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Unused old dungeons

Discussion in 'Build Showcase' started by Jinnochi, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Posted Sep 14, 2020
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  2. It seems like your terrain is very nice, I can’t really tell but it looks well done from the pics provided. Your coloring of terrain is good too
    Posted Sep 14, 2020
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    Posted Sep 15, 2020
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  4. Hey, I was scrollin through because **IT** is what I do. I noticed this one(I hadn't seen it) I really like the idea except I feel like some of the terrain could be executed better! It is really cool though :sigils:
    Posted Sep 30, 2020
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  5. Pretty late on this but hey, that's some decent work right here. I honestly have no idea how to use world edit and similar programs to edit terrain around with, but even then this is still very impressive for what it is. I also really like the clock tower, not sure why but it just stands out for me the most.

    Good job :)
    Posted Oct 1, 2020
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  6. this is actually so amazing! absolutely stunning omg. keep up the amazing work!! :)
    Posted Oct 6, 2020
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