Micro Battles, and Draw My Thing. All 3 of which also happen to be my favorite games on the server, allowing me to play them more often and become a better player in general. Even though I'm not the best at pvp, I love playing those games and also the fun casual games like Draw My Thing that allow for a nice experience with friends minus the troubles faced from trying so hard. Thanks for asking!
    Posted Oct 20, 2019
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  10. 1. Minestrike
    2. Turf Warz
    3. Bomb Lobbers
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
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  11. I'd say personally that I am best at:
    1.Cake Wars:
    No boast or anything, but for me to loose at cake wars is very rare, I watch a lot of bed wars youtubers and I learn very quickly how to do well at a game by watching youtubers play it. For me to loose at cake wars though, I must've had a very bad day.
    2.Sky Wars
    Same as Cake wars, very rare for me to loose unless I have had a bad day. There was this one time when I couldn't find any food in any chest and I simply lost because I couldn't heal up and I had to face the last guy with one heart. On the other hand, I beat this teleport hacker once by knocking him into the void, he was a garbage hacker tbh
    3. Mixed Arcade in general but if you want specifics, One in the Quiver
    I am very good at all the Mixed Arcade games, but one in the quiver is my favorite because i can bow, and axe pvp well

    on the other hand, there are certain games I am trash at:
    1. Master Builders
    I have legit never won a single Master Builders match and I've always seem to get last place. I am that bad at building fast!
    seriously who is good at Skyfall lol
    3. Survival Games:
    I have a very low win/loss ratio, but i think it is because i used to use necromancer kit and my own skeletons would attack me alot
    Posted Oct 23, 2019,
    Last edited Oct 23, 2019
  12. In terms of stats, survival games would be the game that I'm best at. In all honesty, I'm not even that good at it anymore since the majority of my wins came from 2015 when rodding wasn't a well known mechanic (and is one that I can't really get the hang of), so I was able to put my fairly above average CPS to use. I've got somewhere near 260 wins and have all the achievement kits. Now that people are much better at pvp I find myself losing a lot of fights. That combined with my higher ping due to the deactivation of the EU servers has caused me to not play much survival games anymore.

    The game that I would say that I'm the next best at is probably Skywars. I've learned to speed bridge pretty consistently which means that if I'm lucky I'm able to make it to the middle chests before anyone else and get absurdly powerful gear. Plus I've played a lot of Skywars with my friend @AyyNick , who is good at pvp and the game-mode overall, so I may have stolen a few of his tactics lol.

    Finally, I'd say that I'm pretty good at nano games. I can consistently score top 3 on the majority of the mini games. Also, it's just a really fun game mode to play.

    In a list format, the games that I think I'm best at are:

    1. Survival Games
    2. Skywars
    3. Nano games.

    Interesting thread idea. I'm curious to see what other players are good at!
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
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  13. Heyo!

    I have been playing Mineplex for a while now, meaning I have played a majority of the games offered here. On the other hand, I haven't managed to get into every single one, nor am I the best at all of them. Regardless, I still have had the time to become fairly skilled in certain games, and consider myself "decent" at them. I'll just got ahead and list them off.

    1. Cake Wars Fours - I prefer to play this version over duos seeing as I have more experience with it, and the games end a lot quicker. I have almost been playing this game off and on for two years now, so I consider this to be one of my top games on the network.

    2. Sky Wars - I have also been a long term player for this, going way back to even the original kits of Sky Wars. I have one of my kits at level 100, and the rest around level 10-50.

    3. Super Smash Mobs - I don't play this one as much, but it definitely still is enjoyable, and it was one of my first main games on the network as a kid. With that in mind, that is probably the last one I would consider to have the most "experience in" - for Java anyway.

    Since I don't believe anybody has mentioned these before either, I'll go ahead and list off my Bedrock ones as well (although I am trying to become more active on there).

    1. Sky Wars - since most of these games don't have as many PC players, it puts me already at a huge advantage. Besides this, I have had an 11 kill game on here, and have been doing pretty well with this game.

    2. Mob Arena - I am pretty good at this one since it isn't PvP directed, and have lasted pretty long in this as well. While I don't spent a lot of time in this one, I believe it is one of my more favorite games on Bedrock.

    3. Caks Wars Regular - Self explanatory, I enjoy it on both sides of the network.

    Interesting question, I'm surprised to see everybody's interests on the games here. Have a nice day!
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
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  14. So for me I’m pretty good at PvP games however those on bedrock. These are the three top games I’m best at going from best to medium to ok.
    1. Skywars
    2. Survival games
    3. Master builders
    Of course there are other games that I play and am good at but these are my top three games.

    In skywars I simply rush mid and player islands and I get multiple wins in a row with up to 7 kills each round! (Yes I count the kills my self)

    Posted Oct 23, 2019
  15. 1. Skywars
    2. Champions
    3. Survival Games
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
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  16. Bedrock Edition
    1) Micro Battles
    2) Mob Arena
    3) Dragons

    Java Edition
    Not gonna lie, trash at every game on Java because everyone is good at PvP here but the games that are fun are
    1) Cake Wars
    2) Nano Games
    3) Mixed Arcade
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
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  17. Definitely the order of games which I am best at would be:

    1. Nano Games
    2. Cake Wars
    3. Skywars

    I am really good at NANO as I play it a lot, I enjoy playing it due to it's simple and relaxed nature, which makes it a very manageable and enjoyable game to play! I am good at cake wars but only with a team of good players, I'm not so good at soloing in cake wars but I could probably do it. Back in the day, I played a lot more skywars than I do now but I am still fairly good at it! This is all Java Edition just to clear that up with anyone!​
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
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  18. 1. Super Paintball
    2. Nano Games
    3. Speed Builders
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
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  19. I would say my best games would be as follows:
    1) Survival games
    2) Speed builders
    3) unknown
    I started playing on Mineplex and my first game type was Survival Games. Since then I just got good at that game and then I stuck with it. As for speed builders, that's a pretty fantastic game, doesn't take too much brainwork and I like that. As for my third being unknown, it's because I'm not really good at any other games :)
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
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  20. Nothing, cause I suck at everything
    Posted Oct 23, 2019
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