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Not Planned UHC on Bedrock

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by HoobleDooble201, Nov 27, 2020.

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  1. I just made this to see if anyone would get back to me on if UHC would come to bedrock. I have always wanted to play UHC, but i can't afford java edition, and I don't want to ask people if I can have theirs. There are no UHC servers for bedrock edition, so I think it would be cool if Mineplex were the first server to add it.
    Posted Nov 27, 2020
  2. We've already talked about this. Many have disagreed with this and there's a lot of reasons why were not adding UHC to bedrock. -1
    Posted Nov 27, 2020
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  3. Ok. I just hope someone does it. Like i said, i cannot afford java edition, so i am just going to have to wait.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 27, 2020
  4. I think if UHC for bedrock were to happen it would need to be modified. For example, a faster pace version of it. Maybe have a border that runs at a quicker speed that shrinks to bring the players together. I also feel like UHC for those who play on mobile would be harder. Although, I’d love to see UHC one day in bedrock.
    Posted Nov 28, 2020
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  5. I know that the hyperlands server has something called "UHC Meetup," which is like the last 5 minutes of a UHC round, but ut just isn't authentic. I want the feeling of being rushed to gather materials, and trying to survive, and choosing my battles carefully. And there are ways of making it to where only MCPE players can play on MCPE only servers. I knew it was a long shot when i first thought about it, but if is fine. There are a few small servers that are planning on adding a true UHC, so at least someone might do it. To be honest, i don't really care whi does add UHC, I just think it would be cool if a featured server did.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 28, 2020
  6. imagine tryna play UHC on mobile LMAOOOOO thatd be hilariously sad
    Posted Nov 28, 2020
  7. Ok uhc. There are hardly any mcpe servers with this gamemode. Here are my 3 reasons.

    1. Hackers

    Hackers are a large problem on Mineplex. Imagine killing 3 players, only to we swept by a single hacker. UHC would bring tons of new hackers to the server.

    2. Lag

    A game with 12 players lags a ton. Imagine a game with 40+ lol.

    3. PvP
    This gamemode is pvp based, which mean mobile and maybe controller unfriendly. Players would probably rage and quit playing the game :/

    I'm gonna give this a -1, sorry mate. Although I'd love to see this, Mineplex Bedrock isn't the best place for it.
    Posted Nov 28, 2020
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  8. I personally would love Bedrock UHC, but with how Bedrock runs, I doubt it'll happen.
    Posted Nov 28, 2020
  9. Hey!
    I agree with the others who commented their reasons for not adding this. Between it not being mobile friendly, being more prone to lag and it not being overall suitable to be a Bedrock game mode.
    Due to those reason previously listed, I don't believe we will be planning to add this game to Bedrock unfortunately.
    Posted Dec 5, 2020
  10. Hi there,

    I would definitely be in favour of adding UHC to bedrock. Bedrock has a large player base meaning the issue of a lack of players wouldn't be an issue. I've always liked UHC and just yesterday I was on Survival and many players were telling me they would want to play UHC. I disagree with a few of the points above. First of all from someone who plays on Windows 10, Xbox and Android I can say that Cake Wars and Sky Wars are also not very controller/touchscreen friendly when compared with Windows 10 but that doesn't stop people playing them.

    With lag I have found the server very laggy after the latest Minecraft update, however, I never lagged before that (and I have a very low-end PC) and I've had as many as 20 players at my castle in Survival and lag wasn't an issue. The last issue I do agree with. Hackers are definitely a problem so if UHC were to be added I believe that the anti cheat would need to be improved first and various bugs should be fixed.

    I don't think we'll see UHC anytime soon but I would definitely be in favour of it.

    -MC Minium
    Posted Dec 5, 2020
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  11. Yo,

    In the grand scheme of things, UHC has lost its relevancy as a game within the last 4 years. The community has fallen off, the game mode has gotten bland without adding things that make it stray too far for people's liking, and in general, it's just boring to mine and lose it all in one game or spend an hour in the game and then die. The direction I want to take Bedrock in is not UHC. If we are going to add more games, they would be minigames since those are quicker and perform better.

    This will be the only UHC on Bedrock thread I will reply to, and I am locking this and denying it.
    Posted Dec 6, 2020
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