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Official Welcome to the "Help" Forum!

Discussion in 'Help' started by Wanderer, Jan 8, 2020.

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  1. Welcome to our Help Forum!
    What is this, and what questions can I ask here?

    This section of the forum allows you to ask any questions you have about Mineplex that you would normally be able to ask a Moderator in-game. This is also the only section of the website where you may post threads prior to linking your Minecraft account to your forum account.
    Essentially, one of our Moderators will get to your question here as soon as possible, fully address it and consequently close your question thread.

    Members of the Mineplex Community may also respond to any threads in this section, allowing them to also give you help or input on the topic of your question. You may choose to follow their advice, or you can wait to get official confirmation from a member of our team before doing so.

    If you believe your question has been resolved prior to a mod response, you can lock your question thread instead of waiting for a moderator response.

    Before You Post

    Before making a thread in this subforum, we advice you check out our Frequently Asked Questions list as this may more quickly and easily answer your question.

    Note that this is not the right place to report bugs or players, appeal your punishment, contact us regarding a purchase issue or apply for a staff position! You can find links to do all of those things back in our Support Center.

    Note that filling out any sort of form on the website requires you to be logged in to an account and have a linked character. You may however open a Support Ticket without having an account or being logged in. If you have trouble linking your Minecraft account to your forum account, you may also open a support ticket.

    I still want to post a thread!

    If you have looked over the support links above and still have a question that requires individual addressing by our team, you can simply create a thread in this section by clicking here. Our moderators will do their best go get back to your thread as soon as possible and address your question. Once they have done so, they will lock the thread for you.

    While generally members of the Mineplex Community may also provide their insights into your issue in this subforum, they may not always be aware of the most recent and/or correct information or solutions, so we generally recommend you wait for a Moderator response confirming the best course of action in your particular situation, before acting upon any suggestions.
    If you do feel a Community Member has sufficiently helped you with your concern, you can also thank the user and close your question thread yourself instead of waiting for a Moderator to do so.

    Can you answer questions too?

    This being a support subforum, you are absolutely welcome to help out other users as a Community member if you are familiar with the solution for any particular issue!
    You should make sure you are familiar with our Forum Rules and Guidelines prior to doing so, to make sure you don't accidentally break any of our rules in the process.

    Additionally, we recommend against providing identical solution information to what other users prior to you have already provided on the thread; this is most typically unnecessary and may get frustrating to the person asking the question. If you believe another community member prior to you has sufficiently and correctly addressed somebody's question, simply give that post a like to indicate you support that solution!

    Eventually one of our moderators will give their final response on the thread and confirm the most correct course of action for the thread starter, unless the thread starter decides to lock their thread themselves before our team gets to it.
    Posted Jan 8, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 8, 2020
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