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Not Planned Wanted Weekend

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Aleksa445, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Every weekend one of staff member will become wanted (online for like 6 hrs a day)
    If he get killed someone gets a prize like gems,cosmetics,chests,kits,titles...
    Posted Jun 22, 2019
  2. sounds like a good way to encourage targeting

    which is not good
    Posted Jun 22, 2019
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  3. I see another very similar idea you had in another post that poses the same problems so I will just copy and paste my exact response to that thread:

    This would make the game unplayable for that player as others will constantly target them because they give so much more rewards for killing them. This may be helpful for the rest of the server as it satisfies everyone else who is playing but if the one player does not find it enjoyable, they will not play and the implementation does nothing.


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    Posted Jun 22, 2019
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  4. Overall I can't agree with this idea because, as @HeyItsAdam and @_Prof_ have already stated, this would only foster a targeting culture that may bleed into community interactions outside of "Wanted Weekend."

    Additionally, keeping that staff member online for such a long time may be unfeasible because of scheduling limitations. This may be a fun idea as perhaps an event-only gamemode, but I can't see this being a worthwhile or serious implementation to our main servers for the reasons stated above.
    Posted Jun 22, 2019
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  5. Hey,
    I'm not too sure about this idea. It seems like it would be quite annoying for the staff member involved.
    Posted Jun 28, 2019
  6. You've probably heard it from everyone, but this type of idea wouldn't work in-game.
    However, thank you for sharing your idea. Not every idea is a good one, but it still important to share. Who knows, maybe your next idea is golden.
    Thank you for your idea.
    Posted Jun 28, 2019
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  7. Hello!

    As others have stated this would encourage targeting, something that is annoying in itself when you face a really good team and they target. However for the sense of all aspects I will push past this point and go to your idea: we need one staff member to be in for six hours in a row voluntarily to be targeted and killed by players. This also brings up how some players who may sleep at that time to miss the event entirely and not get a chance for the extra items. I would also like to point out that I am pretty sure a contest like killing and targeting a staff member for rewards would get spoiled by hackers.

    Just another thing before I give my final decision is that Staff have things to do and a job concerning Mineplex, not even counting real-life things. Let's just say, I'm not sure what productive staff member has six hours straight of being a public player with a target on their back. AFK is not an option because they aren't allowed to. Overall I see this idea, despite the prizes, as a negative and not doable event. Thank you for suggesting it but as my feedback suggests I give a -1
    Posted Jun 28, 2019
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  8. Hey there!
    This idea really is interesting. It advertises something that is quite frustrating for a lot of players which is infact targetting. I think that this idea has many flaws yet strangely seems quite interesting if put into different scenarios. It might not be a great idea for a server-wide event but might be promising to be featured in another way.

    So, as many others have stated, this idea really brings attention and advertises a theme that isn't really suggested through the server. As being part of the staff team, I can tell you how many times I've been targetted and it is quite frustrating although I might understand player's excitement. Personally, I find this idea to be quite unnecessary since it does bring about some traits that not all players enjoy, I think that really targetting players generally isn't too fun- especially if you're the one being targetted.

    Targetting is already an issue a lot of players face. Whether it's because of their rank, level or even name. I think that instead of encouraging such behavior by throwing events, it should be disregarded as it is currently. Although I find your idea quite unnecessary and a little confusing, I think it would work well in games where targetting is a necessity. Confusing I know and I'll get right to the point.

    There are many games on Mineplex and one that comes to my attention is Death Tag. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a game where a player start off in a skeleton team then progresses on to tagging other teammates and turning them into skeletons. This game represents what I think to be the best form of targetting in which two groups go against each other. Having a scenario where the whole server target a said individual, it can be quite tough to overcome and might actually result in many negative outcomes.

    Overall I think that your idea is pretty interesting but I don't see that it should be added, period. It just doesn't make sense to add an event that encourages unwanted behavior that may teach our prominent younger audience that it is okay to target. And for that reason, I'm afraid I'll have to give a 0. Thank you for taking the time and suggesting though, I'd love to see what else you have in mind!
    Posted Jun 28, 2019
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  9. Hi there,

    Thanks for coming to the forums to share this idea that you have created. We love getting ideas that we can discuss further, explore options into, and try and have sun fun along the way. However, we do not plan on adding in a "Most Wanted" staff member during the weekends.

    First and foremost, as basically everyone above me has stated, this would enogucarge massive targeting towards the staff member that is chosen. While, yes, whenever we are online, we are required to moderate and help out in our current game/lobby, but that does not mean we are unable to play the games as normal members do, since that would be silly since we all work extremely hard and sometimes just want to play some games.

    There is also the issue with making sure that said staff member is online for about "6 hrs a day" each day in the weekend. We do have lives outside of Mineplex, and we might not be able to dedicate that much time for 2 days to a game. Because of the large amount of time that this person would need to put towards this, it isn't fair to the staff member to force them to be on playing games if they want to do other work. It also does not make sense to have this since it would only work for that staff member's game, meaning people in other timezones have almost zero chance at getting at this.

    I'd like to thank you for sending in this idea. If you have any more questions or concerns, please send me a PM. If you'd like to create another idea, feel free to make a new thread. I'll be marking this as "Not Planned" but will leave it open in case others want to discuss about it.
    Posted Nov 14, 2019
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  10. Hello!

    As stated multiply times above me. This would not be very fun for the staff members. They would be targeted like crazy, and would not appeal to them as "fun." Although, I commend you for coming up with this unique idea. I respectfully disagree with this. It may be fun for us players. However, we should always take the feelings of the staff into play. Seeing above me they would probably not enjoy it as much as we would. Thank you again, though, for sharing your idea on the forums!
    Posted Nov 14, 2019
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  11. As many people stated above that it would be mean and annoying to the staff members. And getting prizes for it for it would make no sense. Killing a player is pretty easy and getting rewards for it is not fair. And what rewards would you be getting?
    Overall I’ll be giving this idea a -1
    Have a nice day!
    Posted Nov 15, 2019
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