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UHC update

Discussion in 'Combat Games' started by euhn, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. Good evening everyone, I just wanted to talk about a few ideas to add onto the new UHC mineplex has been implemented recently. First off I tip my hats off to the development and the team that took the time to recreate a huge gamemode on not only mineplex but the mc community in general. Obviously there's been a few issues and glitches but there have been fixes and its been great. Here are somethings I was wondering to add onto the UHC as a experienced player with 105 wins so far and number 2 on leaderboards. Firstly the anti xray system has been great with the most recent update and I believe Mineplex should keep it the way it is, but instead of teammates finding veins at the same certain times which can be annoying since everyone you fight usually has the same things as you, it could be changed into a actual UHC where luck adds to your game and how stacked you can get. I also think the addition of mineshaft and spawner books to be enabled and prot3+ and s3+. Even though I understand the prot 2 and s2 prevents people from game stalling the whole time, it allows more intresting and better fights, it also doesn't allow the same things to happen every game. Let me explain, so basically the community has mastered the rush and meta for this update. Everyone gets the 1 vein of dia and gets healing, and either goes for kills or ench. Even though it causes more players to fight, I think the problem is that players aren't getting the real use of UHC and its basically 1/4 diamond fights w a gap or 2. I understand it can cause more game stall but I believe that with the addition of the eye of ender it enables people to fight if they choose to. Also I believe strength and other potions should be boosted but not to the second level. Just strength 1 etc. But potions are basically useless right now besides speed which almost nobody goes for and it was really a waste of an addition by the creators. I think it could be more useful. Also possibly a Solo kind of UHC would be pretty cool as well. Some players usually don't have a teammate for the UHC right now and a solo could also bring in new players into the community. Also adding bows to the meta would be a lot better too. Like horses being enabled would create a new kind of meta and playstyle for players and growing different methods and strategies to add as well! That's really all I have and I hope they add a leaderboards chart in game and on the mineplex website! Thanks for reading and have a good day!
    Posted Nov 29, 2020
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  2. Hmmmm, I disagree with most of the ideas you presented here unfortunately. I played UHC a lot when it was last around in 2017ish, and played the first version of the UHC game as it was reintroduced this year. Many of the things you were suggesting existed in the primary version of the 2020 reboot and were purposefully changed or removed due to community feedback. The xray system was changed after flaws were found in the initial release version, high power books were removed, potions were nerfed, etc.

    Additionally, we tried out solo and speed versions of UHC in 2017 and I believe this was one of the reasons the gamemode died out entirely and was removed. I really don't think it's a good idea to split the playerbase of this game when games don't even start consistently throughout the day with only one version option.

    You mentioned there are usually teams either rushing for kills or enchants, but that's really the main two options in the UHC gamemode period, so I don't see why we should purposefully stray from the usual UHC strategies. Overall, I commend you for getting your ideas together and making a suggestion, but I think Mineplex UHC is good where it is at now.
    Posted Nov 30, 2020
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