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Official [Translations Team] FAQ

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Tobias, Apr 20, 2020.

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    When are new languages added?
    We have previously created threads in which we encourage the players of Mineplex to provide us with feedback on what languages we should add next. In case a specific language is suggested frequently, we will be looking at statistical data to determine whether it would be reasonable to add said language. In the case that it is, we will begin the process of adding the language. If not, we will still keep the language in the back of our minds for further consideration in the future!

    Because of this, we cannot provide you with a specific timeframe for the addition of new languages, but we are constantly looking for feedback. With that, we highly encourage you to message a manager if you know a specific language that you think would benefit the server in some kind of way!

    Will the translations team translate the Java server?
    The current structure of the server does not allow us to translate Java at the current point in time. However, should the opportunity arise, we will be more than ready to take on the task of translating the server!

    When will you review my application?
    As mentioned, we are constantly reviewing applications (and we mean it). Because of that, our goal is to respond to applications within one to two weeks, but usually the waiting time will be less!

    Do I need to know another language besides English to apply for Scout?
    It is not a hard requirement to know another language to qualify for Scout. If you do happen to know another language, you will have the opportunity to find language-specific errors rather than only looking for untranslated content. Basically, you’ll have more opportunities to do a variety of work, but only if you have the time. Our main expectation of a Scout is that they are constantly looking for missing translations and communicate those issues with us.

    What is the translation process like?
    We work on a platform called Crowdin where we are given strings -- phrases or words -- to translate into each language. Once all the strings are translated, the Proofreader for each team checks the translation to make sure they're correct. Within a few weeks, the translations go live on the network!

    What is a Proofreader?
    Most languages have exactly one proofreader. The proofreader is like the ‘team-lead’ of each language and has the ability to review and accept strings on Crowdin. You cannot directly apply for Proofreader as they are selected internally by Management.

    Do I have to wait before applying for another language/position if my app is rejected?
    Yes, you do. In order to avoid being spammed with applications, you must wait 2 weeks before submitting a new application, regardless of the position and/or language you have applied for.

    How come apps are always open now?
    We found that the previous way of recruiting translators - opening languages only when we needed new members - was inefficient and never really let a variety of community members apply for the position. It didn’t allow us to look at a large pool of applicants and limited our selection greatly. This new application process will hopefully allow more people who are interested in translating to join the team, and we are very much looking forward to that!
    Posted Apr 20, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 11, 2020
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