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Tips for Speed Builders

Discussion in 'Speed Builders' started by JustOvi_, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Hey there!

    Changing the hotkeys and mouse buttons is all just personal preference. I personally don't change them, but if you feel like it can help you, they you should try it out. I also have a list of all the build names that I pasted in this below, hope it helps :D!

    . . . 1 lonely iron 1 more skull! 15 Love 1800s Lottery 1v1 2 points! 2 Spooky 4 me 20/20 Vision 3 Shades of Gray 3 Worlds 3.1415926535... A Bad Idea... A Hedge Maze for Ants Abstract Art Abstract Pyramid Acacia Archway Adopt a wolf! Alex is better Alien Attack! Alien Ship! All hail Lord Bawk Bawk Am I fire? American Flag American Football An Artist's Tool Anchor Ancient Chest Opening Ancient Stoneworks Anubis Loved Minecraft Are you Dinnerbone? Arrow Awful Balance Balancing Act Bales of Hay Bamboo Bandits Camp Bawk Bawk Bkawk Beach Volleyball Bedroom Bee Nectar Beep Boop Behind Bars Big Blue Orchid Big Bops Big Boy Sword Big Boy Track Big Boy's Chair Big Green Tractor Big Keyboard Big Larry Big Ol' Elephant Birth of Douglas! Black n' Yellow Blue Orchid Boing! Bowling master Brew This Building Bricked Out Bridge over Troubled Water Bridges! Bringing Back the Hub Tree Build With a Twist Bunk Beds (new version) C O L O R S Cactus friend Cake Defense Cake Display Caleb the Cow Campfire Canadian Flag Capture Point Catch them all! Cave Divers Dream Celebration! Check your temperature Checkered Stairs Checkmate. Christmas Candy! Christmas to me! City Sewers Classic delay Clean Toilet Cobble Fortress Cobble Wall Color wireframe Colored Blocks Colorful Squares Columbus Community Garden Companion Square Compass for Giants Conduit Cooking Mama Corner Benches Cow Chicken Cow Coziest Fireplace (New Version) Creeper Madness Creepy Crawlies Cries in the distance Croissant Flag Croquet Cry Me a River Cuban Flag Cuddly Panda Cute Gerbil Cyan Spiral Daffodil for the Lady Dark meat anyone? Day Before Mondae Daylight Sensor Dead Bush Deep thought Delicious apples Delicious Crunchy Carrots Desert Palace Garden Desert pet Desert Ruins Diamond Block Dining Hall Disco! Discord Does this look right? Don't get lost! Don't Push It Over... Don't slip on the peel! Don't. Spam. This. Door Ways Dory??? Double Facade! Double Tall Grass Double, Double Toil and Trouble Down by the Banks Dragon's Home Draw My Face Draw My Thing Dried out river Drifloon Drip Too Hard duckie Dumbbells Dutch Flag Eat This To Spit Fire Empty Aquarium Empty Stables Enchanting for Giants End Rod End Station Ender Crystal Ender Portal English Flag Europe! Even More Tempting Eye of Sauron F1 Factory Fairies Umbrella (Mushroom) Family of Blocks Farmer Dan Final fight! Finish Line! First Aid... Or Japan? First Night Fish outa water FLAT CAT Flatscreen TV Flippers Floating Stairs Flower Pot Football or Soccer? Forest Peak Fortress Fun Fortress Spawner Four Doors, One Hut Fred The Fox Friendly Ghost Front Yard Frosty and Friends Time-5 Frosty the Snowman Futurismo Game Portal Gary the Snail Giant Snowball Giant's Anvil Glass Covering Gobble Gobble GoG Alert Good Ol' Campfire Got Milk? Got Pearls? Gotcha Fish! Gotta Go Fast! Grab Shell DUUDE! Grandma makes the best cookies Grandma's Garden Grandpa's Greenhouse Green and Gold Green ring Gwen's Son HALLO. TCHUSS! Halo Happyman He was too late Headphones Heal On Up! Here there be monsters Here, take the light! HMMMMPH Hola Senor Holy Emerald Home for Horsey Home from school Homeward Endermen Hook, line and sinker HOT DIGGITY DAWG Hot-Air Balloon Hotline Bling! Howdy Partner Hungry Horse Hurdles I do NOT fart Rainbows I Hope It's Friendly! I spy with my little eye... I Was Just Here! I wonder what these do... Ice hockey, dude Ice Spike Improbable Design Increments Indian Flag Inside the Dungeon Intersection Into the Jungle iPhone 7 Launch Queue Ireland Flag Iron Door Iron Rocket Isometric It's a no from me It's Basically Cakewars It's meant to be a Pineapple. OK?! It's Snowing! Its easy I promise Its something! Its watching you! Its'a me MINE-A-PLEX Jaws Jerry without Tom Jigsaw Puzzle Journey to Hell JUMP JUMP JUMP! Just a Big, Brown Mushroom! Just Keep Swimming Kartoshka Kermit Kickflip King Sized Kitchen Sink Knock Knock! Knowledge is Power KO! Kyoto La Manche Lamp Post Lava Floor Lava River Lava Run Legend of the Mooshroom Time-5 Let's Cop This Crust Level 1-1 Lifebuoy Light it up! Lighthouse Lily Pad Lime Lockdown Live Performance Logging Operation Long Road Look Up! Loyal Bodyguard Mace Windu Magic Diamonds Market Stand Marshland Hut Master Sword Meanwhile in Snow Biome Mega Taiga MEOOOOW! Merely a Circle Mesa Spike Mickey D's Micro Battles Micro Slimeball Mike The Mooshroom Milk, Egg, Sugar, and Wheat Mine O'Clock Minecraft Miner Skeletons Mineshaft Spawner Mini Bomb Lobbers Mini Hub Mini Skywars Mini Super Paintball Minos' Vault Mo Bomba MOB PARTY! Modern Bathroom Modern Kitchen Modernism Monkey See Monkey Do Monster Maze Moooo Mooooon Mozarts was a bit smaller... Mr. Pink Duck Mr. Worms House Much Love Music Disc My name is not Shaun My Piece of the Pie Mythical Chest Opening Nature Is Beautiful Nature Passing Nemo??? Nether Fortress Nether Star Nether Station Never Ending Rollercoaster Nigerian Flag Night Light Night Path No Entry! NOOT NOOT! Normal Rainbow Norwegian Flag Nothing like a giant glass of OJ Oasis OH LA LA LOLLIPOP! Old Chest Opening Old prison Old Smithy Old-Fashioned Hallway Omega Chest Opening OMG Nature! Open Sesame Opposing Corners Outlines Painter Bob Ross Painter's Van Papa's Toolbox Par Park Path Park Picnic Patrick Paul the Pig Peaceful Pond Pepperoni! Perfect Balance Perry PEW PEW PEW Picnic for two Pine Tree Pink Flamingo Play Me Plumber Pipe Podzol. Podzol. Podzol. Poisonous Waters Polish Flag Polished Path Pollution Pong Pork Lee Porky is unamused Power Is Knowledge Pretty Colors Pretty Llama Pretty Pyramid Prickly Cactus Pride Princess Peach Prison Cell (new version) Pro gamer cps Pronto Pronto! Purple OCD Trigger Purple Prison Quack! Quiet, please! Racecourse! Rainbow Pillars Rainbow! Ravine Mix Rawr xD Red Bull Red Crossways Red Fortress Red is heavy! Red Magic Red on blue! Red Present Red Rainbow Red Repression Red vs Blue Refuge Remember This? Right Triangle Ripe For Picking RIPPERINO Rocky Road Rookt Room of Enchantments Roses are red... Russia flag Russian Walls Sadman Salty Fries Sam and Bob Sandy Castle Sandy Symmetry Sandy's Treedome Santa's Hat Santas Workshop Satellite Saturn Saving Obsidian Seaweed Dance Shades of Warmth Sheep Inside. Cow Outside. Shopping time! Shoutout to all the PEAR Shrine of Death Simple Cube Simple living room Sir Inksalot Sky Block Slabcase Sleepy T Slime Cycles Small Eruption Small Furnace SO BRIGHT! So we back in the mine Something is wrong.. Son - Father - Grandpa Soul VS Gravel South African Flag Space is so hard! Sparkling Shrine Spawn In Spongebob Sprinkles make everything better Spruce Swing SSSSSSSSSSSSSS Stacked Corners Stairs of Obsidian Stalagmite or Stalagtite? Stick it to 'em Sticky Business Sticky fingers are the worst... Sticky Situation Stolen Nether Warts Stone Formations Stone Tables Storage Stranded Studio Apartment Study of Angles Subway Such Bluebird, Many Wow Sucky Sponge Sugarcane Summer Afternoon Sunny Side Up Sunny Sunflower Super Beacon Supersized Piston Survival Games Swedish Flag Sweet Treat Sweet Victory Swiss Flag T-Rex Rib Cage Table Tennis Take Off! Target Practice Temple Loot Tempting Tesseract That's One Big Carrot! The Academics Lair The Creepiest Creeper The dog ate my homework! The Door with no Handle The Egg Came First The Lab The Lone Tree Ranger The Man Cave The Quest for the End The Way Up The Wishing Fountain The Wooden Throne The World They keep falling! This is Kevin, he wants your brain This looks familiar... Thor's Hammer THUNDAA!! Tick Tock Clock Timber Preposition Time for dinner! Time for war! Time to Jump! Tiny Gladiators Stadium Tiny Sport Arena To rainbow, or not to rainbow Top Hat Torch Tower of the Sheep Tracks to the Depths Train Station Tranquil Desert Tranquil Lake Trapped Wolf Tree Hub Tripwire Hook Trophy Truck Tube Socks Tuts tomb(no stair) Ugly Steve Unamused Magma Cube Unamused Slime Unbeatable Parkour Underwater Villager Beach W W W W Waiting room WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA Warm Igloo Warp Pod Wastelands Watch The Vines! Watch your step! Water Bottle Water is NOT wet Water Well Water... Water... Watermelon Watermelon Watermelon We found gold! We're rich! Weeeeeee! Weird Boxed End Mob... What does the rabbit say? What kind of dog is this? What's the code? Wheaaaaat When life gives you lemons... Where is my house? Where is the milk? Whiteout Who broke the window? Who is who? Why is the wool floating? Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wildfire Willy Wonka Wireless Wishing Fountain Witch Habitat Wooden Trapdoor Woof! Woof! World Wide X Marks The Spot XXXL Armor Stand Yarn Squares Yeehaw You Tried You've Probably Made This Your Celium?! No, MY Celium! Your Highness
    Posted May 22, 2020
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  2. I am so bad at this game so I am very happy that this thread has so many responses. I do enjoy the game, but I am absolutely horrid at it. I don't know how I am so bad tbh, it is kind of sad. I recently started counting the number of blocks and this really helps me. It has even gotten me a couple of perfect builds! (This is a very big accomplishment for me)
    Posted May 22, 2020
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  3. Hey!
    I see theres a lot of long posts about this one but I'm going to make mine short and sweet. I personally would suggest to keep playing multiple games to memorize the builds. Once you memorize the builds it shouldn't be as difficult and the more you practice them, the quicker you will become at building them :D
    Posted May 22, 2020
  4. I played Speed Builders for the first time yesterday, and as I am not known for my building whatsoever I really find all the above tips super helpful! Will be applying some of them to my next few games. Thank you very much everyone!
    Posted May 27, 2020
  5. Copy builders until you can do it without assistance.
    Posted May 27, 2020
  6. Hey! I just want you to remember key point of that build. Don't try to remember whole build. Remember key points of the build will improve your score ;)
    Posted May 28, 2020
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  8. Hi there!

    I've been playing SB for a long while now, and a combination of different tips and tricks have really helped me become speedy in building.

    One key trick that I have used is always finding shortcuts in builds. For example, when you are shown any of the flag builds, rather than waste time placing them layer by layer you can go 2 or even 3 blocks up at a time.

    As many other people have mentioned, gaining an understanding of the dimensions of builds is really important. Many of the builds contain a vast amount of symmetry, and you can use this to your advantage - by memorising particular parts of a build you can easily finish the rest!

    Being speedy in building itself is a whole other challenge. This takes a long period of practice, and if you do not have one I 100% recommend using a mouse rather than a touchpad - it increases efficiency massively, and has helped me win many times.

    I hope this helps whoever reads it :)

    - Ben
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  9. I love Speed Builders and I've spent a few months getting better at it (until they added new builds, I'll use some of these tips now aha) however when I was new, some things that really helped me were:

    - Standing on the block it starts on. This sounds really strange, but if you can work out where it starts, you can work the dimensions from there. For example, if it started and each block was 2 squares away, you just have to find the starting point to get the bottom bit of the build done.

    - If you can't remember the whole build, remember the key information. For example, patterns? Colors? Shapes? The more right you get, the more points you get and I've found if you keep at the build then you'll be able to add more and more every round until you've completed it.

    Oh and also try not to panic when you see people getting perfect builds in chat - it will just panic you. Bear in mind people have been playing this for years and if you've just started out you're not going to get every build in the span of 5 seconds so cut yourself some slack. :)

    Aaand finally, if you're going for perfect builds, remember directions. Certain things like beds or doors or even flowers won't be counted as perfect unless they are in a certain direction so make sure to keep a note of the small things because they do count.
    Posted Jun 1, 2020

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