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what celebrities have you met?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by neotheater, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Hi!

    Just a lil' question for you all. Have you met any celebrities? (yes, this includes YouTubers) Or are you going to be meeting any soon?
    I realise I have met a lot of celebrities in my life when my cousin decides to send me a list of all of the YouTubers we have met together, and I wondered what celebrities other people have met! I have mainly met these people at conventions/shows I go to, whether that be Britains Got Talent, VidCon, Comic Con or some sort of meet-up!

    Ones I met:
    - Ant and Dec (the nicest <3)
    - Bradley Walsh
    - David Walliams
    - Simon Cowell
    - Mark Labbett
    - Stephen Mulhern
    - Warwick Davis
    - Billy Piper
    - Peter Capaldi
    - Matt Smith
    - Jim Parsons
    - Philip Schofield
    - Kiosk Keith!

    YouTube: most of these were by accident/with my little cousin who is obsessed with YouTube
    - stampylonghead
    - iBallisticsquid
    - Amylee33
    - James Charles
    - ImAllexx
    - WillNE x3
    - Stephen Tries
    - James Marriott
    - Zoella
    - PointlessBlog
    - Caspar Lee
    - Louise Pentland
    - Joey Graceffa
    - TomSka
    - The Gabbie Show
    - Daz Black
    - Ollie White x2
    - Jack Maynard x3
    - Joe Sugg
    - dodie
    - sWooZie
    - Ally Law
    & more. We have been to say many events there are genuinely too many to name, plus I only know a couple of these lol.

    - Daniel Goodfellow
    - Tom Daley
    - Jessica Ennis

    - Jack Carroll
    - Ed Miliband
    - Bars and Melody
    - Russell Howard
    - DJ Arch Jr

    Celebrities I want to meet some day:
    - Ariana Grande
    - Alec Benjamin

    Celebrities I'm meeting soon:
    - John Barrowman (12th December 2019)
    - AJR (14th December 2019)

    Share your own experiences below!
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  2. Hey there!

    Geez, I can only meet so many celebrities in my dreams, lol.

    The celebrities I have met were David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Liza Koshy, Robert Downey Jr., Mabel, BTS, OneRepublic, The Jonas Brothers, and... (that's all of the ones that I can think of atm that I've met)
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  3. First of all @neotheater all I can say is wow.... that's an insane amount of people xD

    The most famous YouTuber I met was @Sven. The other celebrities I've met are all NHL players and they were at my job. Considering I'm a man of compliance, I cannot disclose who they were for privacy reasons but I've met a lot of them. My mom's best friend is also married to an ex-NHL player who played for Montreal, Pittsburgh and Detroit.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  4. You've met so many celebrities and popular influencers, that's crazy xD

    Interesting enough, I really haven't met any huge celebrities or social media influencers in my lifetime, I live in a small town without much to do, and people don't really come here ever. I think I passed Roman Atwood near Columbus, Ohio some time, but that's a big maybe. (I promise I go out)
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
  5. Hey!

    I can not believe how many celebrities you've met over the years, honestly I didn't know anyone had met that many before! I'm quite the opposite to you, I have barely met any celebrities as I haven't traveled much and I also haven't gone to many shows/concerts. There was one time a few years ago where a friend and I thought we'd go to this small presentation of Lucy Hale, and so we went there and watched her presentation, but apart from that, I've never met anyone too famous before.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  6. Wow you've met a ridiculous amount of famous people.

    The only one that I can even think of is an author that came to my school last year, and I don't even remember their name.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
  7. AJR is a band not a person.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
  8. I got to meet Roger Taylor, Brian May, and Adam Lambert from Queen when they were playing in my city, best day of my life!
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
  9. Whats poppin!

    I can see you’ve really met a lot of celebrities in your time haha. I haven’t really met a lot of celebrities since I’m down south and there aren’t really a lot of people who are famous down here. Though there are some youtubers I wish I could meet.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
  10. LOL, you're unbelievable @Look_Dan

    I think the most famous person I have ever met would be Justin Trudeau, who is the Canadian prime minister as well as Adele when she was still making music! I wish I could meet JK Rowling though, being the author of Harry Potter and other amazing books.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  11. I've been stream mod for youtubers with 1k+ subs, but I don't count that as celebrities. But I know @Kyuine and @Dezzy and they might as well be celebrities if not just amazing friends c:
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  12. Here are a few musicians I’ve met (in order of meeting them!)

    Note that I mean “meet” as in having a full conversation - none of these interactions were special back-stage passes, planned encounters, or paid for

    My Chemical Romance
    -In 2000; Gerard & co. were heading to release their debut album Bullets/Love

    The White Stripes
    -In 2001; this was before the public knew about Jack & Meg’s relation (siblings? married? who knew!) - they were what got me into rock music

    Britney Spears
    -Spears stopped by the record label my mother worked at, she was still a young lady with a lot of ambition

    Thom Yorke (of Radiohead)
    -2004, at a festival w/ Beastie Boys & Blur

    Paul McCartney
    -On the streets of the Hamptons — my father has also met Ringo

    -Played at a (very) local venue, very nice lads

    St. Vincent
    -Sony Music rooftop concerts helped me during long days of animating social content

    Plain White T’s
    -I spoke extensively to the guitarist & singer at the same local venue (as AJR); the drummer wasn’t very enthusiastic even though I’m a drummer too but it’s ok

    Tonight Alive
    -Met outside another show in which they were an opening act - Jenna gives lovely hugs as expected

    -Met after their show, I waited two hours and missed my train home but it was incredibly worth it!!! (They’re my favorite post-hardcore band)

    Nothing But Thieves
    -Fav band. I met Conor (vocalist) and Price (James, the drummer) at a gig in NYC! Incredibly sweet, and I was so happy :)
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  13. Wow, that is a lot! I did meet Colleen Ballinger and her sister Rachel when I went to a Miranda Sings show. Besides that, I haven't met anyone else unless you consider the cast of High-5 from years ago famous, ahah.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  14. I have seen @DivinePegasi irl but I was to nervous and i didnt have enough confidence in myself to go up and talk to her haha
    Posted Nov 21, 2019
  15. If you count meeting people as talking to them, I've probably met half of my country's politicians of the previous decade due to my dad's position in the government, but I suppose they aren't too important and aren't known by many people. Just thought I'd mention it though.

    Otherwise, I live in a rented flat in a three-story house, with three families living in it - the rent givers, my family, and a famous singer in my country, Massimo (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massimo_Savić). So I find that to be pretty cool.

    I've personally met a famous footballer from the 90's, Davor Šuker, today president of the Croatian Football Association. He was the best goalscorer of the 1998 World Cup, which is widely regarded as the best football WC ever. He gifted me a shirt of one of the players. It happened in halftime of a match of which I have very fond memories of, especially because it was played between two of my favorite national teams: my own, Croatia, and Finland.

    Speaking of shirts, I have a small collection of these. Alongside that one, I possess Cristiano Ronaldo's shirt from Real Madrid with signatures of 11 players (including CR7, Modrić, Keylor Navas etc.) and Luka Modrić's shirt with a short personal dedication and signature.

    Alright, this post has been one major flex over things that cannot be compared to the rest of you all meeting global stars, but I am really glad to have been able to see and even meet some locally famous people.
    Posted Nov 21, 2019
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  16. Wow, the only celebrity I have met is an actor from some kind of bad quality TV series in Russia
    --- Post updated ---
    I also had seen some kids of Russian and Azerbaijan politicians. These kids were studying in my school in Cyprus. We also have a Chinese kid who had Mao as second name, but I don't think that he actually is the relative of the Chinese ruler from 20th century
    Posted Nov 21, 2019
  17. x to doubt, we all know I never leave my house : )

    Anyways while I'm here I guess I'll share my answer - about a year ago I was having breakfast at a hotel where coincidentally it was the same one that a lot of MC YouTubers were staying at for a Minecraft convention. I don't remember who all was there but I do recall seeing Parker, OMGChad, and JeromeASF. They were all sitting at tables around me and I wanted to say hello or whatever but yeah I was way too scared to do that lol (I did end up saying hi/getting a photo with some of them later during the day)

    A few months ago though I went to a One Republic concert with some of my friends so if that counts as meeting someone famous then sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Posted Nov 21, 2019
  18. First off neo, this is insane xD

    I've only met a few celebs, and I can't even remember a lot of them. One I can remember is Big Shaq though. I was on the bus home and I was passing by Brixton (an area in South London) and Big Shaq was in some massive crowd xD. I've also been lucky enough to meet Stephen Mulhern who was the god of my childhood at one point (due the various TV shows he worked on like Tricky TV and BGT)

    One day I'd love to meet more of the people behind BGT like Ant and Dec (YES PLS), Simon Cowell and David Walliams.
    Posted Nov 21, 2019
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  19. If you count kittycouch with 80k followers on insta a celebrity I've met them at a convention before.

    I also met Reggie Fils-Aíme.

    That's about it, I'm not much into celebrities unless they inspire me
    Posted Nov 21, 2019
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  20. Ummm no one...
    Posted Nov 21, 2019
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