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Survey Walter White Appreciation Post

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ceph, Feb 6, 2023.


are you a heisenburger

  1. mhmmmhm heisenburger breajing bas

    15 vote(s)
  2. no

    2 vote(s)
  1. Hey guys, given the state the server's in and the fact change has not come at all to save it, I have decided it is time to change up what the forums mean to us as a people. We need to show the owners how desperate we are for change to come about, that is the foundation of chemistry: the study of change. Today, I give you the Breaking Bad Walter White appreciation post. Feel free to add your own media below. In loving memory of Bryan Cranston.


    Posted Feb 6, 2023
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  2. Yeah but when you think about it, what really is a heisenburger, and why is it called heisenburger...
    Posted Feb 6, 2023
  3. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Posted Feb 7, 2023,
    Last edited Feb 7, 2023
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  4. Marie Schrader appreciation post next
    Posted Feb 7, 2023
  5. worst character on the show, it's all about Gus Fring
    Posted Feb 8, 2023
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  6. I actually made -snip- candy at home a few times. I might post a few photos in nearby future. (I used the Binging with Babish way of making it)
    Posted Feb 8, 2023,
    Last edited by a Moderator Feb 8, 2023
  7. based
    Posted Feb 8, 2023
  8. We're going to the RV Jessie!
    Posted Feb 9, 2023
  9. Very nice, puts a twist on the forums for sure. Who's going to do a Rick Grimes or other The Walking Dead character appreciation post next?????

    @Toki vouch for me on this one lol

    Negan would be good too....
    Posted Feb 11, 2023
  10. [​IMG]
    Posted Feb 11, 2023
  11. Oh look it's the guy who denied both of my appeals
    I will call Saul for this one
    Posted Feb 11, 2023
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  12. [​IMG]
    Posted Feb 11, 2023
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  13. negan under rated ngl
    Posted Feb 12, 2023
  14. Saul won't be no use
    Posted Feb 12, 2023
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