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What are key things to note in Cake Wars?

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by Sonix, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. So I've recently made the transition from Bedwars to Cake Wars here on Mineplex. I've noticed that although the concept is still the same, there are slight differences within the gamemode itself. I'm a 370 star Bedwars player and thought with all of my "expertise", I'd be a cakewars god but that's not the case.. lol

    Does anyone have some tips or things that could help a new player out as far as Cake Wars and Mineplex PvP itself goes?

    (Is it just me, or is Mineplex PvP different from pvp on most servers? Apart from the unique sounds, it just feels different, as if Armor is much more 'tanky')

    P.S: I'm sorry if there's a lot of threads like this, I couldn't find any that were too helpful for me personally.
    Posted Jun 11, 2020
  2. The best beacon in the game is by far the middle. I always rush middle with an iron sword at the very start of the game. Once you get middle, you should probably save up for sharpness, protection, or resource generator. After this, you can try to hold down mid or rush other teams.
    Posted Jun 12, 2020
  3. I will try to share everything I do:

    -Mineplex knock back correlates with damage dealt with armour taken into account.
    -Always have one player back.
    -Get endstone defense after you capture a beacon.
    -If possible, get resource gen first, other sharpness is next.
    -Gear up more after respawning as the game progresses.
    -Ensure there is nobody trying to shoot you off or on your tail when going for cake islands.
    -Stack resources when you either have middle and/or two emerald beacons.
    -Get obsidian defense preferably after 10 minutes.
    -Go to barren islands (those without a cake or have their team eliminated) to collect their resources every now and then.
    -Leave the game if your team is outnumbered by parties.

    There are much more tips that are covered for specific tips, but for beginners, this is what you should know. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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    Posted Jun 12, 2020
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  4. Thanks for the tips! I'll try to rush mid next time I play lol
    Thank you so much! This really helps a ton, I'll try these out and see how it goes :)
    I like the last tip mostly xD
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 12, 2020
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  5. Yo!!

    Cakewars can be a competitive yet fun game to play on Mineplex. I have a few tips that I think will help you performance-wise. My first tip is playing with friends or in a party. Cakewars requires a lot of communication and teamwork. Whenever I do play with friends there are tons of different styles of gameplay. I personally rush with one or two other teammates while one gets endstone and defends the base. Holding middle is key within the first few minutes. It allows your team to receive a head start on upgrades. Since you are a little newer with your nether stars I recommend buying Resource Gen 1 -> Protection 1 -> Sharpness 1 -> Resource Gen 2 and so on. This is a great tactic that I even still use to this day. Another way you can use your stars is in a more "aggressive way" allowing your team to push other teams. You would buy the following upgrades in this order Protection 1 -> Resource Gen 1 -> Sharpness 1 and so on. This is the more common tactic I use with my friends in order to get other player's cakes.

    My second tip is Gameplay Awareness. While this takes time, Gameplay Awareness is very important when playing. Being able to recognize Kits, Abilities, Traps, Upgrades, and so much more is very important. Additionally, getting familiar with the assortment of Maps is also great! I suggest reading rqil's Cakewars Guide listed here: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/gi-cakewars-guide.86402/ It explains a lot regarding Cakewars. It goes in-depth on the achievements, ways to defend your cake, and even cake islands. It's truly a great guide and I suggest you take a look through it! My next "tip" I will also combine within Gameplay Awareness the tip is General Awareness. Being aware of what is happening in-game is important. You also want to be aware of your surroundings and any incoming players. A lot of players tend to obtain one of your side generators and ender pearls to your cake. It can be pretty obvious. Whether their base is across the map from yours, their gear, etc. Regardless even if you aren't at your base telling your team where your enemies are is vital and gives you tons of new information to keep you alert.

    With these tips in mind, it'll surely improve your gameplay experience. It allows you to win more games and overall gives you a better experience while playing the game. I hope these tips helped you out!! (:​
    Posted Jun 17, 2020
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  6. Before I get into this, I just want to say that in no way am I trying to say that all players with a rank are good and players without one are bad. In my experience, I've just noticed that the majority of the time, those with a rank are very skilled. However, I have also come across many players without a rank who are also skilled. It's just that when there's a party of experienced Immortals in my game, they usually win. So no offense to any players without a rank. There's a lot out there that have clapped me many embarrassing ways.

    That aside, I play Mineplex during the night (EST) because I'm very busy during the day. During the night, almost every game I join has one party, usually everyone in it is Immortal or Eternal, and the rest of the players in the game don't have a rank. In this case, there is a strategy that you can use to potentially win or at least eliminate the party. I guess you could call it a life-hack for those who don't have friends who play at the same time as you. Without further ado, here's the strategy.

    For this strategy, you'll need the builder's kit unless you're good at bridging. Usually in the case where there is one party in your game, they tend to rush other islands immediately after reaching the middle beacon. Taking advantage of that is what this strategy is all about. Firstly, tell your team members to NOT go mid. This is important because you'll essentially just make a bridge for the party team. Next, from your island, check how many players from the party leave the island. If all the party members leave the island, look at the strategy 1 diagram. If one or some remain on the island, check out the strategy 2 diagram. Finally, if you're on the island opposite to the party and can't see them, check out the strategy 3 diagram.


    After making the diagrams, I feel like strategy two and three are kind obvious but I'm still posting them just because I don't wanna feel like I wasted my time. I also feel like I could've simplified things but oh well. Anyway, strategy one though is the the main strategy for this post and it's what I use a lot. It works almost all the time because parties just don't see it coming. Anyway, hope this helps you and anyone else who happens to come across this post. Thanks for your time!
    Posted Jun 18, 2020,
    Last edited by a Moderator Jun 18, 2020
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  7. Ye, I agree. Every time I join a Cake Wars Standard game, there is always that team of sweats. The easy fix to the solution is playing duos because there the maximum number of people can only be 2 in a party.
    Posted Jun 18, 2020
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  8. 1. play in a party with edater lvl 100 immortals
    2. win
    Posted Jun 18, 2020
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  9. 1 compared to hypixel mineplex's kb is a huge joke, so don't expect your kb to work everytime.
    2 beware of deadly combos. mineplex has a weird combo thingy where you get railed easier than usual.
    3 cakes take 8 shots (bites) iirc, which means you can't "suicide" rush with diamond tools to get a cake, unless the defenders are unconscious, which is actually not uncommon. eitherways prefer covering yourself up with blocks
    4 camp in gen sometimes to get gear for final fight when cake is about to rot. rushing isnt worth it.
    5 mid control is very important. i suggest buying res gen if the game will last a long time, because it increases your gen production by a lot. If the game is about to end just get sharp or prot, don't bother with res gen.
    6 join StaffRequest. if you see hackers you can report them there and staff will usually be around to help.
    7 dodge parties, if you don't want to have a very hard victory.
    8 get a good party
    9 stack up on pearls if your cake is gone they are not expensive (7 ems), and are basically life savers. beware of cooldown of 7 secs.
    10 use builder or frosting, usually the best kits. archer is acceptable only if you are good with bows.
    Posted Jun 18, 2020
  10. Hi! I'm average when it comes to Cake Wars, but here are some of the tips I use whenever playing Cake Wars that have been effective for me. First off, as stated above by unsorrowful, I highly recommend playing in parties instead of playing alone (for both standard and duos). I've realized that if you're playing Cake Wars without a party, there's a good chance that you'll end up with some teammates who are probably also beginners or might not know what strategies to use. If you're in a party, you'll be able to communicate with your team better. Therefore, it'll be easier to eat the other teams' cakes while someone is defending your cake and win the game. It'll also be easier to take down parties that might be good if you're in a party working together and communicating well.

    You can play without a party if you want to, but keep in mind that this can be risky if your teammates are beginners and there's any parties of highly skilled players (or even just one member of a team who is skilled and can carry a team on their own). If this is the case, then you can try communicating with your teammates and help them. However, if this isn't possible (which is likely), then you'll have to figure out what strategies you can use to take down the other teams and use them (or essentially carry your team). First off, definitely go for the side beacons so that you can get emeralds. With emeralds, you can get pearls, golden apples, and pollies. Before rushing to another team, make sure you get a pickaxe (as well as an axe if you notice that there's wood on the outer layer of a team's cake protection or sheers for any wool) some pearls, and at least one polly if possible. Using a pearl to get to another team's island is one of the best ways to rush and take down other teams. I have included a strategy that involves using at least one polly that has worked for me whenever I try rushing alone, which I will call the polly strategy. Click below to read the strategy and how it works.

    1. Get a side beacon adjacent to your island.
    2. Gear up and purchase the necessary tools and items you'll need, as well as get some better armor and weapons for the PvP portion. You'll need at least two of the following items: ender pearl, polly the sheep, and wool platform. Make sure you have decent armor, a good weapon
    3. Use your pearl to get to a good height above the other team's cake.
    4. Use your wool platforms to make a bridge that ends right at their cake. I recommend that you should have at least 4 or 5 wool platforms in your inventory so that you can ensure that your bridge is long enough to reach the cake. If you're not using the Builder kit, then you'll have to purchase these on your own for 5 bricks each before rushing.
    5. Place a polly on the edge of your bridge. Once there's a second or two left on the timer before it explodes, hit it off of your bridge, and then it will destroy the bulk of the protection.
    6. If there's a spot where the cake isn't protected, drop down and eat it. If not (only with full obsidian), repeat step 5 until you can see a spot where the cake isn't protected.

    Please note the following:
    1. Whenever knocking a polly off of your bridge to land on the cake protection, do not use a diamond sword or enchanted sword. You'll be giving more damage to the polly, and you may even kill it, which would be a waste of a polly. Pollies can be easily killed with a sword before it explodes.
    2. Depending on how good you are at PvP or the number of supplies you brought, you may need to repeat this multiple times until you've successfully eaten the cake.

    With that being said, those are some tips whenever you're playing Cake Wars. Have a wonderful day!
    Posted Jun 18, 2020
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  11. Thank you! This information was really helpful to me and I'm definitely going to keep these things in mind when I play later!

    That was very helpful, I like strategy 3 the most because the opposing team wouldn't expect me to go through route 1 lol. Thank you for taking the time to make those diagrams! That's very useful and would help a lot of players imo.

    This here is true.

    Will keep noted, thanks for the input kind sir.

    Hey! I haven't used Polly's a single time while playing Cake Wars because I always thought they'd be useless considering you can kill them easily but I haven't thought about punching it off from a height lol, (I mean it's genius but I also feel like I should've known that lol) but thank you! I'm going to try this as well later and see how it works!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 18, 2020
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  12. For my friend and I when we play Cake Wars we have a set plan out (bare in mind this is for duos). One defends the cake while the other goes and captures beacons, at the start of the match one of us builds to the emerald beacon and then to middle while the other captures the emerald one and goes back to the cake to place the end stone ontop of the cake, it's very important to only have 5 blocks around it or it can limit your view of the cake if there is a massive tower. One of us plays defence while the other goes to the middle and keeps the capture. If we have any problems with our neighbours this is when the defencive player would try to get them out asap, you have to keep an eye out on the cake though while you're doing this as you'll be vulnerable. At the same time it is crucial that you get resource gen 1 first as it enables you to get enchantments faster and is better in the long run. Once full obsidian and a trap is around the cake that's when the defensive person can assist the offensive person with middle and the capturing of other beacons and cakes.
    Posted Jun 18, 2020

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