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What are some good tips for trainee applications/interviews?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by uhDamien, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. All answers welcome
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
  2. I think really just trying to be yourself and showing what you are like is the biggest tip I can give you. A lot of the people that apply try to put on a fake persona of a perfect person, but no one is perfect, so don't be afraid to show that in your application. You need to understand that a ton of people are applying, so you need to figure out what makes you stand out from everybody else who is applying. Lastly, you want to spend a considerably large amount of time on the application and treat some of the answers like a school essay, good grammar included. I hope this helped and let me know if you have any more questions!
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
  3. I get denied for "Not Enough Detail" every time, do you have any tips how to improve on that area for the application?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 26, 2020
  4. Not that I really advise anyone to try to get staff on this server, but that's really self-explanatory. If you're getting denied for not putting enough detail into your application, literally just put more detail into your application. Duh.
    Posted Feb 27, 2020
  5. Put in lots of detail.

    I have applied a few times and my only problem was the amount of detail I put into my paragraphs. Also having lots of game time and experience with all aspects of the server helps a lot.
    Posted Feb 27, 2020
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  6. I would recommend illustrating your points in your application more detailed. By this, I mean that you should explain/give more detail of the content you're writing. For example, if you're saying that you like the server, try to give examples of why. Include every detail that might be useful for the recruiters. However, don't write anything that doesn't lead anywhere. Make sure that the details you add are really necessary.

    Also, I highly recommend reading through wwww.mineplex.com/bat and -unapproved link-. These threads are really helpful to get more information about the whole process, especially the last link. You can read all the denial reasons, and also what you can do to improve yourself in that area.

    Another thing I would recommend to do is asking the recruiter that denied your application about why you got denied. Ask the recruiter to be more specific, and also ask for tips on how to improve yourself. That's really helpful.

    Becoming a trainee isn't something that we can all do first try. It requires a lot of tries, and also a lot of dedication. Don't be too upset if you get denied because each time you'll learn more about what you can improve
    Posted Feb 27, 2020
  7. I've actually made a thread directly dedicated about trainee denials a long time ago, but instead of directing you to it, I'll just give you some handful insight from my experience with the position.

    First thing's first, I highly, but HIGHLY recommend you to read these two threads: Becoming a Trainee and Becoming a Trainee 2. Both of these threads go into further detail of what being a Trainee really is like. From the requirements, the whole application process and the list of all denial reasons, it will give you a lot of very important information and will help you a lot if you ever decide to apply again. Additionally, you could try messaging a Recruiter about any question you have regarding the application and trainee position itself and they should give you an answer fairly quick.

    Now, onto the reason you've been denied for, which is as you've said above "Lack of Detail"

    I've been personally denied for this specific reason about 3 times already before being invited to interview on my fourth one. So I can tell you a bit about it. Normally, you'll get denied for this reason because your application is simply not detailed enough. Now, this isn't necessarily because your application didn't reach any specific amount of words. The word count of your application doesn't matter at all to the recruitment. It's more about quality, hence Quality over Quantity. Of course, this doesn't mean you should write 100 words application with a lot of detail, as that will just show how much time you've spent writing your application.

    Recruitment really wants to get to know you the best they can through the application stage, so you should always expand your answer. They also want to see you put an equal amount of detail and effort into each section. You must really show why you want the position and what you're willing to do for it. No one ever said writing applications is easy, so that's why you shouldn't try and rush your application but instead take your time and write as much as you can.

    You also must be honest as possible in your application too. This isn't exactly related to lack of detail, but in a way or another, Recruitment will find out if you're being dishonest with them. And that will leave you in a pretty bad situation too.

    I'm gonna tell you how I dealt with this since I've got denied over 3 times for this reason to give you a better idea of dealing with it yourself: My first application was around 100 words and took approximately 20 minutes to write it and it lasted less than one day basically after submitting it. With my next application, I think I've spent like 2 days with around 450 words and got denied 2 days after. And finally, my third application had still less than 1k words and also got denied 2 days later. I admit myself that even despite taking a few days to write, all of these applications had really poor detail put into them. Next time I applied, I started looking at it from a different angle. From writing short and simple answers, I went out of my way and wrote lengthy and descriptive answers.

    In the end, you're the one becoming a Trainee and even though you might get denied a few times, each denial tells you what you did wrong and allows you to improve and not repeat the same mistakes the next time. The first time I got denied, I've would have never thought that I'd be able to even make it past the application stage. Yet, I didn't give up and gave it my best and I still made it. And because of that, I believe anyone can become a Trainee as long they try their hardest.
    Posted Feb 27, 2020
  8. Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for making the thread you mentioned!
    Posted Feb 27, 2020
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  9. The best advice that I can give you, and I have always given people this when they ask, is Quality over Quantity. You may have heard this already so I apologize if so, but just remember to make sure the information you give actually shows who you are as a person and is effective, don't ramble on for 5 pages but not actually provide any interesting information about yourself. That's about all I can give, I wish you good luck on your application!
    Posted Mar 1, 2020
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  10. Hey! As an RA (Recruitment Assistant), the best advice I could give you is to just spend time on your application and answering the questions to the best of your abilities and thoroughly without adding unnecessary fluff to make your answers look more detailed. Some links that I found very useful during the time of writing my own application were:

    Becoming a Trainee
    Becoming a Trainee 2: Try Harder
    ForeverElite's Trainee Application Guide (Though, it may be a little outdated)
    ForeverElite's What to Know BEFORE Applying for Mineplex Staff

    The first and second link especially helped me out a bunch since it provides a lot of information, helpful tips and a more in depth insight on how the application process works. The last two are two Youtube videos made by a former Trainee Management Sr. Mod (now known as Staff Management) regarding an in depth explanation of the application and things to know before applying for staff. While these videos aren't crucial to have seen in order to get a "good" application, it really did help me with mine and gave me a better understanding of what it's like.

    As for your denial reason, there's a section on the BAT2 (second link I provided) that goes over denial reasons. You can check that out here or in the spoiler I've provided below.
    "However, we do have some certain criteria. We really like to see equal effort being put forth into every question, so leaving some less detailed than others isn’t ideal ... Also don’t assume that we know exactly what you’re talking about if you refer to specific places or servers you’ve had experience with before. Really go in-depth and describe every last little responsibility you’ve had before (please state specific server names, you won’t get in trouble for it, I promise) ... Another pitfall I often see applicants making is simply answering the question asked without expanding upon your answer. Is your goal to join Quality Assurance? Cool, tell us why you have waves of euphoria pouring throughout your soul when you think of squashing bugs. Have you had a really awesome interaction with a staff member before? Don’t be afraid to tell us what happened! Do you think that Discord is hands-down the most fantastic part of our network? We’d love to hear all about it!"

    Following that, it's also mentioned in the thread that, "the best way to show and include a lot of detail is to tell us more about yourself. Don’t just answer the question with the bare minimum, really show us what goes on inside your head and why you’ve decided to answer every question the way that you have. The more of your personality we are able to see, the better we can envision you on the staff team and know how you'd operate within it. ...if you'd like to be considered you need to show us what qualities you have which would make you an asset to our staff team, and why you are suitable for the role. This includes explaining conditions such as being 'helpful', 'mature', and 'experienced', as anyone can say they are these things without including some sort of concrete examples."

    Additionally, another thing that's mentioned in the thread (at this point, you can tell that BAT2 is a very useful resource) is that "another common misconception is that the Recruitment team is looking for a specific number of lines/paragraphs, which also is not true. [We] have seen amazing quality applications with only 4-5 sentences per question outshine 4-5 paragraph per question." This is important to know, because people confuse detail with length and just add unrelated fluff to make their answers look bigger because they have a lot of words, but that's not useful if it has nothing to do with the question.

    At the end of the day, it's important to remember that the application is a place for Recruiters to get to get a grasp of how you are as a person and your potential to be a staff member, so it’s important to remain honest and know that ''detail all depends on what you write and how you choose to convey yourself to the Recruitment team.''

    If you have anymore questions, feel free to leave a reply! I'd be happy to help as much as I can to the best of my abilities.
    Posted Mar 1, 2020
  11. Hey!
    As a lot have said, it's all about putting the effort into actually wanting the position. If you just want it a little bit, you most likely aren't going to get Trainee. It's all about how much you want it. I have applied 6 times, ever since December 2018. Me being an underage applicant makes it harder, as you need to show that you can do the job, no matter how old or young you are. I struggled a lot with my applications, and like you, especially with the lack of detail denial. Up until my last application, I actually managed to get to the "pending" stage of applications, but was unfortunately denied. I kind of lost interest after that, and decided it was best not to re-apply, especially as I knew I wasn't going to be anywhere near as active as I was in the past few months.

    The best advice I can give you, is make sure you know that you 100 perrr-cent want the position, to read the links below, watch videos also linked below too. Also, please remember QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!! Also, you can (after being denied) message the recruiter and ask them what you can do to improve.

    ONE LAST THING - Always explain everything. Make sure you go into detail about evidence of past experience, why you want to be staff, etc. etc. For example, if I said the following:

    "I love to help players and moderate - it is a passion of mine. I love to clean the server of hackers and cheaters, to make other player's experience and more fun, and joyful one. The thing that primarily made me apply for Trainee, was I think I can do more. I like to help players, but I wanted to contribute further, and I thought what a good way - apply for staff."

    You need to think "Why is moderation a passion of yours? Why do you think you can do more? Why do you enjoy helping players?" etc.

    Best of luck to you!
    Posted Mar 1, 2020
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  12. Hey! I just re-applyed earlier this week. This is my 3rd application. I've talked to numerous mods and some QA members and even recruitment about tips/tricks. AglThree and itslendingurinn have reviewed my last 2 application's and they said grammar and expanding on your answers is a HUGE deal. These guys get 200+ application's per week and an application that stands out and catches the reviewers eye is a big plus. So be creative and true to yourself. Dont lie because they will find out! Be active on forums and in-game. Help players even if you get denied. Most importantly be a COMMUNITY member; help when you can. Apply for the right reasons, Dont apply to ban hackers, and get the tag; Apply because you really want to help the community and make a difference. Stand strong and keep applying! That's all I got. Have a nice day I hope I helped! -(Beets)
    Posted Mar 1, 2020
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  13. Hey!

    It's definitely tough getting an application rejected; I know this from experience. Fortunately, there are a multitude of ways to improve and set the bar even higher for yourself going forward. I'm sure you've heard all of the generic advice such as to showcase your personality, place quality above quantity, and so on and so forth. I'd like to offer a unique viewpoint on some of these and provide you with direct ways to expand on your answer, mainly designed to overcome the rejection reason of an application that was not detailed enough. Firstly, though, I'll redirect you to a few helpful resources as some have already done.
    This last resource is one I'd like to mention and can often go unnoticed. I myself have been watching this video in stages and I find it very insightful into all elements of Recruitment and Staff Management, and relates much to the Trainee application process. By even watching five minutes, you can discover some useful information. It may seem outdated given that even the name of the Sr. Mod team has changed, but many things remain the same. You might hear that some mentors expect 0.3 days in-game each week, and you'll think to yourself, "Can I do this?" Little things like this can increase your focus toward your goal.

    As for the application, a very useful piece of advice is to give anecdotes. English class has more or less prepared you for some of this. Make your point, explain it and reference. It's not always best to state one of your main characteristics and move onto the next. Are you a meticulous person who pays attention to every single detail? Don't be afraid to provide an example of when this comes into play, whether it's in the real or virtual world. Perhaps you excelled in a group project by throwing your heart and soul into getting that 'A' grade. Relate this back to your personality by adding that this demonstrates your drive and determination! The Recruiters want to hear about you, and by being open about your life's experiences you can only aid in this.

    Another thing is not to lose sight of your previous applications that were denied. With the right mentality, you can influence your mindset to think of these as positive experiences rather than the negative ones. If you know why you were rejected, explain how you've improved in this field and the steps you've taken to overcome it, right down to the last detail. Providing insufficient detail can often be attributed to not including information that you have in your head as you feel it is unnecessary. It's not! If you struggled with time management, explain how every evening you decide to prioritise your schoolwork and then dedicate time to Mineplex only after you ace those equations. You have the chance to show the pride you have in improving and meeting these goals while also telling the Recruiters more about you and your development as an individual.

    My final piece of advice is to be unafraid of speaking about your weaknesses. This is something that I struggled with as I always believed I would be thought less of if I did so. This is not the case, and it makes you even more of a human being. Your strengths define you as much as your weaknesses do. Likewise, nobody is perfect, and you cannot be flawless. If you struggle with keeping on top of your workload, then admit this to yourself. It shows that you are in tune with your mind and are honest with yourself as well as in your application. One sentence can show all of this to the Recruiters. Go in-depth, and if this is still a problem for you, mention this too. Make sure to explain how you can treat it and not let it impact negatively on you. It shows great strength of character to openly discuss one of your weaknesses (which we as humans tend to avoid doing), and self-awareness above all.

    This reply was meant to be a few sentences, but once again I've overwritten as so many pieces of advice have helped me in my applications that I couldn't help sharing them with you! Most of the ones I've spoken about I've discovered in my own experience, so all I can hope is that you equally benefit from them. Best of luck and remember that hard work pays off!
    Posted Mar 1, 2020
  14. From me standpoint, there are 4 main categories staff members must fulfill to pass the application stage.

    Quality of application: Really tell recruiters who you are and what you can bring to the team. Elaborate on all of your points are try reading it over as a recruiter. Think of questions or concerns they might have about certain parts. Additionally, stand out from others so recruiters will be like "oh hey, this person has qualities not all of our applicants possess, perhaps we should invite them to an interview." Hundreds of applications are submitted each week and only about several are successful through all stages. Are you going to go the extra mile or just be mediocre? That is your choice.

    Activity: This is perhaps the component applicants have the least trouble in. If you are just a casual player who logs on occasionally, chances are, you will not apply for staff. However, just because activity across all places of the network is easy to achieve, does not mean it should be neglected. Recruiters want passionate, dedicated staff members to represent them. Why should they hire someone who does not even enjoy being a part of the network? You may be busy, but if that is the scenario, today may not be the correct time to become a trainee.

    Assistance: Helping others throughout the network should be higher priority over focusing on the game. You want to provide the best customer service on Mineplex as possible and ignoring players' questions will not look good. If you get teleported to a game right after someone asks a question, go back, and answer it. If you do not know the answer, direct them to a better place to ask or figure it out yourself and get back to them. I also suggest joining StaffRequest (an in-game community) to get more chances to help other players.

    Professionalism: Act as you were if are already a staff members, but still following all rules as a civilian. This means you cannot enforce the rules upon other players as it will be mini-modding. Maturity is another key to being professional. This traces back to reputation, you are representing Mineplex with such a crucial position. The Mineplex staff team expects the maturity of an adult, the phrase "14 is a decent age for maturity is actually false." If you think about it, teens have the tendency to make decisions from impulse which would negatively portray one's maturity. They will not think before acting and regret consequences immediately. Do not get discouraged though, age is just a number. I have seen adults act childish and meanwhile, underaged applicants have become staff members and thrived. Another part of the toppings I want to address is do not be someone you are not. Acting fake and robotic will make you a "trainee tryhard" and the community dislikes those kind of people. This includes only posting to add to threads, honesty, and acting appropriately for the situation and speaking in the correct tone.

    Interview: There is not much to say here as recruiters forbid people to leak vital parts of the interview's questions. Just speak confidently, do not stutter, and be professional. Treat this like the interview for your dream job. First impression says a lot in the real world about someone. When you just meet someone, try to avoid acting overly casual.

    If you have any questions, read through part 1 and part 2 of the trainee guides. Any other concerns are best to ask recruiters. Good luck if you are applying!
    Posted Mar 1, 2020
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  15. I recommend doing an Outline of your application first. Then when you outline your application, you can see areas on which you need to explain more. The more detailed your application looks, the better the chance you are to be accepted. Also, first, do your application in Google Docs you when you stop writing you can come back and add more detail. Explain your hobbies, what do you like to do outside of school, and experience inside and outside of Minecraft.
    Posted Mar 1, 2020
  16. Write a few sentences/paragraphs for a question/multiple questions, go back to it after a day or two, re-read what you wrote, change/remove/add whatever you want that you feel is right. Repeat the process until you wake up one day feeling content enough with your application. It's exactly how I did my app, first try. Whole new meaning to "quality over quantity" in my book. An outline is a good idea too, just take breaks and come back to it at a later time with a fresh head ^. Clearer thinking is the best way instead of brute forcing your way into it... unless you absolutely feel content brute forcing it. You do you.
    Posted Mar 1, 2020
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  17. Hey!

    As far as the application goes, I’d say that you just have to write responses that have a good balance between extra info that wasn’t asked, but that could help the response overall, and a detailed and direct and detailed answer to the asked question. Having a balance between the two helped me a lot. You always want to make sure that, while you should write a lot, you don’t start going on and on and start drifting away from the initial question. Also, I know grammar is definitely a huge part. Having bad grammar makes your application seem unprofessional and overall sloppy, so I recommend you put it through grammar checking programs before submitting (I used grammarly). I unfortunately cannot tell you much about the interview, however, if you take a look at -unapproved link- (a guide that I also recommend you check out in general), if you scroll down to “Denial Reasons”, and then “Poor Interview”, it goes into detail about what you should know before your interview :)

    Posted Mar 2, 2020
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  18. Heyo!
    I may not be staff, but I only have one tip, that may seem cliche, but it's very important.
    Be Yourself!
    Like I said, this may seem cliche, but it's about what it's saying. I'm sure that recruiters would much rather see an application that is honest and clearly talks about the applicant, moreover an application that puts wool over the recruiter's eyes (<--- That Was A Metaphor). I do have a few more, but to make this post constructive, I decided to talk about my main one. Me being an aspiring trainee, I feel you. I'm applying sometime this month or in April and I'm already drafting my application. BAT:1 and BAT:2 have a few good tips and have a ton of useful information so I would recommend checking those out.
    Posted Mar 2, 2020
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  19. Hey!

    There are a lot of responses here so I'll try my best not to repeat anything someone else has already said. I feel like everyone else has given great tips for the application stage, especially reading over the BAT documents and remembering that quality is more important than quantity. These tips will definitely help you out when you are writing your application, as they did to me. I think another thing to add is not to rush your application, to put a lot of thought into it and to edit and refine it as you go. I'd recommend writing your application in google docs so you can write it over a few days or so and not all at once. Every time you look at your application you will be looking at it with fresh eyes, which will help you identify errors in your writing.

    For the interview stage, one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is to just be yourself. While the purpose of the interview stage is obviously for recruiters to gauge how much you know about Mineplex (so make sure to do some study beforehand!) it is also to get to know you as a person and whether or not you will be a good fit for the staff team. Try your best not to act fake or put on an act, and just be yourself. It is much easier that way!
    Posted Mar 5, 2020
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