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Update for Scoreboards in Games or How Date can be included to scoreboard

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Evgeen, Jun 13, 2021.


What do you think about that idea as in general?

  1. It'd be obviously good to see changes like that

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  2. Meh, I think changes aren't required

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  3. I'd give my thoughts in reply

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  1. Hello!

    Today I'd like to present one idea for a thing that is requested a lot (by especially staff team) that can make life a bit easier in terms of handling report that are sending to us on website. I guess you know that when you provide video evidence of someone breaking rules, you aren't able to show when exactly video was recorded using server tools/commands to make it look clear for us staff when we are handling reports, so that idea is basically about that.

    So, what I'd like to suggest is include current server date to the first line of scoreboard when you play any Mineplex game. It will be only date without server name (as on one server) and the reason why is below. You can say that there were similar ideas in the past, but the difference from my idea is that I come with an actual way how it can be implemented on the server itself with a concept of it but not as idea for idea. I just feel that only good way to implement that thing is completely remake scoreboards in all 45+ existing games (including all public games, MPS only games & special/event games) to make sure date string can fit correctly there along with other lines to have not messed scoreboard and have it looking good. As for my idea, I'd like to have these changes only for games scoreboards, so scoreboard in Clans Hub, Waiting & Main Lobby can remain the same for style especially main lobby scoreboard since it some point it's iconic with that moving title.

    As you probably know, most scoreboards in most of our games all possible lines are already used, but the problem here is that these lines are used ineffective (like things which can be possible to put into one line are split into 2). For a long time already, all Mineplex scoreboard follow the same format for scoreboards which looks like separated into few 'blocks' (e.g. in CW we have "Time" 'block' in the bottom with one line below that for a time). For changes, I'm suggesting here that separation for 'blocks' will remain, but it will be slightly changed to be more compact than now (where it's possible to do). Most scoreboard in games would be remained the same as now, but some would be completely overhauled for what feedback is appreciated.

    Along with games scoreboards changes, I also want to have a thing that all games that is played on MPS scoreboard title (where we have "MINEPLEX") would be changed to something like "MINEPLEX - MPS" to indicate that game is played on MPS but for all public games, title will remain as it's now. As for why having only date, counting that we will have indicator in scoreboard title that game is played on MPS, name of server isn't required at all since all games that are played on public servers won't have "MPS" in scoreboard title, and we usually will be able to figure out what game is that based on game scoreboard.

    It's something that will require Dev time, but I think the result worth it since it can help a lot for forum reports. Also, keep in mind that the idea isn't something what should be implemented now or ASAP but just at some point in the future when it will be possible to do. I'm aware that there are some more important problems that should be addressed at first.

    Alright, here I have explained about that, and it's time to show it now. I have decided to put styles for all our games scoreboards in a form of Google Spreadsheet Document where it's possible to easily navigate to see how games scoreboards can be changed. Date format I used for that example is MM/DD/YY, so keep that in mind. You can find that document by going here.

    I'm looking forward to getting feedback regarding these changes since it was something I worked for around 4 days in total. Feedback is the main point why I create that thread at forums. You can leave feedback both here under replies or inside the document itself by giving comments. I'm open to any comments as well as for possible change of style (especially for scoreboard that were overhauled).

    Okay, it's all for that now. Thanks for reading!

    Posted Jun 13, 2021
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  2. This is a great idea, and I'm glad I helped a tiny bit with the document! Forum reports can be really 50-50 sometimes as there is no date or indication of the server actually being an MPS. I have nothing to comment on as I've already given my feedback when you began working on this, so all I can do is give my support.

    This should have been a thing from the beginning, to be honest, but better late than never.
    Posted Jun 13, 2021
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  3. ~ Thread Bump #1

    Since initial thread posting, screenshots of possible scoreboards layout for Clans was updated as well a bit was updated for Castle Siege & Bridges, so make sure to check. I have posted this thread in few Discord and overall, most people were fine with that as well as if we look at the poll in this thread.

    Also, I'd like to mention that I think of this idea as the opposite of recent posted thread regarding adding server name to scoreboard since having server name there I don't see as necessary (my reply on that thread).

    Sounds good, and thanks for your help/feedback a bit when I started working on it!

    It's true but back then when Mineplex was started nobody carried about that for whatever reason even when there are a lot of benefit in having that but yeah, it's better to get at some point than never get this thing.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 20, 2021
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