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Official [Translations Team] Application Process

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Tobias, Apr 20, 2020.

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    If you are interested in becoming a member of TT, the applications are always open. This does not mean that we will be recruiting an unlimited amount of Translators or Scouts, but we will be reviewing applications and potential applicants at all times through the following process.

    You submit your application to us
    As soon as we receive the application from you, it will be added to our Trello board to be reviewed by the managers. We note down whether the application is for the Translator or the Scout position.

    The application is reviewed
    The managers will spend time on carefully reading through your application, commenting on all aspects of the content you provide us with.

    Your application is graded and finalized
    After a couple of days of discussing your application, the managers reach a conclusion on your application based on our criteria. At this stage, multiple scenarios can play out.

    • You are sent a Language Evaluation Test (Translators Only)
      This test is used to assess your knowledge of the language as well as your ability to properly translate samples of the content our members are working with. The submission will be graded by our Proofreader. You cannot skip to the acceptance stage without submitting and passing this test.
    • Your application is denied for a reason provided at the bottom of the rejection message.
    • Your application is whitelisted, and you will receive a notice about this.
      The position on the whitelist lasts for three months, more information on this is found later in this document.
    • Your application is accepted and you are invited to join the team.
    At this point, you have either succesfully made it onto TT, your application has been whitelisted or you, sadly, did not make the cut this time around. Our decisions are based on how many open spots there are for the different languages, application quality and other similar factors.


    Due to the nature of TT, we can only offer a limited amount of spots for the different positions in order to avoid having members without work to do. If your application is whitelisted, it means that we found your application appealing, but we could not offer you a spot at the current point in time. The following applies to your whitelisted application.

    • Should a spot open within three months, we will contact you regarding your further interest in the team as a means to give you a chance before anyone else.
    • In the case that your application status remains unchanged for three months, your application will be cancelled by a manager.
    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a spot will open, and the same applies to a spot on the whitelist. If your application is cancelled, you will have to re-apply in order to show continuous interest in team. We will, of course, take your past interest into consideration, should you decide to re-apply.
    Posted Apr 20, 2020
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