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what exactly is with all the hate towards hit-n-run playstyle?

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by Glitchy, Jan 29, 2021.

  1. like I see people get mad at me because I play hit-n-run when I can't engage on the right, I mean chicken does hit-n-run/evasive maneuvers all the time so why is it different when a class besides chicken does it?
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  2. Heyo!

    From my past experience on SSM, I had some hate as well as regards the chicken kit. Personally, I believe that the chicken kit has to be one of the hardest kits to attack and defend from my standpoint. I was once an avid member of SSM, but I lost respect in that specific game because I began losing skill, which wasn't satisfying. However, I did enjoy playing SSM with my friends. Other kits aren't as bad in terms of offensive and defensive because the hitboxes aren't as small as a chicken and magma cube.

    This also relies on the skill that you implement. Meaning, that if you are good and know advanced strategies in SSM, then you have an advantage against your opponent(s). Also, this goes deeper when it comes to kits. The different gem cost of each kit varies from thousands to the achievement kit. Obviously, when the gems go higher, the kit has more of an advantage when they attack and defend. So I wouldn't worry about what other people say just because you're doing the right thing, and not cross-teaming. Overall, I wouldn't worry about what anybody says, just do what you think is right (that is abiding by the rules). Hope this helped. :)
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
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  3. but what about hit-n-run in general? why do people feel so spiteful towards it?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 29, 2021
  4. Heyo!

    Well, the person who's being hit-n-runed has negative intentions towards the other. When the person is losing to a fight, they do have frustrations, because they are the ones experiencing the negative side. I see it as a troll or just someone attacking the other and backing off because they just want to get damage on the other person. In SSM if you wait long enough that your hunger runs out, then the other person comes in to deal some damage. If the other person is experiencing the hit-n-run, then they obviously show raging actions and have negative intentions towards their opponent. I hope this answered your question, clearly.
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
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  5. It's annoying because it stems from kits with DDJ. Particularly Wolf. A Wolf that constantly runs and only turns around to cub tackle (if it hits they go all in) can get tiresome quickly. Spider has a similar situation but at least you know you're gonna get killed by someone who has a decent amount of skill. Chicken isn't a problem at all.

    Also, the DDJ kits usually just spam run on a huge map until they can get an opening or regen their health. Really annoying.
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
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  6. I thought you hated on everything in the game tho

    A lot of people that hit and run aren't even that good, they mostly just use cheap playstyles when they realize that someone is better than them. I don't think hit and running is bad all the time though, like it makes sense to do it if you're low. But people that do it for the WHOLE TIME are the problem. It's really annoying to fight these people because you have to be really patient. Especially if its a wolf or spiders. They just run and you can't really catch them. If it's a chicken it's less of a problem because chicken is such a piece of trash that it dies in like 3 hits anyways. yes its annoying but chicken is also weak. But a lot of people who do hit and run are using stronger kits like CREEPER, or ENDERMAN. OR WOLF/SPIDER. OR ZOMBIE/SKELETON, which is annoying because the arrows have basically no cooldown and they just shred

    And I've had hit and runners accuse me of hit and running which is really hypocritical but yeah i know how its like to be hated on for it
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
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  7. I had to fight a runny magma on Snowfall as a pig and the game timer expired.
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  8. And to answer your question, it's different when chickens do it because they have bad armor and regen. Most are easy to beat. In my opinion, aggressive chickens are fun to play against since they're usually a challenge.
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  9. That's cringe and that happened to me twice. One with a spider and one with a magma on "Avialae," really annoying map they deleted
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  10. Avialae didn't have much cover though
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  11. I mean most the time it's during a fight between two other people so the person keeps coming and lowering one person's health which is the main reason why people despise the ffa system because it's just overall bad. It's also just cheap and not really different than a creeper sulphur bombing and running and keep repeating it. Hit and run is just an annoying strategy that's hard to fight against unless you have a direct double jump kit. No one enjoys a game where you just have to wait for the opponent to make a move, it's boring. And worth it to just end the game and leave over waste time in it.
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
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  12. Because it is SSM

    no matter how you play, someone, somewhere will find something to hate about it
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
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  13. it's a pretty good strat, I think its okay because players need to learn how to play around it and space properly while still being aggro. It definitely is a lot easier to run than to catch the runner though, so that's why people dont like it
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  14. How do you catch a running wolf?
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  15. in that context frick them >:(
    u cant rly catch wolves or spiders that be like that, kinda flawed system
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  16. You are a master skeleton so surely you can do some arrow-jitsu and massacre them like flies?
    Posted Jan 29, 2021
  17. I too have wondered this. I used to main golem around 7 years ago and I have come back to the game and I am no longer good with it. I tried out wolf and really liked it so it is now my new main. The amount of hate wolf players get is unbelievable. I usually go all in and stun them with the cub and then just hit them and strike them then run and let them recharge and go again as it is a very powerful technique although everyone hates it. Obviously I am not as good as the other players with 4k+ wins so I need to implement a technique that allows me to win otherwise I will just get beaten every round, yet this gets a lot of hate from many other players.
    Posted Jan 30, 2021
  18. Don’t play wolf lol play a more skill worthy kit, wolf is hated for being one of the most broken and obnoxious kits in the game, having basically every good thing going for it. As for the question ask yourself: would you rather chase a small hit box char 40-50 mins all game only for either you die due to void kills or B. Timer. OR would you rather a fun match with people who actually approach you and play the game how it’s intended to be played instead of playing dragon escape (which I tell runners to play when they lose)
    Posted Jan 30, 2021
  19. Hi, I remember you from a game yesterday and I also believe that I said something about wolf being overpowered. I know how you feel, however I am going to stand by my opinion. I am going to try to tell you this in the most respectful way possible, and still get my point across. Wolf gets hate for good reasons. I'm sure it gets more hate than anything else in the game, which should be a clue of how busted it is. It is undoubtedly one of the most OP kits in the game, whether you agree with it or not. A lot of strategies used by wolves are cheap/scummy as well. Running away until cub tackle recharges is an example that a lot of wolf users do. It's clear that a lot of wolves aren't even good enough to melee people without cub tackle, so this makes dying to one even more insulting. But cub tackle paired with strike + ravage is insanely broken and powerful, that most people just die right there or walk away with one or two hearts. And another problem is the wolf's speed making it impossible to catch it unless you're using spider. Which the wolf just exploits and runs at sonic speed across the map. OR if the wolf is decent at PvP then it makes wolf 5 times more broken because it can spam left click as it runs into someone. Getting away from this situation is pretty hard, but the wolf is able to effortlessly obliterate players.

    Now I know how it feels to play against really good players. But if you are not good enough to beat them, then you should just accept it instead of ruining the game by using strategies that most find as unfair and scummy. If you want to keep using wolf, we can't do anything about it, but I strongly suggest that you try other kits as well so you can be more well-rounded and improve at the game. If you only use wolf, then you're going to encounter toxicity/hate a lot more often. And I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying that it's gonna happen.
    Posted Jan 30, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 30, 2021
  20. An issue with wolf is the camera panning when you get tackled. Your camera gets launched high everytime you get hit while cub tackled. If they made it stationary, the problem with aiming would be solved.
    Posted Jan 30, 2021

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