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We are not challenged by anthing or anyone

Discussion in 'Survival' started by qxtz, Jan 2, 2021.


Do the mobs in survival mode challenge you?

  1. Yes, they do!

    4 vote(s)
  2. No, i can easily beat them!

    12 vote(s)
  3. Not really, they are just annoying.

    26 vote(s)
  1. I refer to just generally griefing each other. IE lava casts, lag machines, raiding, and that’s about it now. And yeah I recall the splash potions.. More than a few times I heard of people splashed with levitate potions and reported for flying.
    Posted Jan 12, 2021
  2. I've got a large banner collection that is poorly protected and I've been getting threats that people would raid me if I didn't sell them a banner they wanted. does the community have any advice on how to defend???
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  3. I came here just to say that I miss the old survival mode.
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
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  4. Cover the outside of your base with obsidian, maybe even 2 layers depending on how much obby u got, and use double fencegates, instead of doors.
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  5. Step 1) Put all of your banners in shulkers.
    Step 2) Put these shulkers in ender chest.
    Step 3) Laugh at those -snip-. X]
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  6. i always just put my banners behind 2 layers of glass, that way i can still see them but nobody can take them
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  7. Except for hackers. Those nasty ... lads destroyed my entire base!
    There are three ways of protecting your stock on this server.
    1)Your inventory.
    2)Ender chest.
    3)An underwater vault bordering with the bedrock.
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  8. Makes sense, thanks for the advice!
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  9. what does obby mean?
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  10. obby means obsidian!
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  11. Ender chests for me sometimes delete the shulkers inside, so I like to physically place them.
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  12. I’d suggest getting rid of them then you wouldn’t have to worry
    Posted Jan 16, 2021
  13. umm you can easily get through even multiple layers of double fence gates without even having to try and open them
    Posted Jan 16, 2021
  14. I’d suggest getting rid of them then you wouldn’t have to worry anymore
    Posted Jan 16, 2021
  15. players can’t play fairly and obtain anything because most of the vanilla game has been removed there is no progression past dirt blocks and stone for building no mob drops beyond rotten flesh and gunpowder (which had absolutely zero usable items it can craft) and no economy etc players have nothing to do anymore because survival is missing from survival they’ve removed the entire game and players have no way to get past what would normaly be the items and gear from first few mins of the game facing those same starting mobs with no path to anything past basically the moment you spawn in and break your first 20 blocks or so your done and you’ve completed all the content that there is lastly I’d it that you were told by staff this nonesense or that you’ve become a trainee without any knowledge of the game at all? I would assume it’s the former and that they’ve played a cruel joke on you to shove you out here with the community with your head full of misinformation but it could also be the later and they gave you this position without any kind of due diligence to determine if you even knew basic things about the game i feel sorry for you either way
    Posted Jan 16, 2021
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  16. -snip-

    lol for real though. i feel like survival is not the game it used to be. half of the vanilla game is removed, and anytime mineplex finally decides to update it they continually just degrade the quality of the overall experience. in the last change they made to it, they removed all the features that made survival great. also i feel like survival and mineplex in general is heading in the wrong direction, hopefully they sort out all the issues soon although I highly doubt they will.
    Posted Jan 17, 2021,
    Last edited by a Moderator Jan 28, 2021
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  17. -snip

    I don't even know where to start with my reply but here we go.

    Survival hasn't really changed at all since being brought back up really. All we did was disable item spawning. Which was a HIGHLY request within our player base. The OP items and hacked in items got removed with this update. We don't "blindly support it" we don't support anything that goes against our rules. We also don't "cater to 1-year-olds" I don't understand where you are getting your facts but they need to be checked. The devs and staff team DO care and listen to the community. We list to every suggestion.

    We had to remove half of the vanilla game due to restrictions on our servers. We DO have plans to update survival. I will not stay anything about the said update as I don't want to be yelled at. The only "feature" we remove from our survival server is hacked in items where were against our rules.
    Posted Jan 17, 2021,
    Last edited by a Moderator Jan 28, 2021
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  18. hmm, what exactly defines a hacked item though? would things like music discs ,shulkers ,nether stuff, mushroom blocks, terracotta, fireworks, end stone, etc. be deleted? in my opinion if players spawn in stuff that's still vanilla by minecraft standards then it should stay.

    I don't think it was a highly requested update, most people in the survival community disliked it when it came out. and our suggestions often go ignored, we've been asking for things like Redstone and claim sharing for years, not to mention the fact that there's still bugs that have been in the server since before i joined 3 years ago.
    Posted Jan 17, 2021
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  19. You can't spawn items in via NORMAL survival. Things like Shulker shells/boxes, End Stone, Nether Stuff and some other things you can't get in Mineplex Survival. So they were spawned in items.

    It was highly requested in all communities. CakeWars, SkyWars, Turf wars, etc. Item Spawning at the time was a Network-wide issue that was bannable in all games including survival. Item Spawning won't be possible ever again. Your suggestions don't get ignored at all. The things you have been asking for take time to make and there are things in the making for Survival Season 3. You can report bugs over at www.mineplex.com/bugs
    Posted Jan 17, 2021
  20. i see now, thanks for telling me. perhaps, mineplex should add some sort of shop system as a substitute.

    to be clear I wasn't trying to defend item spawning, I was meaning that when mineplex patched this issue, it removed all the items that made survival good. like beacons,spawners,elytras,potions,etc. which made a lot of people frustrated and leave survival. also one last question, when season 3 does happen is there going to be another reset, like what happened after season 1?
    Posted Jan 17, 2021

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