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Web Browsers

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RedditCredit, Jun 9, 2019.


What web browser do you use?

This poll will close on Jun 9, 2029 at 9:05 PM.
  1. Google Chrome

  2. Mozilla Firefox

  3. Internet Explorer

  4. Microsoft Edge

  5. Vivaldi

  6. Opera

  7. Other (mention in comments)

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  1. Hi everyone,
    So I was thinking the other day about how many different browsers there are for the internet, and it got me thinking about the other browsers that people use. So, essentially, what browser do you use, and why? I use the Google Chrome browser simply because I like the syncing feature and I can easily access things for school, such as Docs, Classroom, and more.
    Posted Jun 9, 2019
  2. Hi!

    I use Chrome too! I've always used it because it's easy to connect your google account and because it's always felt very secure to me. Extensions and themes also add a lot of functionality to it, and is why I'll probably never switch to any other browser.
    Posted Jun 9, 2019
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  3. Hey!

    I actually balance out between both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. I feel since Edge is based off of Chromium, it has a Google Chrome feel, which since it's a bit more modern and sleek, I use. However then I think, "What if Microsoft logs what you search?", I switch back to Google Chrome! It's a 50/50 for me!
    Posted Jun 9, 2019
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  4. Hello there!

    I have always used Google Chrome, as I have always felt like it has preformed better then other search engines. :)
    Posted Jun 9, 2019
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  5. Heyyo!

    Before when I used the internet, maybe six years ago, I used Microsoft Edge, however I use Google Chrome now, because it just seems more swift and better at syncing than any other browser. It is also the browser my school uses, so I'm more used to it now.
    Posted Jun 9, 2019
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  6. I always used Explorer for my laptop when I was younger, but for the past two years I've used Chrome and I like it much better. I do have weird crashes on it from time to time, but the overall experience of the browser makes up for it. I really recommend using Chrome if you don't already. It's fast for loading up the vote page for Mineplex and has an overall clean look to it.
    Posted Jun 10, 2019
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  7. Hey there!
    I honestly don’t know about half the browsers out there but from my knowledge, I can say that I use google chrome. I’ve shifted browsers through the years, my first one being internet explorer. I started off with Firefox right after and used that for he longest time until I heard of google chrome. Chrome’s now my main browser that I use on a daily. I find it much easier to navigate and use; It’s simple and clean!
    Posted Jun 10, 2019
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  8. I use Google Chrome because it's the easiest to use (in my opinion).
    Posted Jun 10, 2019
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  9. I use Google Chrome. I’ve been using it for so long that I can’t really see myself changing any time soon. The overall feel of Chrome is nice. It’s not too simplistic and it’s not too cluttered. Also, being able to use extensions and themes is great as Chrome has so many. I’ve experienced some issues with the browser, but for the most part it works well and does everything I’d want it to do.

    The only other browser I would use is Safari. Safari on my laptop does look quite sleek and nice, but it doesn’t compare to Chrome.
    Posted Jun 10, 2019
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  10. Google Chrome woot!
    Posted Jun 10, 2019
  11. Hey!

    I’ve always found Google really convenient for me so I tend to use it often. Very interesting topic by the way lol!
    Posted Jun 12, 2019
  12. Uh

    Does safari count xD
    Posted Jun 16, 2019
  13. I'd imagine so!
    Posted Jun 16, 2019
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  14. I use google chrome canary [​IMG] Its a dev version of chrome and in my opinion its better. The only problem is that since its so like dev type thing it breaks a lot of webpages but you just do some things to fix it
    Posted Jun 16, 2019
  15. Google is the best! Their updates are fantastic and the browser is well made. Firefox is not bad but have had loading issues many times before:)
    Posted Jun 19, 2019
  16. I actually use Google Chrome's "Canary" release for my personal browser. Chrome Canary is essentially Google Chrome running "bleeding edge" public Alpha builds; you get the features of upcoming Chrome releases, but the program is much less stable and efficient.

    I tend to use Google Chrome's official release for my online & real-life classwork as it's much more stable and reliable; it just works when I need it to.
    Posted Jun 19, 2019
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