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Waiting Lobby Minigames

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Thomas A. Anderson, Jun 19, 2022.


If one of the Minigames I proposed were asked to be added, which would you choose?

  1. Ladder Race

    0 vote(s)
  2. Lava Brawl

    3 vote(s)
  3. Mob Shooting

    3 vote(s)
  4. Lucky Fishing

    1 vote(s)
  5. More Parkour

    1 vote(s)
  6. N/A

    0 vote(s)
  1. Seeing the current state of many, many Mineplex games taking long to start (especially the PvP oriented minigames). I thought that, in order to keep the players from leaving the waiting lobbies due to boredom, Mineplex should update the game lobbies by adding some stimulating waiting lobby minigames to make the waiting less tedious and also stimulate the games to start.

    I think this feature should be implemented for all players because while some gadgets can be used as waiting lobby games, many people do not have access to these as they are exclusive Immortal cosmetics they can only find if they open an Omega chest. Introducing lobby minigames would give every player the opportunity to do something interesting whilst waiting for the game to start.

    Some interesting minigame ideas I have considered could be: Shoot the target, Lava Brawl and Ladder race.

    Ladder race is the easiest to add: There is an unused ladder in the MPS Map which just asks to be used in a regular game lobby: Whenever you enter the ladder area, you get a knockback stick and your goal is to reach the ladder first without getting knocked off (like that old Bawk Bawk Battles minigame). The ladder could replace the unused puzzle house or be placed near the leaderboard.

    Lava Brawl: In the MPS map, there is an underground area with a lot of lava. My proposal is to bring this area to the waiting lobbies (replacing the current abandoned mine) and turn it into a very small PvP arena where the goal is to knock the enemy player into the lava with fists (or maybe also rods) to win. This minigame can help PvP players warm up.

    Mob Shooting: Players entering the area will get an infinity bow and ahave 30 seconds to shoot at targets flying around them to earn points. This game can help people warm up /improve their aim. This one is probably the hardest coding-wise.

    Lucky Fishing: It is a very simple chance based minigame where the first player that fishes a certain type of fish (chosen randomly) with a fishing rod wins. This can be used in the pond near the Waiting lobby spawn.

    More Parkour: I noticed these are some weird fungus shaped objects in the corners of the waiting lobby. My proposal is to rearrange them to form a parkour that involves circling around the map. It would also be neat to extend the floating island parkour all the way up to the giant "M" in the sky, so that players can reach it without using gadgets.

    But again these small games are just ideas, the broader thing I am suggesting is adding some form of lobby minigame accessible to everyone that helps the games fill up or stay full a little, as most new players are quickly discouraged by the waiting times it takes for many games to start, and many do not have the patience to sit through it all.

    To implement these games I do not think a big rework of the waiting lobby map is necessary: Although it woul be cool to see all these minigames added in one new "island" specifically dedicated to these games the games can be placed. You can also make these minigames cost a small amount of gems to play, so that players don't flood them needlessly and reduce the chance of hackers/alts joining them.

    Hopefully this will be considered.
    Posted Jun 19, 2022
  2. Hey!

    Honestly, I think this is a really good idea! Utilizing spots around the waiting lobby makes players forget that they are waiting for the game to start, and in return, players might stay longer in the waiting lobby.

    I would definitely like to see this implemented!
    Posted Jun 20, 2022
  3. How about the "cooperative puzzle house"?
    Posted Jun 20, 2022
  4. This would be a really cool idea. Most of the ideas you mentioned seem relatively simple and basic to code in, and the areas are already built and ready to be used. It would also be nice if the house could be used for a puzzle on top of what you mentioned. I question how much these mini games would be played, but nonetheless it seems to be a simple change that would only make things better, and I can't imagine it would mess with lag all that much.
    Great idea.
    Posted Jun 20, 2022
  5. This sounds like a fantastic idea. It would also provide some entertainment to the players in the lobbies who cannot decide what game to play. It could also provide players practice just like if they were in any of the games that count towards stats. They sound like pretty cool games that could also go into the nano games rotation.

    Splendid Idea you have here!
    Posted Jun 20, 2022
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  6. Ah yes, the co-op puzzle house. Coming Soon for 9 years...
    Posted Jun 20, 2022
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  7. Heyo! First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to sit down and write this thread and for of course sharing your idea suggestion. In my own personal opinion, I feel that this would be a great QOL addition to our waiting game lobbies, especially if they have trouble filling! I like each of the small mini-games you've suggested and I feel that there could absolutely be more that could be brainstormed. The intention of this idea suggestion is also perfect, which is to keep players occupied and entertained while waiting for their game to start. I hope to see this considered, or at the very least see the minimum player requirement dropped to help games start with less players. Great suggestion, I can't wait to see what others have to say about it!
    Posted Jun 21, 2022
  8. Hiya, I like the idea! I'd steer away from win conditions, though, and focus on keeping them as time killers. I do like the Lava Brawl idea and it could be turned into a mini gladiators arena which would need two players of which one will win, but the other two that I like (KOTH and Lucky Fishing) can be passive games with no winners.

    For KOTH you can recieve a knockback stick in proximity to the ladder and work to get to the top, but nothing special besides that. As far as I remember this was actually a thing in the past but then got removed.

    Moving on, how I see Lucky Fishing personally is receiving a rod when in proximity to any main body of water in the waiting lobby, and then personal messages in chat for things you have fished, with a total number that carries on through lobbies with every new play. I would maybe give a very tiny chance to fish out rarer items such as a small amount of shards or gadgets.

    eg. You fished Salmon! (+1) (Total: 25)

    I don't really like the mob shooting game, just seems like it would be really chaotic no matter the size of the waiting lobby. Plus, Chicken Shoot is a game in NANO so I'd rather keep it there as it's similar enough. I do like the idea of target practice though, but I'm 50-50 as to whether it should be in the waiting lobby or maybe just an MPS thing.

    Anyways, another reason why I wouldn't focus on making these games way too complicated and prefer to keep them without winners where possible is because with the new infrastructure including the new queue system again it will be very little time that you would be waiting in the game waiting lobby, but rather in the general server lobby. Therefore there is no point in putting a mass amount of work into the games.

    Good idea!
    Posted Jun 21, 2022
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  9. Yeah, my general idea was to more or less leave them without winners except Lava Brawl.

    It would be really cool to possibly see KOTH reintroduced into Mineplex by using it this way.

    I also don't think these games require a lot of complexities since they are, after all, just waiting games.

    One of the things I would love to see though is a complete waiting lobby redesign: The current one is a little flat in terms of design and has almost returned to be the basic Waiting Lobbies of 2013-2016.
    Imagine a waiting lobby more similar in mood to the Bedrock lobby: imagine Hills, a valley, and a woody area. Just giving it a little ambience and landscape and slightly increasing its size will really give players the opportunity to do lots in the lobbies, especially with some lobby minigames.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 25, 2022

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