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Upgrade radar hunter sword

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by Kingpin6603, Sep 2, 2020.

  1. Please upgrade the radar hunter sword as i am tired of finding hiders and other hunters just coming and killing them in one hit and stealing kills
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
  2. Well, Block Hunt is a game consisting of two teams so it shouldn't really all that much who is getting the kills. Also, the radar hunter kit is a very important game in Block Hunt, it may help you and others find hiders quickly/ with ease. The trade-off for all of the radar hunter abilities are you're able to deal less damage and you have less mobility. The radar hunter kit is already really balanced and many maps are made with it in mind. Giving radar hunters a stone sword would make their weapon deal more damage than leapers, but .5 hearts less than TNT Hunters, that just doesn't seem right.
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
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  3. Hello!

    I'm going to have to highly disagree with your proposition. Currently, using radar, if you look strategically across the map, you are able to find any hider. Since you can find anyone, the damage it does must be counter-acted by having a wooden sword. This may seem unfair, but remember that you have a bow that you can bow spam with, and that hiders die after 4 - 5 of these hits. Furthermore, this creates an emphasis on teamwork, as the hunter team will have to have more tankier and mobile hunters (Leaper Hunters) follow these radar hunters. Overall, I'm going to have to give this idea a -1.
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
  4. Hey,

    When going Radar Hunter, something I like to do is land a couple melee hits then shoot them with your bow. While you may deal the least amount of melee damage, you still deal good ranged damage and in some cases killing hiders with your bow is the best move, especially when some Hiders go on the offensive and try and kill you. Additionally, critical hits exist in this game so you could deal a bit more damage simply by landing those crits which would overall give you a better shot at grabbing more kills than your opponent.

    Hope this helps!
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
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  5. You are complaining about what they are supposed to be doing. Radar fishes them out, not necessarily meant to kill. Consistent wins come from radar hunter keeping moving, so the hiders are forced to run, then they get mowed by leapers and tnt.

    I wish I could have a team of players who did that, but I only get paired with people who shoot at the sky for 6 and a half minutes.
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
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  6. Hate people who only shoot at sky but it’s annoying as I found that hider and then the other person one hits them and gets shards and gems I should get
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 2, 2020
  7. I honestly dont know if gems and shards are determined by kills.

    And PS: hit them on the side, in the front, whichever direction they are going dont hit them from behind.

    Get one good side hit and you can almost control where they go with knockback. Running right at you stop them in their tracks, then circle around never causing knockback in the direction they wanna go. Keep smashing them into a wall with knockback.
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
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  8. They are.
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
  9. When you have radar you have a good idea of where they are, and if you know the maps on what is where, you can start hitting the hider in a way that has them trapped in a corner or up against something so that it kinda keeps them in place to get more hits on them.
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
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  10. Also you can approach the hider like you don’t know they’re there to shoot them since the bow does 4 hearts. If they’re cornered just try to pin them down. If it’s a melon on the pirate island front staircase for example, shoot them so they die on the way down.
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
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  11. I do that, act like I don’t know and pass them, then turn around and start attacking.
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
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  12. Or shoot them off a ledge of they are perched on something. They hit the ground and you attack. ez kills
    Posted Sep 2, 2020

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