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What do you Like Most About the Current Website? What about the Past Website, Enjin?

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by Kindnessaj, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. What I like the most about the current website is how well-made it really is. For example, the past website had tags that while they looked good, didn't quite reach their potential in beauty, whilst the current tags on the website look absolutely incredible and by far, completely surpass the Enjin ones(not saying they weren't good just saying the current ones are better). And, another example of this is the Mineplex logo on the top of the page, if you move your mouse around you'll notice the background moves with it, which is just so beautiful and unique, I just haven't seen that before and even now it still amazes me. As for the past website, Enjin, I really liked it because it was not only wholesome, but it had an interesting form of doing things, such as how you could've added text on your banner thing and it would look great, but yeah, what about you? What do you like the most about both?
    Posted Nov 2, 2021
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  2. umm well I wasn't here during the enjin days, only joined last year and I think xenoforo started being used around 2017-2018, so I don't really know what enjin was like
    Posted Nov 2, 2021
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  3. The Hypixel Provisional Administration cannot comment on the Enjin mineplex website as at the time the hypixel provisional administration did not exist
    Posted Nov 2, 2021
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  4. its good,

    i got banned on enjin lol
    Posted Nov 2, 2021
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  5. The Enjin daysssss I remember those xD

    Xenforo is so much better haha its a lot more welcoming looking and user friendly imo

    What I really like about the forums is how clean it looks, while still holding some easter eggs that kind of remind me of enjin. We still have the MC characters on profiles and people we follow and the like, but its not as bulky as enjin was. Its a lot easier to keep track of things I think, certain threads and documents are easier to find, like leaderboards and such.
    Posted Nov 3, 2021
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  6. The Xenforo forums are super pretty but what I loved about Enjin were player walls, it took me some time to get used to the new Xenforo style but wanderer did a great job at making them really similar to what we had in the past so the transition wasn't too difficult. For example, I really dislike the Hypixel forums and the player walls there because they're just not that nice and they're too cluttered, but the ones here are great.

    I can agree on the tags statement, I remember how they looked like back in the day and the current subteam icons and general rank tags are so much better. They look more modern while keeping the colourful, playful Mineplex style rather than like they came straight out of 2010.
    Posted Nov 3, 2021
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  7. Yeah, I just generally don't really like how the jypixel forums are set up/laid out
    Posted Nov 3, 2021
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  8. Enjin... so much could be said about Enjin...

    The constant drama, the "leave a potato if I helped", the Helper tryhards, the crazy signatures, the Quality Poster award, the Community Enthusiast award, the profile views, the favourite friends, the old posts, the discussions... Enjin had it all. And man am I glad to have lived through it.

    These new forums don't hold a candle to Enjin's forums. I'm ashamed of the downgrade -- but it is what it is. The worst part is that all of my old posts have been deleted! Forever! :(
    Posted Nov 3, 2021
  9. Yeah the forums were confusing for me on hypixel. Except I don’t use it much either and am not used to it.
    Posted Nov 3, 2021
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  10. In my opinion, I like this over Enjin a lot more. I feel like the limitations of Enjin and overall neglect from the Enjin devs made it hard for the website to really look or function well. Haven't really bothered to navigate profiles here but the layout of the profile page does remind me of Enjin in a few ways. Everything also looks a lot more up-to-date and not like it was abandoned a few years ago.

    I don't know how Xenforo is really setup since I've used Enjin for all my life, but I can see that a lot more love and work has been put into this one. Whether it's because there's not so many technical limitations, or some other factor, I probably won't know, but I definitely prefer this over the Enjin website.

    I will say, though, that I did like Enjin because Mineplex was just a part of a greater community (Enjin) and I could easily navigate to different websites or to different profiles outside of Mineplex without going to a completely separate platform to do that. I guess I do have a bit of bias towards Enjin as well because that's where I made all of my friends and am just more familiar with everything there.

    So I guess, in terms of nostalgia, Enjin is my go-to, but for everything else, this website does better.
    Posted Nov 5, 2021
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  11. Best part of the Xenforo website is the integration of in-game leaderboards and player stats - aside from linking your account, Enjin had nothing like that.

    Enjin however, was much better when it came to the social side of things eg. walls, profiles, friends etc. Though at the same time, this may have been a contributing factor to all the drama that used to circulate around the Enjin community, lol.
    Posted Nov 6, 2021
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  12. I never had a forums account during the enjin days but I read about enjin and I've seen other forums using enjin and I have to say that XenForo is better overall. According to my limited research, it has better features and I can say that it looks nicer.
    Posted Dec 2, 2021
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  13. My favorite aspect of the website is the forums community, I'm pretty new to the forums and everyone is very welcoming which makes Mineplex forums very unique and special.

    I didn't check the website back in the Enjin days so I wouldn't know anything about that!
    Posted Dec 27, 2021
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  14. Xenforo forums look so much better than the enjin days. I just started playing again, but seeing the forums like this is much better than the enjin I used to know. heh
    Posted Dec 27, 2021
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  15. I only used the enjin one like twice so I don't remember :/

    Although for this one I will say I loke the website a lot, everything is very organized and neat. It looks good! And most importantly, it's user friendly and easy to navigate.
    Posted Jan 1, 2022
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  16. I wasn’t here for the last website. But to my knowledge this one is better it has way more features and a better community. If I could I would talk to every staff individually and say this “ thank u for being a staff member here at mineplex I honestly appreciate your hard work and effort to make the place better, your loved and keep your head up” so if your a staff member that statement was for you and for everyone els keep your head up and be safe :)


    That’s true and I don’t know why it says I have u a thumbs down ig I did that on accident I’m sorry

    Broo that’s facts. I think it’s helpful as heck and honestly just fun to look at and I had someone comment on my post saying the hey 10,000 turf war wins! That’s unbelievable what his username is @TheArrowsShadow
    Posted Jan 6, 2022,
    Last edited by a Moderator Jan 7, 2022
  17. The Mineplex website is better organized than the Enjin platform. It's just Standards man.
    Posted Jan 6, 2022
  18. Yeah that’s bassicly what I was saying ;)
    Posted Jan 6, 2022
  19. I'm a bit late to this thread since I didn't notice it, but I spent a lot of time on both sites and significantly prefer the current. Enjin was a lot of fun for nostalgic reasons, and I really enjoy going back to my wall just to see what it was like, but for convenience, xenforo is way better lol. Its faster, can handle the user output better, and is definitely more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. To answer your question, what I like about the current website is how smooth it runs since I've really had no issues with it in that way. When it comes to enjin, nothing. There was nothing about enjin that I preferred to the current website, the only thing I like about enjin is nostalgia. When it comes to the forum's set up itself and comparing the two, I feel the current website is just an upgrade in essentially every way.
    Posted Jan 7, 2022
  20. I’ve never been on the old website but yes I would definitely go back to the old website for nostalgia. But when I go back to things like the I get flash backs and start crying lol. But I completely agree with u.
    Posted Jan 7, 2022

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