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Warrior Buff Idea's

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by wertyu71, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. In Cake Wars, whenever I play it's always people using frosting and builder, rarely archer, but no one ever uses warrior kit. I personally use warrior kit because I don't like the how the other kits work and I like using a kit no one else uses(I am kinda weird), and I completely understand why everyone uses the other kits because there is no huge incentive to use warrior kit over the other kits. Yes, getting hearts back from pvp is good, but compared to frosting and builder, which things like slowness and suffocation are really good, just getting those extra hearts isn't the best. Even when in a 2v1 situation, the hearts are not enough to help you win that second match unless you are good enough to not take much damage from the opponents, and I feel compared to mostly builder and frosting, it is just a very weak kit.That is why I suggest next time they update Cake Wars(for example with nerfing frosting, which people have been talking about) I think they should buff warrior kit. I have a few ideas on how and an explanation on why I think it's fair, and I ask you if you do read this, please criticize me so I know what is too unfair, because I am somewhat biased due to using this kit.

    First Idea- My first suggestion is to increase the hearts. I'm not sure how much of a difference it would make and I would probably prefer the second one more, but adding on to the added hearts with another 1 or 2 would be a buff and may make some other people start to use the kits.

    Second Idea- My second suggestion I think is fair but I am not sure, so please tell me. The idea is to add a buff that when you kill the person,you gain the regular amount of hearts, but you also receive strength for like 5 seconds. You would still need to be skillful, but if you are rushed by a team, you would have the benefit of killing the second and third person faster, but still if they are better than you, they may be able to either dodge your attacks with strength or wait for it to wear off. Also it would have no affect on spawn killing because of spawn protection and it would be their fault.This is personally my favorite one.

    Third Idea- This is personally my least favorite, but it is to combine idea 1 and idea 2.I think if the kit were to be buffed this much it would be too powerful, but it is still a suggestion to just think about it.

    Lastly, I would like to ask that with criticizing the idea's and giving me your oppinions on my idea's, also if you have any idea's for any other buffs for the kit, please tell me. I really think that warrior kit needs a buff so it would be on par with the other kits and people would actually have incentive to pick it, and not just have frosting and builder kits in all the games. I hope you have a great day and week and thank you for reading.
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  2. I agree that warrior needs something to make it viable again, but I am adamantly against adding strength to the game in any way, shape, or form. Honestly a huge part of the problem is that the kit doesn't always function as it should- the regen just breaks sometimes (which I thought was fixed but it happened to my friend like 2 days ago so I guess not). But even with it working, I do still think it needs a buff so I would agree with the first option of a couple additional hearts. I think that's enough of a buff to add incentive to use the kit, but it's not too OP, as 2 hearts is usually just 1-3 hits depending on gear so it would pretty much just win trades. Also because I can already sense concerns about a healthbuff combined with late game golden apples- it's still only a couple hit advantage provided they have equal gear and the pvp advantages of archer, frost, and builder can all pretty easily get at least 2 hearts of free damage against a warrior.
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
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  3. Hey there, honestly I feel like most of the people play either Frosting kit, or if they don't have all the achievements, they pick the builder kit, I rarely ever see anyone playing Warrior kit, though I may be wrong.
    I feel like it's not played enough and that it does need a buff, I agree with your first idea, however I think the strength buff may be too op for this kind of game, especially early on.
    I think your idea to add more hearts is great, and this is my mix of it:
    I feel like, instead of 3 extra hearts after a kill, you get 3.5 hearts after a kill, PLUS your weapons all have 0.5 more damage on hit, so iron sword does 6.5, diamond sword has 7.5 and so on...
    I don't play cake wars much and maybe this is too much of a buff, let me know if it is, but I feel like you can do something along those lines and make it fair and balanced with other kits, you're free to say I'm wrong tho.
    Thank you for those ideas, I really do agree with you, please feel free to criticize my idea too, have a good day :).
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  4. Personally I don't use warrior kit any more because it was nerfed to much just like archer ( builder kit was never all that great)
    I would love it if all of the kits got a bit more ability because with the current stuff I get bored if I have no one to play with which is most of the time lately so yes I would love to see all the kits in cw to get an upgrade
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  5. one other thing I would say is maybe change builder to the free kit and then go from there
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  6. Builder is the free kit
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  7. Love this Idea! Hopefully a dev sees this
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  8. Oh ya sorry I guess I confused it warrior sorry
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  9. You're all good!
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  10. Heyo!
    I totally agree that warrior should get a buff, but let me go over this.

    1. I think adding 1 or 2 hearts to warrior kit would be fine, but anything more than that would be too OP.

    2. I am totally against adding strength to warrior kit even if it is for 5 seconds. If you have an diamond sword and strength and your opponent has diamond armor can drop them within seconds. The same goes for iron equipment.

    3. I am very against this idea. Having like 14 hearts and strength 1 or 2 you would be able to drop anyone in seconds, plus you would have more hearts which would make it almost impossible for someone that doesn’t use or have the warrior kit to beat you.

    This kit buff would make warrior too OP so I’ll be giving this idea a -1

    Have a nice day!
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  11. Thank you guys for the feedback. I do agree that the third is way too OP and I honestly just added it to have a third option. I also think I like the second one because I am biased and use the kit, so I am happy to receive feedback on what seems most fair. Thank you all very much for commenting and I hope you all have a great week!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 30, 2020
  12. Hey there, firstly I would like to agree that people use builder and frosting the most and warrior would need a change to maybe be used more. To start off, the third option would be way too OP and the second option doesn't seem right. Strength is way too powerful and if you had iron vs a team of leathers, it would be much easier to get their cake than it should be. I don't think there should be strength at all. Anyways, one of the main issues to why people don't use warrior anymore is because it doesn't always give you the hearts back, and sometimes it doesn't give them back fast enough. If this were fixed, It would be a little more balanced, and adding like 1 more heart to the current regen might be good.
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  13. I personally think warrior is fine the way it is, at the current kits stats (That I know of) you will get hearts back from each kill if its been 30 seconds from when the player was last killed. Which is plenty enough esp in CW4, as there will be teams rushing/or you rushing them meaning easy kills. If you play warrior smart, and with a team it's perfectly fine

    In addition to whats said above, frosting is being nerfed they're removing slowness completely from what I'm told which means it'll really only act as a combo start and it'll be pretty balanced with warrior and the other kits. They're currently looking into ways to improve and balance the kits, and I think the frosting nerf and the archer buff will serve it really well.

    Meaning, a warrior buff will not really be needed. But I do understand where you're coming from in regards to kits being unbalanced, I think it will be ok after the nerfs are applied though.

    Have a nice day.
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
  14. 1)There is no such thing as freezing in Cake Wars, is there?
    2) Archer and builder have less damage resistance and deal less damage (correct me if I am wrong)
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
  15. I use warrior is the best kit to kill 2vq
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
  16. No? Unless there are secret stats that I don't know about, everyone has the same damage resistance and deals damage equivalent to their weapon in cw.

    I can kind of see the reasoning behind this, but I think warrior is still going to need a further buff to make it viable. Even with the frosting nerf, it still has a significant 1v1 advantage, and archer offers ranged damage while builder offers block placing and mobility. However, even post balance update (as it's planned now at least), warrior only gets a small benefit and it's only after a kill- and usually it's not enough to win against a cleaner and sometimes it doesn't even work because the enemy has died too much. I think either warrior's heart benefit needs to be stronger, or the kit is going to need another in-combat benefit such as slightly increased health in order for it to be reasonably viable.
    Posted Mar 31, 2020,
    Last edited Mar 31, 2020
  17. I always get whacked by people that use warrior kit and if it cost gems then it would be more of a chance people would use archer and builder instead of the warrior kit.
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
  18. Yes I agree that Warrior needs a buff, although I think that 3 hearts or strength is too OP. Maybe 2 hearts?
    Posted Apr 1, 2020
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  19. I really like it! And Maybe Strength II for 5 seconds is good but only with a 2+ kill streak.
    Posted Apr 13, 2020

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